Rape on The Train

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Got a few minootos to throw up some stuff here as my work PC got the dreaded “Pushes a n d Updates have been installed: Restarting” which means I probably have time for a Poast or two, and a Coke, Smoke and a Joke or 5.  Nuthin’ like waiting on the updates Aye?  Got no choice what with Winders being the OS of biddness choice.

So, lots of outrage at the rape on the Subway Train in Philly last week.  Can’t say I’m even remotely surprised.  The story is here: https://www.reuters.com/world/us/philadelphia-subway-riders-witnessed-rape-did-nothing-officials-say-2021-10-19/

And it’s also going away pretty quickly.  It WAS at the top  of the fold on the Daily Fail today but now?

Annnnnnnnnnd it’s gone. 

Mainly because the perp was a 32 Year old Congolese Illegal with a propensity for Rape, Rape, Felonious Assault and oh gee, MOR Rape and was –supposed- to be deported in 2015 by the Obamamessiah.

Makes me wonder if they -didn’t- deport all these fuckwits we’re finding now with the intention of leaving them behind as ‘time bombs’ for someone to deal with later.  Now… everyone has been freaking about how everyone Vidya’d this, instead of “White Knighting” and saving the “Damsel in Distress” 

Let me tell you Mister and Missuz (“That’s MIZ to you cis-het-hater!!!”) Fake and Ghey, Y’all made this particular bed, so enjoy the more ‘rapey aspects’ that’re going to become MOR popular as them Afghanis start showing up in your towns.  THOSE guys are super-dooper especially Magic-Dirtalicious Rapey McRapefests… small boys, girls, goats, Teh Wahmenz?  They rape ’em all. 

And the Congo-Critters?  Right up there in a close second for Rape… ‘cept they tend to eat the victim afterwards…  Yeah, the Congo… THAT place… holy hells what a weird place that’s spawned OH so many Memes… a veritable paradise for Shitlord Memeing.

Nothing like being ‘culturally enriched’ by Congolese Cannibal-Rape-Monsters amiright?

But yeah, this is what they wanted…
Defund the Police? 
Indict –anyone– and –everyone– who even attempts to dial 9-11 on a Black in the Untied Statz these days? 
Accuse all Whypeepo as Eeeee-vil Rayyycysts for even questioning the behavior of these fucking Dindu Nuffinz and the actions that thereof?

At this point?  Fuck ‘Em and I do mean Fuck ‘Em ALL.  Unless the individual is personally known to me that motherfucker is purely shit-out-of-fucking-luck now and forevermore, Amen.

I ain’t helping or doing shit.  Unless there’s a operational and immediate need that endangers me or mine?  The pistola is staying right there in Ye Olde Holster.  The Rifle in it’s case.  I won’t do shit, ‘cos even if I do help and theoretically AM on the ‘right side’ both morally, ethically and legally, if it’s a Dindu?  Nah brah… rather sleep soundly knowing I protected mine by NOT allowing meselves or mine to be exposed in any way that could cut into my bottom line.  What good it it to ‘do the right thing’ when in the end you’re gonna take a public cornholing and more n’likely a monetary hit/assraping by some fucktard lawyer who’s out to score social justice points as well as line the pockets of he and his by financially destroying a Whypeepo for fun n’profit?

Sheeeeeeeeeee-it… Kyle did the ‘right thing’ and look what it got him.

So, beyond putting Ye Olde Middle Finger in the Air, I did have a ‘cute’ moment with one of the Kittahs today.  Past couple of days, Nook has been sleeping on the kitchen table.  In the lasagna dish no less. 

Garfield Much?
The sun hits the dish for the most of the early morning, getting it nice and warm.She curls right up in it for 80% of the mid morning to early afternoon.  I’ve told everyone not to fuck with the dish… we generally eat at our various ‘workstations’ so the table ain’t a big deal, and the dish I can wash before we need to use it again.  Right now she just loves it so much and looks soooo cute, soo let her enjoy her dish and ‘place’…Purring away and sleeping the day away….

Besides, if God forbid, Post Apocalypto, we got to eat her, I now know which dish she’ll fit in Aye?

Got ya with that one didn’t I?
Sorry but not sorry… yeah, Just being the sick bastard with bad humor that I am…
So More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I had a crackle of thinking in me old nugget today. No need to post this one, but tells me what you think.
    Joe chink plays the long game…faggots and fairies in fatigues, notVaxx dismissals, maybe 10% readiness, in reality, maybe, and thats only because at some point the crayon-eaters will get let off the chain.
    The floatilla of cargo ships is manufactured, and will continue (if not get worse!)
    Joe chink has been quietly building sea launch from cargo ships (helicopters in a box, landing craft, inflatables, etc… ) and without anyone noticing, a dozen of these slip in line with the rest of the cargo haulers, each holding 20k chinesium infantry. Just got a pacific beach-head. Taking over the harbor would take minutes? Start unloading your tanks…
    Never happen. Not with the fbi on the case!

  2. The dudes in Immokalee say it tastes just like….chicken. Never see ’em dead on the streets down there.

  3. Parents sponsored some Laotian refugees. As a kid their hatred of communists was difficult to fully appreciate. One had given a graduation speech to a church group, “I want to get a Camaro and kill Communists for America.” He eventually got a Firebird and later in life coached little league football….made the kids memorize the Declaration of Independence, Preamble of the Constitution, until he started telling kids what the Communists did.

    They had other troubles adjusting to the soft days of the 1980’s. Set up snares and ate whatever they caught. Really delighted with the delectable American Cat! They were also impressed with the little cans of Cat in the supermarket. The people they served it to weren’t quite as impressed.

  4. Listen goy-these Congolesians and Afghanistanians are enriching you and making you atone for all the evil things you’ve done to everyone on the planet!

    Imagine if someone HAD done something…the media would have said “Oppressive Whites Brutally Oppressed an Oppressed Congolese who was Enriching a Woman Because of White Supremacy.” Fuck all that noise.

  5. The funny thing is I earned my doctorate with my dissertation on the Congo civil war and I paid strict attention to Fistulas, Forced Cannibalism, Forced Rape as a weapon of war. Great fun.

    |I too would just stand by while jigaboo jones was raping some chick. She don’t need no man anyways so why would she want my help. Movies tell me that 100 pound chicks can beat up WWE wrestlers with their kick ass kung fu so again no need for me to help.

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