Saturday Morning Cartoons

Morning Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Those of you in the 40-60 age group know what I speak of…
Saturday Morning Cartoons:
OMFG… Heaven.  
Monday thru Friday, it took Military Grade Explosives to get you out of bed to go to school.  DeadDa and MomUnit used to positively –hate– Saturday Mornings as FedBro and meselves’d be up’n out like a rocket leaving the silo.  0600 and >BAM!<… down stairs and bowl of Honeycomb or Alphabets cereal primed and ready, along with the milk and any other good shit we could find. 
Add on these:
Personally, it was Bugs Bunny and the Rest, along with “Ark II” and “Hong Kong Phooey”, and of course, Scoob and the Gang.  Oh-Dark Early Wakey-Wakey, and off to the mid-afternoon races, leastways til about noon, then The Parental Units would forcibly remove us from the house to ‘go play outside Dammit!’.
The only one that kinda got the shaft was the Original “Jonny Quest.”
Which I just found on Blu-Ray… the whole fuckin’ magilla as Grandma would say…
(Grandma was a hardcore old Irish Lady… trust me.. I learned to swear from her and MomUnit.)
As I was a wee laddie, I dug the whole concept of Jonny Quest.  Whats really wild is that he’s voiced by none other than Time Matheson, A.K.A. “Otter” in “Animal House” and I dunno… like a thousand other fucking TV and movie shows?

This fuckin’ guy.  

Yeah… Jonny Quest… more like Race “Motherfuckin'” Bannon was my heeeeee-ro growing up.  Even at a young age, I knew there was something different about the Jonny Quest show… nay… NOT a cartoon… Cartoons had Elmer Fudd blowing Daffy’s head off in a comical fashion… Race Motherfuckin Bannon, when he shot a motherfucker, the motherfucker took a hit and fuckin died.
I mean at one point, the ‘gang’, Hajji and Jonny and Race are hauling balls from some Mega-doom Megalomaniac’s Minions…  Race casually breaks the neck of one of the Minions, appropriates the M-14 rifle off of said-now-fuckin’-dead Minion, and uses said-appropriated Rifle to cap two other motherfuckers by ricocheting the rounds off a Bulldozer blade…  three fucking shots into the blade, three rounds ‘bingbingbing’ off the blade, and then, two dead motherfuckers, perforated, fall out from around the corner.

That’s called balling the Ace!!! 
Race also had Jade, a female stranger-danger foil to his hard ass Fuck All Y’all superspyness.  Hot Oriental Female who literally fucked the man… not only was there gunplay, but hot oriental guttin’!!!!
At ages 7-14, this’s some heavy and heady shit man.
Not only was the show kick-ass, but the music was premium jazz a’la Bachelor Pad late 50’s/Early 60’s.  I love that whole musical timeframe… I own a metric fuckton of the ‘classic Playboy 60’s Jazz’ which Playboy sold a few eons ago… great music… I -love- me some swinging 60’s Hot Bachelor music… and Jonny Quest Provides… they really should make a soundtrack of the tune on the show like they did with “Peter Gunn”…  I own the original albums my DeadDad got back in the late 50’s… 
LOVE me some Mancini/Peter Gunn theme music.
Needed a lighter poast after that last one…  No word from J… and Wifey is tryna make me feel less guilty… it’s not J, but her kid… THAT’S my white night bullshit… got no issue with adults being fucktards, but kids?  Oh fuck that for really reelz.
Good thing I got Wifey to keep me cool, otherwise I’da have to do something Noble and Stupid.

Fuck that for a game for White Knights.
Ain’t doin’ it.
Only resolution I have is to Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out.
And that ain’t happening no more.
Fuck Bitches.
So, on that bright Red-Pill Note, I say more Later, I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I loved that show as well i have the DVD set. I still like the banana Splits especially Danger Island. Evening s were Twelve O'Clock High and later Rat Patrol.


  2. I was a little later, couldn't wait until Friday Night, JMV and Borgnine on "Airwolf" got me going, at least they blew shit up compared to Hannibal's A-Team and their AC-556s…

  3. Airwolf was cool as well. I have them on rat patrol and Baa baa Black sheep on DVD too My only gripe with AirwolF is there is no way they could carry that much ammo and still get off the ground. My late mother watched the A-team once and said for being former special forces they sure don't hit very much when they shoot.

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