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Not much up today.  Working on the lawn again.  I got a nastygram from the HOA being about “We’re going to fine you ‘X’ amount per day ‘cos you ain’t got no grass”  Maaan… I called the lady and stated clearly that it’s growing you swine, so she’s giving me 45-60 more days, leastways per our conversation.  Which today I documented in an email, and cc’d a friend of ours who’s a Lawyer who deals with HOA laws all the time.
Take that you bitch.

I mean I can’t make it grow any faster Aye?
Tough enough I had to spread, in total, two tons of topsoil, and put in the plastic barrier in to keep the soil in situ, as IF it ever starts raining, I don’t want it washing away again
So, Phil over at Bustedknuckles got me good:

I literally LOL’d.
That’s epic.
I just wish I felt better today.  Dunno what, but I’m feeling all out-of-whack.  Like I used to in Iraq when shit was about to get squirrelly.  I hate feeling this way.  Like an itch between the shoulder blades…
Paranoid slightly, but not sure why.
PTSD mebbe?
Tough to write when I’m like this.  Interrupts my creativity.
Literally More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. How much money would a 1 second burst on high rate cost in ammo I wonder? One lucky guy for sure. Turn it into a homemade CIWS, put it on the front lawn and never be bothered by anyone again!

  2. Looks like they are mad because you didn’t pay someone to come in and lay sod so you would have an instant grass lawn. Fuck ’em.

    I would never want to live in an HOA, but then I’m out in the middle of nowhere. Literally.

  3. Why the fuck would anybody live anywhere there is an HOA? Shit, I won’t even live within city limits.

  4. Plant mint, it is green, will cover your yard, and you never have to mow it, plus it smells nice

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