Securing Your A.O.

Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Been getting a lot of requests vis email to go over ‘security’ of your Area of Operation.  
Meaning just how does one go about making a secure area?
Well… this’s kind of really depending on the type of A.O. yer in
Essentially you have various types of living space:
Urban (City/Small Town)
Urban Compact (City/Downtown)
Suburbanistan (Tight Planned Suburban Community just outside the city) My A.O.
Open Suburbs (Further out from the Suburbistans)
Farmland (Out there)
and Waaaay Over Yonder. (Closest neighbor is measured in miles)
Now, we’re all familiar with the basics, leastways you should have -some idea- as to what you need to ‘harden the hearth’ so to speak.  In my case, it’s having the hurricane stuff on hand for the windows, pre-measured and ready to emplace.  

AAdded Bonus for Florida People:  The counties GIVE sandbags away during the start of hurricane season.  I get a bundle.  One per household.  With Sapper, and Wifey and My Driver’s License, we get three every season, and I stockpile them.  That and sand.  Nothing like having GranBebe fill up a few bags for grins n giggles. She literally loves filling the bags… free labor Aye?

It’s having multiple fire extinguishers… not the lil ones but the 5 and 10 pound genuine “Holy SHIT it’s on fire!” type of extinguishers.  The ones you can get reloaded after the first time yer Flammenwerfer goes haywire, and yer buddy has to hose you down, and the yard, and the dog… <sigh>

If you can’t afford them, they tend to be around a lot of municipal buildings… you know… the places that currently stole our vote and rendered the Constitution null and void, but I wouldn’t suggest anything illegal.  Nope… just a re-allocation of Taxpayer Equipment.  And the bonus of wearing full face masks and gloves bears fruit… jes’ sayin’

It’s knowing your neighbors.  I’m lucky.  Serbian War Criminal is still on hand for now.  BibleLady sent cookies on Christmas Eve.  The Hostile Broken Farm Equipment I’m keeping and eye on….
I’ve also stocked Concertina Wire.
REAL dot mil grade Razor Wire.
Thanks to staying in touch with my guys from the Army Shop I used to work at.
That and a roll of good old fashion Barbed Wire for running tanglefoot if needed.  Best use for that stuff is metal rebar or long metal tent pegs.  Secure one end of the wire at ankle height.  Lay out a pattern of the pegs to wrap the wire around… unroll and criss-cross alllll over the place with the barbed wire.  Do this on both sides of a triple stack of Concertina and you’ve got one hell of an intimidating and functional obstacle.  Me?  I’m laying it ALL over my indoor porch.  Lots of shit to secure it to, and if -someone- when shit goes sideways gets hemmed up and caught in it, that’s a shewtin’ under castle doctrine… especially if’n the dumbfuck is armed.   
Another overlooked area that needs to be secured, and not many people realize it is the garage door.  Even if it’s locked, a good prybar can lift it up, even if you lock the automatic opener.  Couple of pins or bolts through the rails can stop that shit cold

To me, the lock is overkill.  You want a u-bolt though so it can’t be shaken out.  Locks are good, but what if that’s the -only- way you got left to get out of your house?  You do not want to be fucking with locks while shit is going pear-shaped.  

The other thing I have at my place to slow down someone trying to radically enter the garage was I bored three holes in the inside of the garage, 3 inches in diameter, and a foot deep.  I lined it with PVC tubing.  Then I got 4 foot long steel pipes, filled them with concrete, and let them dry.  They weight a fucking ton, but once dropped into the holes, ain’t nothing but a fucking tank getting through that door.  Might fuck the door up, but it’ll ruin anyone trying to run a car inside that route.
Other things to think about.  If it goes absolutely “Walking Dead” stupid… as in LMOE (Last Man On Earth) meaning everyone has either forcibly evacc’d, bailed or left, you can assist yourself by making the house look like somewhere no one wants to be.  Biohazard signs.  BIG biohazard signs.  Quarantine signs.  Also, research your local emergency services “tags” for buildings.
This is normal here in Florida.  The local search and rescue and Sheriff round here have ‘codes’ they spray paint on the garage doors showing that the house has been searched, if dead bodies are inside, or if there are hazards.  Good thing to know as ‘tagging’ your own crib might keep both the authorities away, as well as any bandits.  Of course its a judgement call either way.
Also, reinforced steel doors are good provided you reinforce the frame  Otherwise it’s just as easy to blow the frame up around the door.  Cattle Bars and loops on the door to slow them down as well.  Lots of shit you can find at Home Depot to assist with this stuff.  
Whatever you do though, keep in mind the legalities of yer Area.  Punjii pits might sound cool, but the authorities take a dim view.  As well as landmines, and hell… just about anything.  Keep that stuff in the back of the mind when this is going down.  Also keep in mind that the kids in yer A.O. are probably going to be running around loose unless it goes full retard.  Until it does, the max you can do is got to be subtle and undercover IF possible.  You’ll know if it’s go time
So, hope that helps
Head on A Swivel
No One Gets Out Alive
This Shitshow is JUST Starting
Be The Gray Man
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. Speaking purely hypothetically: an interesting option on the flammenwerfer: what about one that, instead of flame, sprayed a mixture of bleach and ammonia? You'd need two tanks to feed it, and mix and the discharge nozzle, but it could be useful in the right circumstances.

    Another one that can be kind of fun, but is *very* wind dependent and therefore somewhat unpredictable, and not at all good if you have neighbors you like: burning poison ivy, especially if put in a tube that will act like a smokestack. Could be kind of nifty if one were to pack the cardboard tube from some wrapping paper with it, seal the ends with tape, douse with flammable fluid, light (or rig with the ol' cigarette and matchbook timer), and drop in an enemy AO, too.

  2. I'm thinking: when Trump wins a lot of people are gonna get mad, especially in the big cities. To prepare for such the instance of bigger and more effective riotry across the country is actually the optimist's take on the matter.

    1. Trust the plan. 20K sealed indictments. Big, beautiful, impenetrable wall. Deport them all. Prison for pantsuit. Need to get SCOTUS picks.

  3. It seems the prudent step to take at this point, especially for people way out in the country, is to have stuff on hand but not deployed yet. On the other hand, we aren't too far off from bunkering down.

  4. I've got a bitchen alarm system. It weighs about 90 pounds has yellow fur and I gotta feed it twice a day. But nothing sneaks up on my house.

    1. This right here. Nothing beats a dog for close range early warning. Burglars hate them, and cops shoot them for a reason. Unless you've got a water buffalo or a donkey handy, you can't beat man's best friend.

    2. @ Anonymous: "Nothing beats a dog for close range early warning."

      Geese work pretty well, too. Loud, mean, and territorial as hell.

  5. Something i've been thinking about lately is the clandestine sapping of enemy time and money. Stuff that seems more like, shitty day, bad luck. "WTF, universe, why is everything breaking lately?" Problem is, i cant think of many examples of "naturally occurring" events.
    Think: nails in the shoulders of tires, where they cant really be patched, etc…

  6. Mr. IR could you please publish, from your perspective. how to hide in the dark from all of the current IR devices. The www is full of articles about this but much of it is conflicting. Thank you so much!!!

  7. I have informed my friendly neighbors that when the balloon goes up they will see pickets and 2 strands of barbed wire around the perimeter of my property. At he corner will be a sign and a bell. The sign will give directions and a warning. Anything that crosses the wire without permission will be shot dead. period. Ring the bell and wait to be recognized. I don't have the concertina but i do have lots of barbed. It will make lots of tanglefoot to slow any advance. That 12B schooling will not go to waste. Hopefully i can get further out before the storm but if not i will be as prepared as i am.

  8. My home is concrete block. We installed commercial grade steel doors and hardware. The block cells adjacent to steel frame were grouted solid full height, THEN frame jamb and head grout filled as well. Solid as hell.

    Simple measure – hardwood wedge door stops. Inexpensive so inserting multiples away from lock set and hinges (in case of breaching rounds) will add security. Window film will be installed soon.

    Thanks for the above advice.

    1. Not to pickle your mellow, have you seen what even a 30 cal MG can do to concrete block walls? Chew them up eventually. Good for pistol ammo, some hunting rounds can penetrate. Rammed earth in front or back and inside will do you wonders. Steel shutters are your friend. Concrete block is good for thrown fire, what about the roof?

  9. Garage Doors~ That Padlock is placed too high, will allow a long lever under door.
    The fix- Vise grip makes welding clamps. You want the small one with pivoting flat pads. Snug the pad right up to the wheel, and lock down. one each side.
    #2) depending on door style — the top of door is higher than the frame (header). My door has a U channel. I run a couple large lags thru the channel into the dbl thick header inside. bolts the top panel to frame.

    ps, some doors, with electric opener, close tight as hell. With no electricity, you have to pull release, decouple from chain drive. Because tight fit, getting the door to reset into the chain drive, is not possible without cycling electric chain drive. DOH! The two methods above- allow you to secure your electric open door, and still use easily, when power is out.

  10. Lots of people here planning on dying on the defense. I don't see anything positive about being able to put up a good defense that ends in defeat. Plan for your counter attack, have the black and gold plans in place and secondary living accommodations. No lock will keep out a determined person, they are delaying devices, and an unobserved obstacle is not an obstacle.

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