Repurposed M67 Booby Trap

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!

Finally got the new home booby trap set up. Now this’s the non-lethal version and it should stay that way. However, upcoming Spicytime approacheth, and all I can say is use your imagination.
Now, as I spoketh of last weekend, yet again Ye Casa De Grande Campesino got ‘probed’ a’gin.  Nothin like the late night prowling of someone out tryna do dastardly deeds to me house.  Doesn’t make me a very happy monkey, nosiree.  I got me a hunch I know -who- was responsible for the probe and the ways and exactly what they’re afer.  After all, this was a sneak and peek probe… trying to get in the house as silently as possible to -maybe- grab a gun or two that I have laying about the house.

Yeah, the there’s a few about the house when we’re home.  Doesn’t do any fucking good to have everything locked up in the safe, which I do have, and is stuffed with the lesser used firepower.  What I think it is is that Spawn YEARS ago had a buddy in the neighborhood who’s kind of retarded.  Literally.  he’s the same age as Spawn, 22 years old but with a 12 year old mentality.  Spawn was always kind to him and sort of pitied him, as did I.  He’s a black kid, and doesn’t have much of a home life… the locals have always treated him ok, but still… lets face it, a black kid with developmental issues mentally is sort of fucked in the long run, as his mom is in jail, dad is a cypher, and his Aunt is raising/taking care of him for the state cash as I can tell…. he stops over here occasionally to earn some cash raking leaves and such, and I never thought too much about it, as he is a tard.  

Well, day after last weekend (Friday nights) probe, he showed up unexpectedly… started talking about his new friends and people he’s hanging with.  He knows there’s guns around, and I don’t think he had any intentional ill will, but methinks that I or at least my shit came up in conversation with his new ‘friends.’  Important OPSEC violation apparently, but like I said, this kid is too stupid to know.  And I underestimated just how stupid the kid is… Now his new “friends”?  They’re just dumb enough to try and sneak in on the down low I think.  Like I said, I’m now keeping things locked up except for what’s in my immediate arms-reach by the nightstand.  Got a hunch he spilled the beans while talking with them, and some of them might have thought it’d be an easy score. Nigs are gonna Nig donchaknow?


It is what it is, but never underestimate OPSEC.  To me, this’s minor.  LOTS of people know I’m a gunsmith and weapons are on the premises.  Hell, I ADVERTISE my side gig.  I -have to-.  However, usually the people who rob and steal for a living are smart enough to know that people who build guns usually have guns AND the propensity to use them, more often than not, with a certain amount of glee.

“Oh boy, I finally get to kill someone!”

So, I ordered a M67 surplus hand grenade head.  Believe it or not, the Zon has them for $15. with shipping and handling.  I drilled out the primer hole with a .25/ 1/4inch drill bit, and cut the bottom off the fuse, leaving and open hole, and refit the spring kit onto the fuse head.  The 1/4inch hole fits a W209 Magnum shotgun primer perfectly.

Then, Home Depot had the hex-head 3/4 inch brass fitting with the 9/16 thread that matched the thread on the grenade head.  I fitted that into a PVC 1/2inch holed pipe, and drilled flash holes in it.

Then, all together with the kit.

Gonna stake it, and run the tripwire after dark tonight.

Now, in the event of, shall we say……….. “Spicytime” I’m sure that no one here would ever think of,  say mebbe keeping the PVC capped off and not drilled out, and filled with ball bearings and black powder…

Perish the thought.

So, we’re in agreement.  That would be highly illegal and warrant some nasty things on a Federal Level, so whatever you do, do not do that.

In a Dystopian Novel however, it’d be a motherfucker of a landmine.  

Jes’ Sayin’.

So, since the test went so well, I’m ramping up construction.  Might build a bunch.  Might even sell some.  Simple design, and what the hell… Side gigs that make money are side gigs that make money.

So, More Later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Too bad I live other side of the states or I’d come by for a friendly hammock out in the yard. Did that here a couple of years ago when the local meth head was running around at night, breaking into places for pills. There is a pleasant feeling when you can hear the guy shit himself as you rack and draw down on him from a dark corner of the yard at 0145.

  2. Thanks for the info. Interestingly, I can apparently source them locally… same price.

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