So Here’s Where We Stand

Morning/Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes

I’m starting this late night with a buzz and a stomach issue.  So I’m more ‘poopy’ than usual.
Positively Dispeptic Honestly.
I’m Not Sleeping Well
At all.
It’s like the shop-worn days back in 2004, mid summer when the “Insurgency” kicked off… sort of like when shytte went sideways here this past summer with the riots and general dumbassery.  Amazing how that’s all ground to a halt eh?
I spent the majority of the Summer of 04 without food.  So wound up, and after a couple of ‘incidents’ that never officially happened, nor will I ever cop to under oath (fuck ’em… I was in Iraq Aye?) but yeah, I remember those days with a certain revulsion and fondness.
Rationale for the fondness was I knew who the bad guys were and I could to to them before the undid to me.

Much cleaner living.

How I miss those days

Because in a nutshell
Where do we start?
We know, categorically that they’re stealing the election.  We know categorically that they mean to take over our lives, and if believed, they want us all fucking dead and /or unable to live in their world.

The “those who elected him” is where I stopped.

I suppose that making hit lists would be purely FedPoasting.
Gives them the opportunity to go after us.
I say wait.
Make lists.  Find out who these traitors are.
Gather intelligence.
Gather Addresses.
Gather intel on their kids… (harsh but this is total war)
And then act.
Act individually.
No co-ordination.
No more than two man groups.
Hit them when least expected
This’s part of my training as a terrorist.
A small story to whit:
During the train up to the Bosnian Occupation/Invasion in 1995. we had/still have a simulacrum of a small village in our cantonment area of Hohenfels.  Yeah… I was in the OPFOR with 1/4 Infantry back in the day.  Dox me if you must.  We had the penultimate European MOUT site… that stands for military operations in urban terrain meaning a full on city that, with the exception of some stuff, a fully built and operational city.  They flew in a shit-ton of troops from ALL over the country to act as villagers.  Hell, we even had a costuming shop on base to provide the “Burgermeister” with his uniform, as well as priest garments for the ‘clergy’ and Cabbage Patch Kid dolls to simulate lil kids… ‘cept they had ‘added features’ like blood packs to make it all too real when we did the dirty to the town. 
See… they had the American Army (1st Armored as I recall) seal off the town.  No one in, no one out, without a pass… gates, triple strand concertina, check points, the whole nine yards.  Lots of guys roaming doing ‘standard checks’ on the random…the usual for peacekeeping role-play to the extreme.
At night and during the early day, the ‘Muricans were barred from entering the town… didn’t want to project an ‘occupying force’ vibe…  THAT was their weakness…
Me and my boys?
We came up through the sewers.
Came up, and man I had a blast.  I wore my “College” sweatshirt, levis, combat boots and an old M-60, with about 400 rounds belted all over me like a mad-dog warlord that I was acting like…
Took the Burgermeister and the local priest hostage
Had a bunch of my guys ‘simulate’ raping and killing females
Beat the ‘babies’ against the walls (spattering blood ALL over the place mind you)
And then, as the final act, took 15 dudes ‘prisoner’
Put them against a wall, and plain the fuck flat out shot them all.
Good times, Good times.
The 1st Armored Guys outside the wire?
Went positively apeshit
See, they couldn’t come in or stop us.
Strictly a ‘local affair’….
Sorry ’bout that.
And that is why local local local is sooooooo important.
If and only IF you decide to act, make it look like a ‘localized violent act’ as opposed to ‘right wing death squads.’  Wait ’til a BAD night.  Wait for the local ferals are running rampant.  Pre-print a bunch of AntiFa literature.  Print some Atomwaffen shit.  Print a bunch of “Nuke the Gay Whales for Israel” flyers. Black Lives Matters is good.
Buy the printer off of Craigs list/Facebook marketplace.  
Buy the paper off of a flea market or dollar store.  
Cheaper the better.
Buy the shit FAR from your Area of Operations
Scatter them.  Get rid of the printer after.  
Shitcan it.  
After giving it a full on acetone bath, or destroy it outright with a handy dandy flammerwerfer (available for purchase from me mind you LOL)
Gloves, acetone and a proper mindset is key
Another: go to the local haircuttery… look at the dumpster.
Collect hair samples from them to leave trace elements…Best to get it from the local ghetto head shaver… leaving Afro hair, whilst not mebbe DNA oriented, it’s definitely –not- gonna point the finger at a Whypeepo.  Sapper sez that they need the follicle for it (DNA) to work, but hell, these days, that’s what they say
I don’t trust them anymore.  
Random hair left in the area is better than yer own.  Don’t leave a pile mind you, ya fuckin’ tards.  Leave just enough…get a brand new-in-the-bag baclava…. with a couple o strands o’hair should sent the fibbies on the wrong track…  Just like I want to leave Ukrainian, Russian and or Polish and Chinese field ration wrappers… give them multiple false angles to attack… I also like to collect some brass from different calibers when I’m at the range(s).  A .30-06 shell left behind can cause a different investigatory angle to be looked at as .308/7.62 are veeeeery close in size… just make sure that the brass gets an acetone bath before being utilized… same for all brass period.
Brass catchers also (been over that) 
We’re in a war without quarter.
Time to let them know that.
OK… this’s a bit longer than I expected
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. This is precisely why the Marxist Mullato and his minions pushed for mandatory "low-income housing" in every single new non-urban development throughout the country— Dilute the non-Marxist voting demographics with urban shithole street apes, knowing full-well that no sane non-Marxists would move INTO the shitholes that are being emptied, while making it harder for like-minded patriots to form homogenous enclaves to resist the coming "Troubles".

    Prove me wrong.

  2. Anyone who hasn't seen it already should watch The Battle Of Algiers. It has lessons that could come in handy.

  3. Mr. Big Country
    How do we send you an e-mail/message? I do not see any links on your site. Sorry if I missed it.

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