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Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Man, I got me a keeper… #basedJust got a lil ‘token’ gifty from Wifey for the anniversary:

World War Two German Tanker Badge.

Now, before everyone goes off, I did a shitton of research.  It’s not the SS.

I poasted it late-night on Gab, and actually had a really cool back-and-forth with a few people about it, to include a German guy, who, bless him was completely pig-ig’nint of his own country’s DotMil Badges and whatnot… he kept insisting it was the SS because it was Silver-On-Black.  MY research found out some stuff even I didn’t know:

The German Panzer Corp wore Black Uniforms (to keep the stains from being visible)  They were still ‘regular Army, a.k.a. Werhmacht.

If the colors were the following:

yellow eagle, black background,  Kreigsmarine (Navy)
silver eagle, gray background,  Werhmacht (regular Army)
silver eagle, black background,  Werhmacht (armor/Army)
silver eagle, stylized differently on the eagle chest on black, Waffen SS (also usually had the sigrunen on it)
silver eagle, stylized with sweeping swastika,  Luftwaffe (with occasional blue background)

Point of fact, when I was stationed at Hohenfels for 2 years when they changed out OPFOR uniform from the shitty greens (OG50s) to all black BDUs and the Locals in Nuremberg practically shit themselves because we all looked like Panzersoldats. The 1990s BDU in all black looked JUST like a WW2 German Tanker uniform. We were banned from wearing them off base shortly after.
I also had a few new followers ask me if I was a NAZI, to where I explained I collect DotMil stuff… I also pointed out however, that by the Leftist Intolerable Standards now, I AM a NAZI.  To a point, the half of America that they have targeted?

We Are All Nazis Now.

And the backlash is going to be epic.  I’ve always maintained Orange Man Bad’s biggest mistake was NOT going full-on dictator.  He should have gone full Genghis Khan.  I mean the accusations and constant harping on that shit by the propaganda enemedia corporate complex should have been met with Armed Federal Agents rounding up ALL the BIGGER talking heads like Stelter, that ugly Dyke… whatever the fuck her name is, and a couple of other, and transport them to a newly built prison in the Heart of Death Valley and put ’em to work.  Outside. At hard labor. With no water.


Didn’t happen

Now we wait

Head On A Swivel

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. Nice find! When I was stationed in Germany, I went to a “Floh market” or flea market and struck up a conversation with a German who was selling all sorts of military equipment. Along the way he asked me if I was interested in some “unusual items” (meaning banned WWII items with nazi insignia), I said “of course, but only for historical reference”, he then proceeded to show me items that were under the table. He had a treasure trove of pristine items that included tableware from Luftwaffe officer mess, dress knives, hats, uniforms and all with insignias, but the most unusual item he showed me was a gold ring with an enameled face showing a Norwegian flag and a swatzika, apparatus made for the short term the SS were occupying Norway. Too expensive for me at the time, but definitely “unusual” items to be sure.

  2. Big Country,
    I’d prefer having all the bigger (and fatter) media and political sodomites put in a 10’x10′ cell, in leg irons cemented to the floor, naked, in solitary. With random blasts of Norwegian Death Metal(tm) at 177 dB aimed at them, 24/7. Leave a TV on at all times with loops of the Jim and Tammy Baye Fakker show blaring. Throw 2 cups a day of Purina Dog Chow Complete Adult Chicken Dry Dog Food through the bars for good nutrition. Douche them down once a day with a fire hose. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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