Short But Home Safe

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
A 3. hour. drive.

Beat on, blown out, the one hour backup at an exit that for apparently had zero reason for being backed up other than people are so fucking retarded… OMFG…Shit like that? 
That’s a killin’
One fucking female I passed in said-bumper-to-bumper parking lot-festivus?
Bitch was on the cell phone.
Of course a Escalade
With ‘muh Diversity!’ behind the wheel
While wearing a mask…in her own car.
I swear, we need to make a drinking game up out of that shit…

That’s all I got to say about that.
So More Later… Looks like divorce time
I Remain The Soon to Be Single
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. BCE, I thought this Spousal Unit was a keeper other than her spawn and her spawn’s spawn. Something happen when you were OOTH?


  2. Man, you used to publish some good stuff. What’s with the teenage diary recounting everything you did today and how it made you feel? Write it down if you need to get it out of your system, but publishing it dilutes your useful content to the point it’s lost in the sea of bullshit. Get well soon.

    1. Dude: you are SO right… been locked in a self pity fuckfestivus. Time to get back on track after blowing my skull out tonight Thanks for the reminder

  3. Mmm … Tonto want Big Country to persevere. Spirit messages from ancestors tell Tonto BC speak truth. Him know how snake and scorpion attack when camp is quiet.

    Mmm … warriors watch horizon for sign of trouble. Drums silent mean keep looking at sky … when time come be ready.

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