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So today was another case of “Same Day-Different Assholes”  Welcome to the call center salt mines…  At least I’m at home, and things are entertaining as far as knowing and doing so to speak.

Had ANOTHER one-on-one with a broad who at least acknowledges my abilities… in fact so much so she said I’d probably be her boss inside of six months… which begs me to wonder just how fucked up this place is if they promote anyone with even one scintilla of brainpower?

Obviously, since I’m only one of four dudes on a team of 40+ (actual numbers are hard to come by) and ALL of the leadershit are fuckin’ split tails, I’d say the feminazi mafia is well in control… which also explains the retardation of the company over all.  Fucking last company, if’n y’all were tuned in, was run by a bunch of back-stabby clambags.. fucking cunts were more worried about the latest office gossip, who was wearing white that week, and who was still single, rather than focusing on deliverables and product.  Hence why when I drove by there 4 months after my layoff, the building was boarded up and “For Rent!!! Corporate Floorspace Available!!!”

I truthfully LMFAO and then went onto Glassdoor to back stab every. last. one. of them with a personal review of both them, and the now-non-existing company…  Bus, bitches, Bitches, bus.  How’s the muffler look ya dumbfucks?

Now?  Seeing I have –other options- that’ll come back, I’m just going to slide and glide through this shit.  Ain’t no need to git riled up.  Long as I gots me my mellow, I’m a happy Camper.

Soooo anyways, back to the prep.  About 5-6 days ago, I came across some interesting items in my deep dig for long term storage food… Specifically:

Nookers.  Bit on the -pricey- side of things, but I figured a one-time give it a try sort of situation wouldn’t hurt.  Said steak showed up today.  Since this WAS a trial, I took it out, and tossed it into a bowl of water to re-hydrate.  The bag had a expiration date of 2035… 15 years..

Good shit eh?

So it rehydrated… bit on the small side, and it had a LOT of gristle when I cooked it up.  Otherwise?  Hell of a steak… especially for one that has a 15 year shelf life.  Its about $11 per steak, which yeah, expensive.  Tho, considering what I’m seeing in the stuper-market, that price is more than fair for a piece of beef with a 15 year lifespan… and that its A) Lightweight (less than 3 oz when dried out) and B) only takes 10 minutes to rehydrate to full on raw beefyness.  And lastly, C) Despite lots o’gristle, tasted fucking GREAT and if the world goes completely sideways,these things are gonna be a GREAT addition to the diet…  who sez ya gotta survive on only raw hard red wheat and fucking MREs amiright?

Needless to say, under the current weirdness that be going on, supply chain and all, I’m fittin’ to order me 10 of them this pay period, then another 10 and on and on til I cain’t git no mo…

That and I ALSO am continuing my Mountain House load out.  Every time Me N Sapper go to Wally World, we hit the Camping area.  The camping area has the occasional pile of good stuff, as well as the pile of ‘useless crap’ in it’s aisles. In this case, for those of use who can’t find it, there’s a Mountain House line of meals in pouches that are for sale.  Usually Lasagna, Beef Stroganov, a couple of Scrambled Egg entrees, and Chili and Chikin.  Each one runs about the same at $10 a shot, but its a two-serving meal, and its -there-. 

As in in stock.

The Mountain House website has been shit out of luck for the past 3 months… like as in Nada… Bupkiss… Nothing.  At least Wally World has a minor/small selection, and Me and Sapper done been buying at least a C note every pay period juuuuust to get some more meals in the house.  Never can have too much food on-hand.  Especially the Beef Stroganov… thats hit is the bomb-dot-com right there…

So, after the full day of bullshit, I’ve settled into killing mah jug of Finlandia and am fittin’ to crash the fuck out.  More later as I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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