Part of why I hate my Ex

Salutations from the Land that Time and Work Forgot!
Big Country back and jamming on a Monday Morning actually.  I’m doing something that I haven’t done in a LONG time and thats namely going to the GYM!

Yeah time to get the fuck up off my ass.  Back in I think it was 2010 when I broke the scale at 440, I finally said “Enough!” and started working out.  Like a madman… like 2-3 times a day… before work, at lunch and after dinner.  I dunno… things at home had started to suck to the point that I was not eating, I was depressed all the time… XHH6 was well on her way to totaling out our relationshit by just flat out fucking ignoring me.

She LOOOOOVED the money tho.  Bitch.  I mean how shitty a person are you do do this?:

Me: “Hey baby… do me a solid and send me a care package with ‘x’ ‘y’ and ‘z’ in it?  We can’t get that shit here and it’d mean a LOT to me!”

Her: “OK.  Got it.”

Four to six weeks later……….

Me: “No sign of that package… I’ve been checking the mail?”

Her: “Hmmmn maybe the Army lost it?”  (aside: back in 04/05  a couple of mail convoys got blown the fuck up so a few of my care packages -did- get nuked… but this was 2009-10 so not much chance of that)

Another month goes by….

Me: “Any sign of it baby?  I think yer gonna have to go to the post office and file a claim!”

Her: “OK… yeah sounds good.”

A few weeks later… I go Home on R&R.  I come home, which barely pings on the meter.  Kids didn’t even bother driving out to the airport.  Hell… one time I had to take a “T” home from the airport (public transportation) and walked the 1/2 mile from the train station… and that was in 04… after 9 months of being gone.  More on THAT fiasco later… so this time, I come home.

Come in the front door and what do I see?

The care package I had requested months prior.  With all the shit in it that I had asked for.  Open.  Not even an attempt to hide it.  Just there casually thrown on a table b/c it rated -so low- on her list. It was fucking dust covered too (she was a shitty housekeeper towards the end of the relationshit… a warning sign for the bros that don’t know)


So therein lies a MAJOR problem… when I asked her about it it was all bullshit excuses… it was ALL BULLSHIT   In fact that was one of the few times in my life I went into a bedroom alone and cried.  Here I was, fucking going balls out AGAIN to provide and get shot at and risk limb and life time and time and time again and this fucking fat fucking slore couldn’t get up the time to send me a care package?

Well… thats when I got back to Iraq and got myself down to 275.  Yeah… sounds like a lot right?  I was skeletal.  I went hard in the gym…  decided to get stacked.  I mean I AM 6’4 plus… hell even when slim I’m still bigger than the front four of the Dallas Cowboys.  I got pretty happy w/myself.

And then, I got sick.  Y’all who’ve been following the show so far know some of the particulars.  I got deathly ill with -something- that they STILL haven’t figured out just WTF I had, and in the process of recovery, found out I had Cancer and all sorts of other issues.

So I’ll continue the saga when I get back from throwing some steel.  As Didact said “The Gods of Steel must be Worshiped!”  Time to get my not-so-happy fat ass in gear.  I need to be in shape when the shit hits the fan.
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