Real Time Inflation

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Couple of H/T for the linking of Ye Olde Bloggage, Mike @Cold Fury and Art @his fuckin’ house, WRSA per usual… appreciate the links and feed guys. 

Now… ‘other biddness’…
Wifey has Nephew here on a visit.  Haven’t been able to do much, (me that is) as the down time kept me bedridden.  Now, today was different.  Lots of fun.  They went (I went as JAFO on this one) parasailing.  Kid is 17 and Wifey dotes on him.  Parasailing seemed to be fun, but like I said, I was Just Another Fucking Observer for this one.  I did get some footage of Wifey playing “dope on a rope” as I was calling it… but, I guess it was one hell of a view of the bay up there at 200-300 feet +/- up.

Now, back to biddness.
Started checking Ye Olde Preps.
Rotate out the old, figure out what needs replacing.  One of the ‘things’ that caught me mark one eyeball was the dehydrated steaks I have.  Now, I get nothing for the link, BUT: 

do recommend them.  Apparently these guys are one of the outfits that supplies Big Army with dehydrated foods for the troops.  I ate a shitton of it in Iraq and Affy.  You didn’t think the stuff we were eating was like fresh-fresh did ya?  Nope… 90% of the steak, pork chops… all the ‘stuff’ was dehydrated/rehydrated.  Makes sense that 10 ounces of dehydrated (properly done that is) steaks turns into about 3 pounds +/- of beef when soaked in the aqua.  That keeps shipping weight WAY down, and in a combat zone?  Highly preferred.  A #10 can of Pork chops is like OMG a PILE of chops.. I had 4 cans I used over the years that I had scrounged from the ‘deep storage’ back when I got out of the DotMil.  Had like 15-20, depending on size, of ackchewal pork choppies in da can.  Great stuff.  

Wish I still had a line on those.

Sirloin of beef steaks.  Wifey loves her some meats.  Now, reality?  This is what they come in IRL:

About 7.5 oz freeze-dried.
Now, From gen-you-wine experience, These things rock.  Rehydrating takes a while, but man, they cook up really well… a bag makes about 2 pounds of meat.  One bag is like 1.5 meals for the 3 of us, or 1 meal if’n we have a guest.

Thing is, I paid less that $24 per bag.  $12 a pound essentially.  For extreme long term storage food.  Quite the bargain back a while back.

I went over to check to re-up one bag.  We used one a waaaays back, and I realized it left me with a hole in the stockpile.  That’s against da rules so to speak, and when I got there, the same bag, is now $36.50 per bag.  That’s real-time in less than a year.

Wow.  I mean we’ve been seeing it.  You can’t not see it.
Shit is getting ‘pricey’ these days…My question is how long before ‘pricey’ goes to ‘spicy’ when people can’t feed the kids?

Inquiring Minds want to ask Blackrock aboot that Aye?

Cos I’ve been reading that a lot of rents are getting raised what with the conglomeration of ‘entire neighborhood purchases’ are going on all over.  Buy up what had been a $1200 a month neighborhood… buy ALL the houses.  Outbid any and all comers, then raise the rent by 200-300, so’s now?  That formerly $1200 a month crib is running $1500 and fuck you if you don’t like it.

Shit’s the same for food.

However, food is much quicker impact issue.  Rent can be skipped, hell a mortgage too.  Ask me how long it took for XWife to fuck things up here with the first foreclosure that we beat.  Divemedic over at his place has been screaming about the renters-not-paying-rent issue for a while, as he owns a couple of places, although knowing him personally, I think that no one in their right fucking mind would even remotely think about fucking him over on rent… not if they still wanted to stay healthy Aye?

Food though?Yeah… tell me how long would it take me to go out ‘hunting’ for some food if GranBebe was crying because her itty-bitty belly wasn’t full?  Not very fucking long Aye.  How much compassion/mercy would I have for someone who wasn’t willing to share?  Shit man… there’s a reason I tell you all to ‘harden the fuck up’ ‘cos it’s coming sooner rather than later.  There’s a reason I have all the gear and whatnot, nevermind all the ‘other’ that I specifically don’t mention.  Gotta have a plan and have preps.  At least here in the immediate A.O., I’d say 80% of everyone is on the ‘prep train’.  I made sure of that.
The ‘other’ 20%?
Fuck around and find out.
Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms.
Jes’ Sayin’.

Keep it in mind.  IF and only IF you got to ‘keep the peace’ and not have to start whacking every parent that shows up with a starving waif onhand (no kid = no dice, you get told to fuck off once, then, if not,  a 9mm cranial event happens if you get stupid).  For that I have pre-po’d ‘community packs’ which is like yer basic foodstuffs.  Pasta for the most part.  Some rice.  Hell, even some leftover Bebe food that Gran outgrew.  That being said tho, it’s a one-time/next time you get shot event.  “Here’s two days of grub.  Pack up, and get the fuck out of the area or die.  Plain and simple.  Don’t be ‘that guy’.  I AM that guy and far more savage and capable.  Go find the DotGov, that’s what they’re for.  Now fuck off and leave.”

And yeah, lotta gonna say “Nuh-uh” or “Dumbass” but hey… I’ve spent the majority of my adult life trying to assist or save lives.  It’s hardwired.  I have to at least maybe give someone a chance. 

Especially if kids are involved.
How many pictures you seen of a Combat Infantryman shielding a kid in a foreign land?
Far too fucking many IMO.
I’m that guy.
There’s a lot of us.
I sincerely hope a lot more of us are out there than what I think the reality is.

‘Cos if there -are- lot more of guys like –me– out there, the faster and sooner this country’ll get back on it’s feet to start kicking ass and taking names again without any fucking libtardation or ‘muh diversity’ dragging us down once shit kicks off.

Make of it what you will.
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. We got a new pup (German Shepard) feeding her puppy ford for now, blue brand. wife buys about 2 big bags every 6weeks or so.. Last time paid 90bucks Monday she paid 107.. in 6six weeks 17 dollar increase…

  2. Once again, I would personally like to thank every Demonrat, Biden and Obama and Kneepads in triplicate; for the high cost of vehicle fuel, air conditioning costs, fire(s) danger in Kommiefornia, insurance, food stocks, running out of water……….my list of grateful love runneth over. So much so, that I think every one of these bastards should be shot on sight……but that is just me. EBT cards that won’t refill? Wait until the thousands of government employees find out that there are no sheckles in the till to pay them either. Wailing from Hollywood and Montecito will be loud and whiney when the stocks crash and Kardashian make up is shelved and there is no money for celluloid. Thanks for the tip on premium freeze dried.

    1. PS-Y’all know that Kneepads was Montiel Williams girlfriend in the 70’s. Right?

    2. There will ALWAYS be “muh chex” denominated in Federal Reserve Note or FedCoin or whatever SlaveFiat they offer, but genuine purchasing power is what is not guaranteed. Got pre-1965 US coin 90% silver? That will buy groceries anywhere in the world.

  3. “The ‘other’ 20%?”
    That is why you have 100# of non-iodized salt in three 5gal buckets.

    Wouldn’t want to let all that protein go to waste.

    1. Non iodized salt is also the feedstock to make bleach with 12v dc using MSR machine. Used to be currency, ’bout 20 centuries back.

  4. I do not fear the antifi types/black olives matter/black helicopters ect.

    I do though worry about the folks who have young kids and cannot fed them.

    I cannot feed them as I did not buy new boats/cars ect.

    Kids on their own in tough times will take in(once and twice checked to not be traps),that said,am not parent material and will look for substitute parents with a quickness.

  5. Food–it’s what’s for Supper! Good post, Bro; glad to see the gall bladder thingy is past history. Carry on!

    Report from the vast Midwest Flyover country (Great Lakes Region) 70 clicks from big city: we lives in a kinda “development” of mostly college-ed types. Those very few (ex-mil) that I hang with here in my AO are all on the same frequency with me, but the vast, vast majority here:

    Have 2 days of food and ZERO H2O stored, none, nada–dry as a bone
    No H2O filtering devices -none and mebbe 1/2 gal of bleach on hand
    Run out to the grocery store 2-3 times daily in their Yuppie-Wagons
    Have fully cooked meals delivered EACH DAY to their McMansions
    Gather round ye olde Fire Pit nightly, swilling craft brews and BS’ing
    Sing the praises of their vaxxes and “sky’s the limit” for stocks/bonds
    Are totally clueless to REALITIES.

    Case in point: Libtard Lady across the street works from home for a NYSE national jewelry parent company. Record sales of bling-bling these days. I say again: record sales of bling-bling. Zero thought for food or H2O. Libtard Lady has between 5-9 deliveries EACH day from Amazonia, USPS, FedEx, or Big Brown — high-end clothes, watches, drapery, CDs, outdoor lighting, movies, games, trinkets, more toys…no essentials [so say the deliverymen–get to know ’em, they will tell you a hellava lot—who’s getting divorced, who just filed bankruptcy, who’s kid is back at Juvy Court.]

    When SHTF, my 1st line will be: “We took any of our extra grub and water that we had down to the local church’s food-pantry; Go down there and line up with others. [Eat your ‘effing bling-bling MFs.]

    My 2nd line may needs have to come to “unpleasantness.”

    Yeah, yeah–I shoulda gotten the hell outta here, (and did–had a 150 ac retreat mid-state, but the locals and meth-heads there pillaged the shit outta it when I wasn’t around (cut trees down, ATV city, busted windows out, wrecked my machinery in the barns, stole anything not nailed down — all with local Sheriff saying “meh.”) I’m still looking for a bug-to place presently.

    That is all.

    1. I try to drop your advice about delivery guys here and there. But especially get to know the mailman (I are one). He’ll know things the others won’t, such as political affiliation, NRA (and other, better orgs), believers, if that’s important to you, kids, how old they are, do they spend on stupid, and on credit, let your imagination roam, the mail dude has an idea.

  6. good source for long term. got to point out despite inflation the fake hamburgers are on sale … lol can’t give that shit away

  7. Preps are a construct of the white male capitalist imperialism and all comrades of the socialist unity will be provided with proper rations by the redistribution czar comrade Shanaynay LaQueefa.
    Forward! Yes we can.

  8. Thank you for the link, pictures, and personal experience. Pricey, but will only get more so. Given concern re cost and continued availability of fresh, excellent idea to have some put aside. Manufacturer says shelf life is minimum 10 years, properly stored easily 25. Wish they gave a discount on bulk orders, but at least for now there’s free shipping. Again, many thanks for this info.

  9. I’m from the school that teaches if you give to these birds who show up crying poor mouth, and kids crying, they WILL return, looking for more. It may sound cruel, but, turn them all away is my order. If they ain’t family, GOOD family, they’re road toads. If they’re in that position when it hits the fan, they’re dead meat anyway. Winding up dying of thirst or of hunger is hardly why I prep. My question is, Are you prepping because you want to survive, or because you want to die as a nice guy? I guarantee you if the situation were reversed, they would do the same. If they come back, they’ll bring marauders with them to clean you all the way out.

    1. Yup, do not dismiss the entitlement syndrome, they all have it.
      You owe me…….
      I’ll trade you 1 FMJ for your attitude…deal?

  10. Yup, do not dismiss the entitlement syndrome, they all have it.
    You owe me…….
    I’ll trade you 1 FMJ for your attitude…deal?

  11. With inflation I wonder if I should have bought a house outright. Maybe that was a stupid idea. Then again, speaking of blackrock, maybe a country of renters is the preference of the oligarchs.

  12. Harvest Right sells a great at home freeze dryer. They do cost a bit but they are a great choice for long term food storage. Might be cheaper to make your own over buying it

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