So I’m Hammered

Late Night/Early Morning Greetings to my Drooges and Droogettes

Just a couple of thoughts whilst I hit the Korova Milk Bar… too damned bad I can’t get a Vellocet or other styled drug-induced Shakes…

However, A jug of Iced Finlandia does fine for now.

The point of this lil roundabout… WTF is going on?  I’m rather confused by the apparent lack of civil breakdown.  Not that I’m expecting a wipeout Mad Max level/Walking Dead kind of shit, but WTF people?

I mean so far… nada… nichts…. niente…neit…

I’m rather disappointed in our brown brothers.  I expected –some– looting/robbery/malfeasance at this point.  I mean really?

 Now, to those of the Black extraction, y’all know exactly what I’m speaking of.

Chris Rock put it best when he did his routine of “Why the ghetto needs bars on the windows”… ‘Whitey ain’t coming to steal your 12 inch B&W TV… them bars?  They’re because of NIGGERS!’

So far however, I have NOT seen any sort of news that I’d expect from the more criminal sectors of our society.  I was talking to a Black Buddy of mine from my old unit, and even he is shocked at the lack of current criminality that normally would be breaking loose  amoungst his fellow skin-wearers…  “Big Country, I just don’t know.. you’d think them gangsta motherfuckas would be running roughshod!” (Direct quote from my IM).

Apparently, even yer lowest ghetto dweller is hunkering… maybe? Maybe not?  Tough Call.

I DO Know and I got the new Data Point from “Da Cop Up Da Street”:

1) Drugs and Drug addicts are in trouble.  MASSIVE decline in O.D.s.. (a good thing).  Cocaine has -vanished- from the streets.  Heroin junkies can’t find product.  According to him, the precursors and ‘other’ shit needed to keep the drug trade up and running has apparently –vanished– due to China being shut down.  From his POV, a good thing, but he cautioned me that the addicts are getting desperate…  ‘keep a rifle at hand’ was his advice.

Interesting intel eh?

So, by going by that lil nugget, it means that the majority of drug issues in the US can be traced back to China in a “Five Steps from Kevin Bacon” sort of way.

I’d say that alone I’d enough to write China off.


So yeah, interesting shit.  I ran into dood whilst walking the dog.  He had a bunch more advice, but I’ll get into that later.
Until Then, I’m the Hammered IR

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Anyone in 'da biddness' (that being either drug traffickers or drug enforcers) has known for the last 10 years that Communist China has been funding and supplying the precursors and much of the actual drugs (like fentanyl.)

    ChiComs have been supplying and funding the Cartels in Mexico. And they've been taking over control of any container or shipping port that they can get their hands on, partially to control the flow of shipments, partially to be able to control what they allow in or out.


    The ChiComs are at the center of everything.

    And then, to go all conspiracyish sounding, who all owns the factories in ChiCom territory? Many are owned directly by PLA (People's Liberation Army) units and by their commanders, others owned or directly controlled by high level party officials. All who want to see the USA take a dirt-nap. And what better way than to fuel the druggies in our nation by providing low-cost drugs? Hmmmmm… And, meanwhile, funding Mexican Bandidos who are getting ready to go all 'Pancho Villa' across the border whenever they want or can (which they've done, including units of the Mexican Army, many times in the last 20 years, just it doesn't get talked about or reported.)

    I am looking forward to the druggies going all floppy-fish in withdrawals and hopefully taking the eternal dirtnap from withdrawals. For far too long NARCAN and other really friggin expensive treatments have been sustaining these dregs of life. Used to be, if you survived an OD, it was the great awakening and a pretty sturdy kick-in-the-ass to remove one's head from one's ass and get clean. Now, with Narcan, a super-strong batch gets a reputation for being really good and the druggies are pushing ODs because when they come back, it's like, "Whoaaaaaaa, duuuuuude."

    Fruck them with a pickup truck. Let them die, let them spend money on their kids, on their bills, on new teeth.

    As to the Urban Warriors going all raging… Those people are scared poopless over Wuhan Aids, as some of them are calling it. Give it a week, they'll crawl out once their weed and crack starts running out biggly.

    Not that (cough, cough) I'm bringing out the big guns to immediate ready positions (cough, cough.)

    Hope you and your darling wife hunker down and do well.

    And, as Mr. T would say, I pity the fool who tries to get funky with you and yours. I doubt you are as prepared as one fried of mine was at one time for the looters. He had a Class III license and a working Kraut Maxim MG and the appropriate helmet to go with it, if he wanted to go WWI. For WWII, he had a White scout car with some .30 and a .50 Browning mgs. Fun times he was prepared for.

  2. yea…this is the calm before the storm and I do believe shit is about to get real. Buckle up and enjoy the ride. Good luck brothers!

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