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Sooooo making the rounds out there is the story about the Rapper Drake –almost– getting hisself in a bit of a sticky wicket.  That being the term of being spermjacked.  Now, as a dood who occasionally peruses the various sites of the MRM and MGTOW, in particular 1SGT Popp, I’m aware of what the terminology means.

Per the Wiki: “Spermjacking, also known as Sperm theft, also known as unauthorized use of sperm, spermjacking or spurgling (a portmanteau of sperm and burgling), occurs when a man’s semen is used, against his will or without his knowledge or consent, to inseminate a woman.”

Now, I know you did, ‘cos I know I did… I literally LOL’d when I saw the ‘spurgling’ one… that’s funny IMO.  

Well, seems lil miss-yet-to-be-named pulled the Brass Ring and bedded down with Drake, a rapper of some sort… got no idea… I don’t listen to –any– modren fake-and-ghey moosick these days… to me, give me some Tchaikovsky to fall asleep to, and some early eighties for Rock… and even then, most stuff these days is pure unadulterated autotuned fucking Dreck.

Heh.  Mebbe that’d be a good Weird Al Yankovic play off of Drake… “The Rapper Known as Drake”… anywhoo… The guy is definitely a Top Tier Dood in the SMV zone… 10 for 10… Looks, talent, and money… like damn… dude is sitting on Fuck You Money and it’s getting larger each year…net worth last year was $200 Mil, and he’s earning $70 mil per year as of now…

And, like most High Power Wealthy and famous doods, he pulled some fresh strange for an evening…

And there’s where it goes retarded.  Now, I’ve done enough stuff on here to show that most Modern Wahmennz between the ages of 14 to 30 are categorically, irredeemably and utterly insane. Some of the younger ones may or may not be salvageable, but then again, more’n likely that’s a Big Negatron Ghostrider.  So Drake “gits sum”, and after the fun was over, retired to the latrine to get rid of the scumbag.   (BTW: That’s actually what the etymology of a ‘scumbag’ is: “scumbag (n.) “condom,” by 1939, slang, from scum + bag (n.)“) 

Seems being a cautious fellow, he dumped some hotsauce in the rubber after he nutted.Now, that’s a bit weird.. me, I’da flushed it, so’s I’m thinking he was testing our Faire Maiden (heh) to see if what happened, was going to happen… so HE goes to the latrine, rigs up the scumbag to ‘kill’ his swimmers, and then… as Paul Harvey would say, “…here is The Rest of The Story”:

“After that, the woman allegedly went into the same bathroom after Drake had finished up and fished the used condom from the garbage and allegedly stuffed the contents of the used condom inside of her genitals.

The woman allegedly began to scream after feeling a burning sensation from what she’d put inside of her, which led to Drake reportedly rushing to the bathroom to see what was wrong. After learning of what occurred, Drake allegedly admitted to the woman that he intentionally poured hot sauce into his used condom to effectively kill his sperm so as to avoid this very kind of scenario.


I need to buy a cheap mass produced hot sauce, rebottle and rebrand it to “Drake’s Sperminator” or  “Drake’s Signature Twatsauce”…  A sure moneymaker Aye?  Watch… you saw it here first.

What I’ve noticed well, like everywhere is the fact that this chick, unnamed as of yet, just essentially shot herself in the box metaphorically speaking.  IF as she’s threatened to do, sue ole boy (for what I have -zero- idea, and I’m pretty sure that IF this guy is cautious enough to try to nuke’ his jizz after the fact/act, I’m sure there’s paperwork showing it was fully and utterly consensual, so as to avoid the # metoo bullshit of “It was rape” 5 years down the road.  Might even be a NDA in there too… if’n it were I, there sure as fuck would be.

Hell, if I ever lose Wifey, to sickness or something, and I have to ‘date’ again, you can bet that I’ll have paperwork on deck before I bang some chickie with two witnesses to the signing before I even leave the bar/restaurant/wherever.

But, to my point, this chick may have had the chance to run the looooong game, and set herself up for life.  Instead she went FULL retard, got caught, and when the lawsuit goes public with her name?  You can sure as fuck bet that the only men in her future is going to be the absolute dregs of males… definitely NOT at the ‘Drake’ level that she obviously was able to ‘pull’ before…

The Great Karnak sees a future that reeks of Box Wine, Cat Urine and loneliness for dis fucking broad.

As is well deserved.
So, Got to bounce, full day today what with what should have been a quick one hour VA appointment, which turned into a 4 hour shitshow, along with a one point five hour ride home due to an accident on the highway.  I waited so long and was trapped so long, I actually got out and took a piss right then, and right there…

Fuck it amiright?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. As to music, while most music currently produced in the US is dreck, there are some interesting European bands. I particularly like the symphonic metal bands such as Nightwish, Therion, Epica, Xandria, Within Temptation,etc. All have been around for a while and have much music on you tube. In other categories, Sabaton is a metal band that writes military history songs and Mono Inc is the world’s best Goth Band, much better that you might think, try 2015 live in Dresden concert..

  2. He might have started a new thing. I’ve heard of people using Altoids for oral, but I never heard of putting some salsa on the clam.
    Maybe he could call it, “Hot Boxing”?

  3. Bringing a whole new meaning to
    “Hot sauce in the Purse”.
    Does anyone remember when Hillary was running against Obama, her press corpse let it be known that she carried hot sauce in her purse – some female rapper had that line in a popular “song” at that time.

    They should have checked the Urban Dictionary

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