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Sad News today on Dada Day.  I’m fine, as well as Spawn and his woman who spent the day with me.  Bad news from Belgium though.  Seems ‘our guy’ Jurgen Coning’s body has been found

The story is here:
Now, according tot he write up, he suicided.
To sound conspiracy oriented, that’s just what they’d like us to believe.  Better a chickenshit suicide than a Martyr.  Go figure.  Either way, no skin off my ass.  I would have been epic if he’d gone “full Rambo” but hey, Euroweenies gonna weenie I suppose…

Damned shame… he had –everyone– all riled up over there.
Now, my other question is what happened to the Krauts?
Seems they’re still missing OR they showed, did the job quietly and exfill’d.
Sound like professional work IMO.
Quick, Quiet, Deadly, home in time for Jeopardy, or the Kraut version that there is.

Ahhhhh well, hopefully someone, somewhere will ‘kick it off’ good n propper.
I’m waiting here, but not holding my breath.
So, More Later I Remain The Slightly-Disappointed Intrepid Reporter
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  1. My wife got me a take jab card , but I’ll just tell people it’s none of their fucking business.

  2. I’ve not yet been to produce my non-existent jab doc, but I have a response all set to go. Something like this:
    Karan: Show me proof of your vax.
    Me: After you show me proof of a negative test for HIV, tuberculosis, all STD’s, Hepatitis A-B-C, Black Plague, leprosy, and ebola.

  3. Karen: “Have you been vaccinated”?
    Me: “Are you on your period?”

    Ken: “Have you been vaccinated?”
    Me: “Are you still happy with your vasectomy?”

  4. Makes me sad-but I see the usual subject of suicide is the reason. Amazing how many folks “commit suicide” when the Elites aren’t happy with them. Bankers, political appointees, stock market guys, doctors, and now even SF dudes. Makes one wonder……something in the water?

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