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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Sad news from Kenny, ‘Wirecutter’ over at Knuckledraggin today.  He had to put his pup Legal Lucy down today.  Totally feel for the guy, as we just recently went through it with Guido.

I’ve followed the adventures of CharlieGoddamit and Legal Lucy, and now Asshole Jack for the past few years.  Really really gets me in the feelz.  His poast is here:https://ogdaa.blogspot.com/2021/08/together-again.html

Feel free to stop by and pay condolences.  Kenny’s good people, and Legal Lucy was really special to him.
That and after the news from Oz and the dog-murderers, if you have doggos, give ’em a cookie, a hug and tell’em that they’re good dawgs… they’re the most loyalest people you’ll ever know.
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  1. Dammit BC,

    Lost my beautiful Clara about two and a half weeks ago. Very aggressive cancer. Had to have her right front leg amputated. Then chemo. Out lived the vets estimate by six months plus. Redefined tough so that I quit whining about my 24/7 pain so much.
    Was doing OK until I saw that picture you posted of the Rainbow Bridge. Then … well you know.

    1. Yah, it sucks… Guido cashed and M&D-IL have been allll fucked up.
      I sent a copy of the book “The Rainbow Bridge” to Dad after
      I also sent one today to Kenny (Wirecutter) as he’s a real-book fanatic and that -might- as childish as it is, help ease his shit.
      Lord knows it’s the book I got for my kids when we had to put OUR first puppers down when they were still lil-lil
      Sometimes, it’s the simple child-like innocent things that help us the most…

  2. It got really dusty in my office after I read Kenny’s post. It’s been a real crappy year for a lot of peeps in the community that read you, Kenny, Phil and Aesop. My Hopium is that this is the bottom of the curve for us but still planning on the 2021 shit show to continue. To all of the peeps – Be Well.

  3. I can’t find the damned thing, but there’s one called “Piddlers’ Green” that is comforting, as well.

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