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Maaaaaaaaaaan….NOT fuckin’ happy this A.M.
Got word late last night one of my favorite cousin’s kid got diagnosed with Stage 4 Leukemia.  
Seven Fuckin’ Years old man…
Besides the obvious, what really pisses me off is that immediately I volunteered for Marrow Donation.  MomUnit then tells me “No, they’re doing X, Y, and Z and don’t want anyone to know.”
That fuckin’ lit my balls on fire man.
See, as far as I know I’m the only survivor of cancer in the whole damned clan.  DeadDad had it, I got it.  No-one else to my info has had it.  And -part- of the reason I survived was I took the hardcore “cut that shit out now and fuck you if you don’t.”  Stage 2 going on 3 Lung cancer.  Big Ole Toooma in the left airbag.  Told ’em cut it out.  Take the lung… as Lee Marvin as the Sgt in the “Big Red One” said “Don’t worry kid, that’s why God gave you two!” 
I had done a lot of research on the Cancer shit… Dad being converted to DeadDad kinda made it important that I didn’t follow the same trip.
In  my research, I found that the majority of folk who follow ‘standard protocol’ i.e. Chemo/Radiation, surgery as a last resort, died at a far higher rate than those who went and had whatever was cancerous, and have it COMPLETELY REMOVED(if possible mind you, brain cancer and such, methinks only a Democrat could survive a full cortex removal, if they even have anything to start with) cut that bullshit out NOW.  DeadDad started with all of that, still had half his plumbing removed and still cashed in… after 7 long painful years.
Mind you, the thing is, ‘standard protocol’ is the by-far more expensive treatment.  Per Millian, “The Cost Burden of Blood Cancer Care” LINK Fuckin’ Leukemia is $158,000.00 per year.  Average cost per treatment is $2500.00 a throw.  Please, tell me Cancer “Treatments” aren’t done to make massive and obscene profits for Big Pharma… Go ahead, Change My Mind.
So me?  I told the V.A. to hack out an airbag, Now.
As in I wasn’t fuckin’ around.  They hemmed and hawed.  
I told ’em a real no shitter… and this’s damned near verbatim:  “Look, I juuuuust made it out alive after almost 8 years in Fuckin’ Baghdad.  I ain’t afraid of shit, ‘cept you fuckin’ money grubbin’ sawbones and yer fucked up ‘treatments.’  Schedule the appointment within the next 48 hours, or I’ll be back here on Saturday night suffering from a sucking chest wound from a Negligent discharge while cleaning my pistol while drunk.  Are we Clear?  My body, my choice, and by the way, check my psyche file before you go any further.”
Needless to say the surgery was scheduled for two weeks later.
Been cancer free now 9 years.
Sooooo… the fam wants to do something stupid IMO.  I know, “Try the chemistry sez Big Pharma… it’ll be alright.”  Bullshit.  Cancer, from what I can tell is Viral.  And once you do a full recovery from the virus, far as I know, that gives a bit of immunity?  May be wrong, but I -do know- I’m fuckin’ cured, I’m O Positive (universal donor) and fuckit.  Cut n’Gut me.  I never met the kid personally… but fuckit.  This part of fambly support I can do.  Never had much use for the extended fam, as they ain’t never done shit for me really… alllllll loaded, alllllll high ballers and rollers… CEO stuff and sheeee-it…. we actually have a fuckin’ honest-to-Christ billionaire Uncle in there.  Not one time has any of these fucks ever offered or stepped up.  Not even a assist.  
ONLY  because it’s a seven year old kid am I willing to do this.
I really hope they’re not going to go ‘stupid’ on this tho…  the longer they wait to do a marrow transplant the worse it’ll be.  I mean apparently, the treatment IS chemo/radiation, but fuck me.  Give the tyke the minimum, hack my shit open, and give ‘er the goods man.  My shit oughtta be supercharged from my way of thinking.
A kid should never go through that.
I didn’t.  Doc went in, hacked out 1/2-3/4 of the left air bag, and bazinga.  Good-to-fuckin’-Go.  No chemo, no radiation.  To the point, 6 months after, my Pulmonologist “Doc Lungs” as I called him…(back then I had so many docs, I nicknamed them to keep my appointments straight, Doc Infectious Diseases, Doc Tumor, Doc Happy… my fave… pain med Doc LOL)  Well, I went in for a ‘volume check’ post surgery at 6 months… see how the carcass adjusted to having an airbag hacked.  Guy was literally laughing his ass off when I blew a 5.7 liter capacity.  Apparently a normal, puny, stinking human male has the average capacity of 6 liters of O2.  I blew 5.7 after having the majority of my left airbag chopped.  Doc thought it was hysterical b/c I’m such a fucking monster LOL.
They don’t call me Big Country for no reason.
So, thats it for now… just did the lawn and the bushes and the palm trees before the supposed ‘storm’ hits… again, Methinks a wet fart for the Central/Western Part of Florida… we shall see.
More Later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter.
Big Country

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  1. The avoided surgery for my brother, filled him with poisons, radiated the growth until he was passing blood clots, and successfully killed him after a year of suffering. The amount of money they garnered from his insurance, and him, gave a bunch of doctors with broken English a good year of income.

  2. Dammit, kids and cancer. Fuck.

    Parents need to be aggressive, as you said. Long-term damage from chemo and radiation is a thing, known to fuck up growth plates in the bones and such. Best bet is to kill the marrow, kill it now, replace with fresh, keep kid alive with transfusions until marrow takes hold.

    Dumbass parents. Same type shitheads that 'encourage' their kids to transition into a neuter state.

    You, sir, are a good man. Those parents? Not so much.

  3. "massive and obscene profits for Big Pharma…" Diabetes too, I am a fragile diabetic with one kidney and the Insulin cost and associated costs are astronomical! I have read diabetes can be cured if the medical and scientific community were motivated, they are motivated by the money it brings to their filthy coffers. I have VA and they are fighting me left and right over this. Thank god Medicare is not fighting me. Fucking politicians, bureaucrats and corporations and Doctors.

  4. Good thoughts to the tyke, if mom unit won't accept your help, see if she will consider having the pill factory try proton therapy or stem cell treatment.

  5. Damn. Sorry to hear about the little one. In Sept. of 2018 my little brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He chose to go the big pharma/chemo/etc. route. He was dead by April. My little sister was diagnosed with cancer a couple weeks after him. She went to a cancer treatment clinic in Tijuana, Mexico and was treated with vitamins, herbs, and medicines (with chemo on the table if needed). She is still alive and her latest tests show her virtually cancer-free.

    Little brother paid, at the very least, $250,000 to get killed, dying all juiced up on morphine and other stuff to kill the pain, not even knowing who he was or where the fuck he was (hospice just throws dope at you – they even brought him a gallon ziplock bag of weed).

    Sister put the $15,000 for her 2-month in-patient treatment on a credit card.

    Anyway, if I come down with the diagnosis, I believe I will put on a sombrero and head south.

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