Rules for Thee

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes
Maaaaan they make it so easy

Nevada Oberfuhrer Pete Ricketts:

No mask, at a Election night party

California’s Il Duce-bag, Newsollini:

No mask, big party at an exclusive restuarant

Reichsleiter Frau Pelosi:

No mask, getting her hair done

Oberfuhrer Cuomo:

No mask, walking his dog

Not for me I’d say indeed.
And why haven’t we started shooting these fucking scumbags yet?
Why haven’t their own guards turned on them and gunned them down
I’d be sorely tempted to do a ‘Caesar/Ides of March’ if I had to put up with those fucking people
Rules apparently are for us little people
And these are just scratching the surface
There’s practically a metric fuckton of more the same
Elites “doin’ they own thang”
And jailing and or fining the rest of us
Telling us “No Thanksgiving”
“No Christmas”
Fuck them
And seeing’s that the Soap, Ballot and Jury Box have all failed at this point

These people… shit… they ain’t even people

They dehumanize
We dehumanize
Call them what they are: 
Targets that need servicing
And in the Army, back in the day, in basic, the D.I.s referred to us as D.I.C.K.s
Dedicated Infantry Communist Killers
Not a bad acronym eh?
Cold War mindset
It’s just how do we want to approach this?
Where I’m at in Florida?
We’re good here.  Ain’t nothing stupid going on, and we got a Governor with balls.  I fully expect, that if the Supreme Court doesn’t give it openly, or hell, even if they do award the Presidency to the legitimate winner, i.e. Orange Man Bad, then he might come down here to start a Government-in-Exile
I mean he did change his permanent residence to here
And historically, there are precedents.  
The Catholic Church schism in the early years… Pope/Antipope
War of the Roses
I mean it could also be expected

DeSantis did ‘upgun’ the laws about rioting and looting, allowing us reg’lar folks to kill a motherfucker who’s doing dastardly deeds and whatnot.  We call it the “You loot, we shoot’ law.  ANY ‘forcible felony’ can earn you a boolit or ten from the common carrying cit-tie-zens.  
And believe you me, theres a shitload of us here
The don’t call it the “Gunshine” state for nuthin’
Jes’ Sayin’

It’s going to be verrrrry interesting over the next few.

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. The left IS making lists. Planning who they are going to address when they gain full control. Oor side MUST do the same while we have access to the information. Names, addresses, workplaces,make/model of vehicles, relatives. All potential avenues to use in response to the lefts tyranny.

  2. We're having a double funeral/wake for two young turkeys that died tragically, cutting their promising lives short. After spending 24-48 hours in brine, er, "preserving solution", they are going to be slow-cremated over hickory, oak and applewood, then given a send-off, after a prayer of thanks for all that they have given our family.

    We're expecting 30+ mourners to attend the funeral/wake. As you can see, they were truly loved.

  3. Trump will pull this one out. So 4 more years of the entitled showing off. Maybe some justice will be served. We can hope.

    1. Trump isn't pulling anything out. The corruption of the system is so pervasive he never had a chance. Just today three more criminals on the bench…in GA, AZ and PA….have summari!y dismissed Trump's lawsuits to address vote fraud. And they are far from the first to use the bench to block his attempts. He has ZERO chance at prevailing legally. The left owns ALL of the mechanisms of justice that Trump needs to prevail. America as we knew it won't survive by depending on the courts. We survive ONLY if we remove those seeking to enslave us from this mortal coil. It is US VS THEM. There can be no compromise or coexistence.

  4. Just an observation, here: not only do we have these high muckety-mucks prancing about in public without masks, we also had the WH Press Corps masking up for cameras, and then taking them off immediately thereafter when they thought the cameras weren't rolling. I remember some of the cross-talk that got picked up by the mic (this is in April of 2020 I think) where they were saying they didn't need masks because "everybody had gotten the vaccine". There was a bit of a blurb about it but the news cycle was switching subjects super fast back in April-May (remember the Murder Hornets?) and finally settled on BLM riots / "peaceful protests" for 4 months straight.

    Admittedly I didn't think much about the comment at the time myself, amidst the news whirlwind and checking preps – I rationalized that maybe reporter dude had just gotten some kind of preventive treatment and mis-named it a "vaccine"… but a "vaccine" is a very specific thing, ya know? Also, back in August, as part of my job I was asked to check out a police response in a neighborhood, turned out to be Feebies… and NONE of 'em were wearing masks, didn't seem concerned about it at all. Now we got "Warp Speed" and suddenly that shit is going to hit shelves in December? How the fuck do you find a novel disease (first time you ever saw the fucker, just inventing tests to DETECT it and they ain't perfect) and within twelve months, not only have you invented a VACCINE against it, but you're going to be able to mass distribute it?

    Doesn't pass the fucking sniff test. The corporate world can barely get a fucking VIDEO GAME released on time, and that code is entirely digital and testable in scale, doesn't involve "wetware". Big Pharma drags ass to put out drugs that barely address the fucking diseases they're supposed to treat, and come with a huge laundry list of side effects? When was the last time they got off their ass so fast they could ram something completely new out in a year, AND mass-manufacture it? If they could do that, why not with HIV/AIDS, or Ebola, or any number of others?

    Fuck that. I'm starting to think they knew about this bug for years while the Chinese created it in the lab (or maybe the Chinese stole it from us in the first place), managed to coerce the Chinese into sharing the safety vaccine for their designer bug, and are now just copying it and distributing it. A year to take a vaccine that they had on the shelf in small amounts to cover a small number of people that would potentially need it (exposed researchers and personnel in a contaminated lab) , mass produce it for the public sounds MUCH more reasonable time-wise. In that case, the politicians, glitterati, Feds and WH press staff were just the first to receive it.

    All of the above, plus the fact that this is some new RNA-based shit that we've never done another vaccine like it? I don't trust that shot at all. Too easy for them to have a good version and a bad version, the good version being the "straight" version they had originally, and maybe they've taken the time to slip in a whole cocktail of "debuffs" into the new stuff to keep us deplorables down. Do we have any reason to expect that "they" WOULDN'T use such an opportunity to do so, and then blame any (intentional) side effects on "a hastily rushed vaccine" and claim that they should be absolved of responsibility because of their noble intentions to save the world?

    1. The chinese were inbred centuries ago.
      The chinese are xenophobic mimics.

      Uninformed people write of the chinese attacking fUSA.
      Uninformed people write of the vast chinese navy.
      * the chinese can barely build dams across rivers
      * the chinese aircraft-carriers sink upon launching.
      * the chinese factory-cities pollution reduces life-spans by decades
      * the chinese bankers loan without collateral and no recourse for repossession.

      The chinese are a danger to the chinese.

  5. I suspect that if Barack O'Biden "wins" Trump will come to Florida before the "inauguration" and park AF1 in Florida to troll, so Joe Obama has to wait to use it, but if the Obama Jarrett Administration tries to go after Trump,like many have said I also would not be surprised if Gov Desantis were to waive prosecution for open carry and allow the militia along with the AnG to go to Psalm Beach and guard 45, from any federals that try to Waco Trump,

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