Revolutions Have Started for Less

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!
Man… wild ass ride ’round here.  Unreal…. all thanks to Concerned American, whom I cannot repay for his kindness in poasting me.  I love opening WRSA in the A.M. and seeing myself ‘above the fold’ so to speak.  Gives me morning wood… we’re talking mahogany to see I’m playing in the Big Leagues of the Based Blogosphere.  I’ll try to be worthy.  I also gotta thank Phil over at The Vulgar Curmudgeon as it was just about shy a year ago that he kicked me in my ass and told me to start blogging again after a looooong bitch-induced hiatus.  Let me know when the package gets there bro… long story… sorry again for the delay but life, ya dig?  So… to continue with the observations from an old broke-dick Soldat.

As we see, the clock keeps tickin’.
Not sure to what zigzactly.  BUT.  Change be in the wind Aye?

Tomorrow is a shoot-fest.

Going to do a long range last minute tune up of alllllllll the guns.  Like leave the Haus at oh-dark early and get to the range in hopes of getting a 300 yard + pit to shoot at.  We, both me Sapper, and IF the Gods are Kind, Ranger J will be joining us to dial in our deer rifles for the season…
Which season that it remains to be seen.
Seeings that the retard regiments keep ramping up the rhetoric, I don’t see things, as a whole being quiet.  Spawn is ready and has his bugout bags packed to come here to Casa El Grande Campesino, and I got 50% of the neighbors in on a mutual protection pact.  The remainders are either BLM (no joke) or completely in denial.
Fine with me.  Don’t come ’round here askin’ for nuthin’ when the feces hits the impeller.
Because it is, either way, and no matter how slim you slice it, it’s gonna be revolutionary.
It might not be a full on OMFG ‘troops in to open’ kind of thing… I see it as a more insidious, quiet slide… Not the monster beating atcher door… more like in the ORIGINAL “Nightmare on Elm Street” when –no one– knew what the fuck was going on, but the body count kept mounting in a gruesome fashion, and NO ONE had a fuckin’ clue.

THATS how it’s headed.
Creeping slow-to-realize death.
The Elites don’t want to ‘spook’ the normie herd.
The rest of us just want to be left the fuck alone.
They’ve made that impossible.
Sapper ‘n me been jawing.  He’s a prima facia example of “normie who got radicalized.”
THEY (the fucking assholes runnin’ dis show) are quick and vicious to point out that a radical, who is standing against them, by their accounting is a failure…  NOT that the circumstances that THEY instituted might have contributed to the shitshow that some dudes and dudettes lives has become these days.  I’m -never- one to make excuses… do drugs, get caught? Fuck you moron.  Don’t get caught…  Rob, steal, hurt, do something –bad– then fuck you too… ain’t the fault mommie didn’t love you enough or if daddy did love you too much.  (Euuuuuw!!!) 
Sapper sez Revolutions start because of the VERY things that have affected his life.
He’s a prime example of the ‘system’ fucking him in the ass.  A bit o’history, per his permission as he IS –the– perfect example. 
Sapper is 50… couple of months behind me.  One sister, younger, hottie IMO.
Above average intelligence.  Fucker’s I.Q. is a bit lower than mine, around 120-30 +/-… he’s never been officially cored like I was, and Mine blew the circuits of the testers so badly they tested me twice… Major part of the reason of MomUnit and DeadDad’s disappointment in me… “wasted potential” is the most common phraseology of my misspent yoot.
Raised Upper-Upper Middle Class.  Midwestern.  
He decided EARLY on that 
A) He was smarter than the majority around him… (common in most cases) 
B) That he wanted “in” to the “corporation” so to speak.  Namely Government Service and/or Pubic (no  misspelling) Orifice. (public office for you fucking dolts here.)
Got GREAT grades in High School.  Didn’t sportsball because, like me, he was a nerd.  And in the Midwest where he was raised, generally unless you excelled at sportsball, you didn’t have much of a chance at advancement.
So, he did High School, suffered through the bullshit, and had offerings from Upper Level Midwestern Big 10 School(s).  Got scolarshits offers and offers of assist from deeeee-vorced parents.  Parental guilt helped a lot.
Instead, seeing the long view, he decided to pull a tour of four in the Army as a Intel Squirrel.  Looked better on his upcoming Public Service Resume…. gotta have the tick boxes marked Aye? 
Cue the Fat Fucking Fickle Finger of Fate (who’s gonna visit MOR in this story) which showed up and fucked him and he ended up becoming a Combat Engineer.  Totally hate it for him, but the Green Weenie has no fucks, nor giveth any.  Involuntary reclass to mine-finder from a T.S. Billeted Interrogator must have, and according to him, it did suck.  This mind you, was ALL pre-war so’s there wasn’t too much of a call for dudes to interrogate back then.  Needless to say, he got double-fucked by being stationed first at Fort Polk, and then Korea.  A shit sundae with a side of peter-cheese to say the least.  Missed out on the First Gulf War b/c reasons and stayed in Korea.  After four years of being pretty much just staying drunk on duty and shitfaced, he jumped into college back to Big Ten and used the shitty Monty-goobery GI Bill to get thru so’s not to deal with the ‘rents.  
Majored in Political Science.
Interned for TWO YEARS for a Senator-of-Some-Repute.
To quote Captain Willard in “Apocalypse Now”: “He was being groomed for one of the top slots in the corporation…”
White, Upper-Upper, Right School, Honorable Discharge with a great record… Degree in Poli-Sci…
What could go wrong?
Welp… Ask Sampson about that Delilah Slut…
Hadda Girlfriend towards the end of college.  She (without him knowing) Decided that HIS DNA was appropriate for mating.  At the time they were cool… good bed buddies… he told me she was great in the horizontal mambo, and she was minimal in being ‘needy’ and such… it was pretty casual.
Until she turned up preggers.
Now, mind you, Sapper was thrilled… I mean he dug the broad but he, in his heart-of-hearts WANTED to be a Dad.  So, he jumped in, both feet and proposed.  
She wasn’t having any of it.
Told him “I got what I wanted, (the baby) and to fuck off and die.” or words to that affect.
She then hit him with the most outrageous and onerous child support demands the –I’ve– ever seen and man, I was paying $820 a month on a 17 year old girl for a year til she aged out.  That’s part of why he’s living with me n’Wifey… he can’t afford to do otherwise, or its off to the hoosegow for “nonpayment of child support”.  Mind you his son now is 25, married and has his own son.  
Sapper is still paying.
She pure-dee fucked him.
Courts found for her… she played it up that HE intentionally impregnated HER and RUINED her life and she had no choice but to give up her career and schooling to raise the poor, unwanted waif.
No joke.
Needless to say, the system utterly and completely nuked him from orbit.

To the point he ended up with a criminal record because he WANTED to be part of his Spawn’s life.  She had him arrested multiple time for trying to see his own fucking kid.  This cunt sold it so well that the judge put a permanent injunction on Sapper til the kid turned 18.
He stopped his Masters Degree when the broad fucked him.  Left him without the resources to continue.
He got dropped by the politicos and supporters because he became a liability even though he did nothing wrong.
He got completely and utterly fucked.

The really fucked up part is that Sapper’s Spawn, well, at age 18, he showed up.  Needed to meet ‘Dad’…It was cool, but sort of fucked up in how you’d sort of expect.  His sit-down with Me and Sapper, (I was purely supporting) was really cool… and his son, having inherited his mothers looks, but his fathers brains, halfway through it all was like “Jesus Christ, Mom’s a fucking psychopath!  I didn’t know!”  They have a pretty good relationship, and are still working on it… lots of separation issues as one would expect…
However, Sapper Spawn has turned out to be seriously squared away but damn… if the takeaway is anything:
Being Smarter than others, and letting the “Other” know it is dangerous.
Trusting Wimmens is thing of badness.
Always realize that the system will drop you like a hot rock if it’s to their advantage. 
Be ready for a decline in personal freedoms and/or rights, and consistent calls that it’s his own race/creed/color’s fault as opposed to reality.
Understand that the system will ALWAYS do a Summary judgement against you due to the inherent misandry that permeates our culture, and yet says that the society, as a whole is misogynistic towards women, when in FACT, wimmens get all the breaks at the expense of any semblance of fairness.
With these understandings, as I say, be the Gray Man, Head on a Swivel, and No Fear.
And anyone wanting to hit the tip jar, I’d appreciate it… gonna be two weeks til my first paycheck for the new gig so every lil bit helps!
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Feel for him. Saw so many guys get shafted on my first boat(SS). Had over 50% divorce rate at one time. Many wife units waited until we were underwater to take kids and go back to mama's it was almost routine. Of course Navy did not help guy out. Although we did have one senior chief on wife #7. Each were going to get 50% of his retirement , yes each get 50%. One MM said f'em not paying bitch. She took kids back to Montana. Navy helpfully transferred him to Idaho, State troopers were waiting on him when he moved.

  2. Google the names Chuck Weller and Darren Mack. Read up on the particulars. Then realize that almost ALL "family circus court" judges need the same treatment.

  3. Damn, dude. She sounds like the one that hooked my little brother. Is she from Seattle, by chance? Maybe of Japanese heritage? I mean, his story is almost identical to my little brother's. She got pregnant, he proposed and she threw his ass out and got a restraining order against him. When the boy was born, she nailed him for over $400/week (Yes, that's $400 every seven days!) Little bro was making good money as an executive for a construction company when the judge nailed his ass. When the company went belly up, he was still on the hook for that money, even after going to the court and explaining the situation. Then he wound up with a job that sent him to work in Vietnam. Baby mama lost her shit, as he was overseas and she couldn't threaten him with the courts, anymore. Same psycho shit in keeping him from seeing his son, as well. She always used the boy as leverage to fuck him out of not just the child support, but for side $$ to pay for things like judo lessons, new clothes, etc.. – if he REALLY loved his son, he'd pay for that stuff!

  4. Oh, and I ask if Sapper knew her, because she had another boy before my brother met her, by a guy she pulled the same thing on. My brother was only able to meet him after he was put through the ringer, and they compared notes.

  5. SOUNDS really familiar. MINE was a years younger, pat suit. AND THEN the ex hit me. BEEN paying since 05…STILL paying. NO "JUSTICE(so-called) system", Totally for the useless split-tail dingbatus species. IF you earned something they TAKE IT! I DO UNDERSTAND AND have sympathy for US? BUT what can you do. ALSO I agree with the RANGE TIME NOW! and do.

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