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Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
92 days and counting… That’s how many day without rain we’ve been here.  Of course… that was til today.  Or should I say this afternoon?  Or should I say, no rain, but thunder and lightening.  Which was -of course- just started when Ranger J, Sapper and meselves pulled up and parked at Ye Olde Manatee Rod and Gun today.

The day looked promising.  Sunny (at first) and it was just me n’da boys..  It’s been a minute since it was just ‘manly men doing manly things’.  Mostly because getting Ranger J to get a signed permission slip from his wife is really hard.

BUT somehow, everything lined up, we gathered the equipment and made the 90 minute drive.  We stopped at a killer-good restaurant called the Silver Star East.  Premium grub man.  Like Top Notch Diner chow.  I purely love this place.  It’s a throwback to the 1960… early 60’s diner.

Owned and operated by a Christian family, lots of religious stuff on the walls, as well as numerous pictures and tributes to the Troops and patriotic Americana.  We found it by accident a waaaays back, and now it’s part of the pilgrimage to the shoot.  The way we -knew- it had to be good grub was, at the first time we went, there wasn’t a parking spot to be had, and there were at least 7 full on Semi trailers in the runoff lot.  Truckers generally eat well and inexpensively, and this place quals on both counts.

Today’s was the Eggs, Bacon, Fries and Southern Fried Steak smothered n’covered in sausage gravy.
Man, I’m still full.
But, then we made it to the range… it’s 15 minutes from the chow, and as soon as we pulled in, we noticed a lot of folks packing up and leaving a what-had-been full range.  At first I just thought it was maybe a large-ish group leaving. 
Then we got inside and the Rangemaster tells us they’re shut down due to an oncoming storm.


As once said, that totally wallows in lameness and weakosity. 

So now?  We ended up back at the house.  Unpacked, cleaned up, and in the A.M. I’m going to this shitass indoor range, as I positively have to get the AR-10 tested and packed/shipped by Monday/Tuesday.  That and the M1A needs a test/workout, and maybe MY AR-10 with the Dragunov scope.

“Of the best laid plans…” etcetc

Oh well. tis whut tis.  
Even worse?  No rain.  Lots of clouds, the occasional rumble, but the rain was a no-show, and my newly grown lawn is a deader now, as I can’t water it (County Man threatened me with a fine now that it’s grown in) and everything is sort of back to normal, for the values of ‘normal.’
I’ll get into some political observationals later… for now I’m just not in the mood after a letdown like that I had earlier.  I literally was wound up at ‘trigger time’ and then a big NADA.  Always sucks.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Outside of air rifle and the old Daisy/Jaycees bb target competition I’ve never been to a Range. Got steel and 4’x4′ plywood at 300 yards from the house. Just shoot off the deck.

    Hard to believe you don’t have fans with even better setups and an open invitation.

  2. “Or should I say, no rain, but thunder and lightening.”
    If it’s lightening, the sun is coming out & it soon won’t be raining. If it’s lightning, avoid trees.
    There is a difference between the words.

  3. I gave up on manned ranges in commifornia unless they have something I really needed. We went to the woods or bought memberships at the unmanned ranges.

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