So I Finished it…

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!

Managed to get a few things done despite the cuteness that is GranBebe.  Her latest is being a ‘helper’ around the house.  She’s got her own itty-bitty cleaning gear and dutifully pushes the dirt and debris on the floor around into somewhat neat piles (to be p/u by Papi shortly thereafter).  Mostly refuse from the various chew toys that the 35 pound sausage-dog Baby Pittie chews the ever living fuck outta.
She’s the –worst guard dog ever- but I wouldn’t trade her.  She’s actually adept at alerting to people creeping or coming up on the front door for the most part.  Particularly if they’re black… dunno if she can smell ’em or what, but she positively hates black folks.  We -did- rescue her as a breeder for a fighting pit, and her babies were taken faaaar too soon for the weaning to be properly over… hell, she was less than a full year old when they bred her… so she absolutely hates niggers.

Don’t blame her.  Dunno if she’s savage towards ’em tho, I keep a tight leash on her b/c she -does- have some ‘aggressive tenancies’, especially towards other dogs… I think it was part of her training.  Been hard to break her of that.  Either way, I suppose I’ll find out if some spook tries to B&E the crib uninvited…
So anywho, managed to get the rifle together for Wifey:

Came out real nice…

The Specs: 
Bear Creek 10.5 inch 1/7 turn Heavy Barrel
Palmetto State Lower
AT3 Tactican Slab Side Upper
Matrix 10in MLOK Lightweight For-end
Mil Spec Basic Trigger kit, (but professionally polished by moi.)
Shockwave Blade II ‘Brace’
Magpul Pink “Hello Kitty” Laser Engraved Pistola Grippage
M-16 Bolt and Carrier, MPI’d and Mil Spec.

Stickers courtesy of that Jap-Ah-Heno store at the Mall, and some vinyl self-printing sheets for ye olde Printer. 

That was the hard part.  Printing the proper sized stuff.  I got the font free, “hello_kitty_font” and loaded it into Word.  After I printed it, I took a can of clear coat enamel, and did 3X layers, waiting in between each layer to waterproof and set up.  THEN I cut out the stickers, and then matte enamelled over THEM so’s they ‘stick’ around on the rifle fer a while…
I made a pun. LOL.

Then there’s the OTHER side:

And a close up:

The caliper paint for the Muzzle Break went well, it didn’t blow off during the three round test fire I did.  In fact it was exemplary.  Shit gets the Big Country Seal Of Approval or:

Yeah, that’s mine.  Dank Memester in the 2020’s.

So yeah, it shot and processed all three rapid shot no problemo.  It’s running a >bit< of a heavier Spring and Buffer, which is what ya need with a pistol-length Gas system.  Lots of folks are unaware of that… 
So yepper, it’s now Wifey’s Go-To Gun for “fun and nigger games”… we’ll have to see.
More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Fucking Burned Out Reporter
(chasing a 3 year old gets old man)
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    1. Ultimately I'd -like- to get her a red-dot… even a cheap one, but AGAIN my Unemployment got grabbed by -someone-… (had to get a new bank account again… the only thing I got right now is my PayPal thru here LOL) Might get her some el cheapo Chineseum irons and hit 'em with the paint… have to see down the road. Right now, if she has to engage anything further than the front door, it mean me n'Sapper are DRT and it won't matter but a second…

    1. Love the idea… tried it, but the itty-bitty nature of the sticker made it too hard to keep 'em on… Maybe I'll hit up Palmetto State for a custom? That'd be -epic-!!!!

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