So Far, So Good, So What?

Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes!
Broke my 5 day fast on the “No Booze for You!” tonight.  NOT getting shloppy, but the nerves ain’t helping.  Besides… the Rooskies in Doubleya Doubleya Dos were HIGHLY lubramahcated on ‘Tater Squeezins.  But so far tonight, a few early surprises when the Reuters Poll showed New Hampshire (my birthplace) for Orange Man Bad.

THAT was a bit of a shocker.
However, now that the media is reigning in the reports and issuing “Pravda”, it’s back safely (for now) in Grandpa Stinkfinger’s paws.  Either way, as the title of the blog said:

My fave Megadeth Album… came out when I was stationed in Germany back in the day.

Also a great title, as we ain’t gonna know shit for a while.

Great Music to run missions on.  Tonight’s mission?  I’m still suited and booted and I’m carrying the 80% Grock in a Blackhawk Low Slung Cowboy Rig.  Got the ole Multicam FR outfit on, underarmor T-shirt and Body Armor…my Blackwater Plate carrier running XSAPI Plates and MICH Gunfighter Helmet at the ready by the door in pre-po readiness.  Meaning it’s set up to sling on over the head in about 10 seconds, locked and strapped.  Lots and Lots of practice back in the day in Iraq.  Used to be able from the first sound of Incoming, from first sound to-suit-up-to-scramble to the bunker was like MAX, 20 seconds?  I got jackrabbit quick.  Still have the ability and habit.
The Long Gun tonight that being featured is, because of the close quarters proximity of the neighbors is my Black Aces Tactical with 8 shot/+1 Mag, M-9 Bayonette mounted, and all first 9 loads of Black Aces Tactical Loaded 00 Buckshot.  In a semiauto like I got, that’s a LOT of hurt that I can throw, and can transition to the Grock if needed.  Sapper is running his custom AR loaded with Frangible 40 grain to avoid overpenetration.
IF someone is still dumb enough to be around after that?
All bets are off.
So, probably as we go, we shall endevour to keep rolling.  But like I said, outside of some outlier stupidity, tonight’s gonna be quiet.  Leastways here in this part of the A.O.
Rest of y’all?  
Head on a Swivel.
Avoid Crowds.
Be the Gray Man.
Aim for the Balls.
Let me know if’n y’all have anything to report.  Until Later I’m still the I.R.
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  1. 502 is my favorite track on that one. To me that's when the two Dave's really hit their stride in production and execution. It really started to show later on in Rust in Peace but it started on So Far So Good.

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