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Evening Me D&D’s!
Forgive the brevity but “The First Drink of the Day” was a bit early today

Great Ska Ole School… Seven Seconds of Love… Joel Veitch (sp?)… He did the Quiznos Commercial a Long time ago… (remember Quiznos?)  An offshoot of his weird ass “We Like The Moon”

The Original:

Bit trippy but me and the Jester used to listen to the “First Drink Of the Day” as soon as we got off work in Iraq and jam to it as we slammed vodka.

So… the workup to todays non-CoronaChan Post Part II.  Rattlecan Camo Jobs.

Now a lot of people shit on rattlecan (spray paint) and get all twisted about painting their rifles up.  My personal rule of thumb (besides using a stick that thick to beat the Sammichmaker in yer life) is that its a TOOL for Christ’s sake.  It’s meant to be USED!!!

I mean yeah, there ARE ‘safe queens’ like this:

A Colt Delta H-BAR Presentation model… running $3500 right now on Gunbroker…

However, that being said, in our experience, its better to have some camo on yer old boomstick.  Rattlecan provides a cheap and easy and retouchable camo coating that also, if needed can be removed without fucking up the original powdercoating/anodizing.

The editor is the back is screaming “But what about ceracote?”

Good question.  To me, too expensive, too thick a coat if yer not knowledgeable about how to do it (I’m actually factory certified to apply it, but don’t personally use it) and too long a process.  Plus equipment… you need a sandblaster (optimal) a dipping tank, and a dedicated heater, as well as GOOD applicator/spray gun and compressor.  Too much for just lil ole me.

So, I rattlecan.  I started by stripping down ye olde gorilla killer yesterday and taping it up a bit.  I also removed the stock, the bolt, charging handle and sights.  I taped the grip b/c personally I -do- like a bit of black contrast highlighting the weapon.

Then taped:

Then, base layered it with flat olive drab from WallyWorld:

After letting it sit overnight in the AC, I got the resto f my prep ready.  This’s the –cool part– IMO.  I some time ago was at the dollar store and in the teeny arts n crafts area they had some fake plants and shit.  The ferns caught my eye as down here int he woodline, they tend to be madly prolific.  I bought a bundle for $1 and then cut them up here at the house for this express purpose.

I then tape the fern pieces to the metal thusly:


As you can see, when they get pulled off they leave a nice pattern disrupting fern-like shape.

And then, after it’s all done:

It’s still gotta dry -fully- overnight, then I’ll probably hit the ‘wear spots’ i.e. the mag well and cheek weld area with a matte clear finish like I did my other weapons.  But as of now, the ONLY thing I’m now waiting on is a .458 Specific Mag.  The MagPul Mags only hold one round because of the rib in the front of the interior of the mag, which prevents any more from being loaded.  I have some mil-issue metal Colt Mags, BUT… the front of the mag at the top tends to catch the tip of the bullet as it feeds.  I don’t want to shave down a fully operational mag just for this gorilla killer, so I dropped $15 for a 7 round .458 SOCOM specific mag.  I mean I’m –never- going to use this except to either stop an Uparmored vehicle/person so I don’t view the need for a bunch of mags… and, as I said, I got a grand sum total of like 24 rounds now after test firing the fucker.

Which, BTW anyone know a good orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulder dislocations?

I kid, I kid… but seriously… Holy Fuckballs Batman…  Whatta Mule this thing is…I most definitely will be getting a pad for the blade/stock/whatever the fuck I settle on on this thing… maybe a foam rubber pad 8 inches thick?  I ain’t no pussy by far, but I am as serious as dick cancer when I say this’s the most severe recoil I’ve ever felt from a carbine/rifle –ever– and that’s sayin’ something.

So more later after Star Trek and Jeopardy.  Home made Gyros for dinner.
Until then I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Nice, Iv'e been thinking of putting together one with my last blank lower. Also still trying to decide what to do with my AR-10 lower, it will be another damn caliber of ammo to stock up on, been trying to avoid that.

    Do you make your own Gyro meat? I've wondered how to do that w/o one of those rotisseries.

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