So Much For Joe…

Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!

I give Slo about 30-45 days max at this point

He just had what I call his “Kennedy/C.I.A.” moment.

Meaning he’s come out publicly in favor of allowing the serfs to form a Union against Amazon.  In their eyes, that’s a killin’.  Amazon has been notorious in it’s anti-Union stance.  No matter the ‘niceness’ of the message, they are hardcore anti-Union.  Almost as bad as Wallyworld from my unnastanding.

Union Busting has a long history in the United StatesThe above pic was from the 30s when the Military was in on Busting up Unions as “communist infiltration” and shytte… pretty accurate IMO.

But what with the tech Oligarchs running around, having thought that they bought and paid for the current pResident and all that entails, you know that they gotta be pissed that someone is encouraging them to start pushing back against the near-slavelike conditions the lower paid peasants who’re stuck working at the Zon have to endure.

It’s been attributed to JFK that he said he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds”.  Shortly thereafter, he caught a very public case of the “deads.”  It’s always been questionable as to the veracity of the quote, but it is suspicious that the C.I.A. shortly after invented the term ‘conspiracy theory’ to disavow and degrade any questioning vis-a-vis Presidential Case O ”The Deads’ which leads me personally to believe they had something to do with it.

And now?

Slo just came out and told his new owners “Fuck You, pay them” vis-a-vis Unionization of the Slaves. And slaves they are.  Indeed.  Go and check out some of the expose that -some- of the news has done in the past… In particular the Brits have done some insane uncover-brother levels of gen-you-wine investigative reporting on the conditions of the fulfillment centers that the Zon is running over there.Nothing here in the New Peoples Republic of the Socialist Untied States.  and yeah, ‘untied’ is intentional.  The Enemedia can’t afford to upset their paymasters doncha know?
The Brits however, in the quest for MOR taxes have cut the media loose on the Zon, and the place from all reports is just as bad, if not worse than some of the Chinese Slave-Powered Manufacturers.  One bathroom, half a mile a way, and you can only use like 3 minutes per time…

I know I’m on meds which means I need at least 7-8 minutes for a Number 2 download… I’d last one day in a Zon Slave Pit before they ace me out.  Hell, they have fuckers die while working and it gets allllll covered up and buried with minor fines, and even they don’t end up paying them.  The poor fuckers who die?  Their families get a pittance-payout, and God help them if they don’t take it… no one fucks with the Zon.  

Except now Slo…It’ll be a  quiet ‘offing’ more n’likely.  They’ve made The D.C. Green Zone pretty much impenetrable.  So unless they ramp up their game, ain’t no way they’re going to be able to Lee-Harvey his ass with an AR-15, despite how they’d positively love the optics of that to further the gun ban chess piece.  They’ll slip a lil sumtin’-sumtin’ into Joes soup, and that’ll be that… if’n they haven’t already started the accelerating the process… his mental acuity is rapidly approaching a tipping point… almost like someone or something has been adding… oh… say Mercury into his chow?   I wouldn’t put it past them to keep him in puppet mode, with the ability to throw the “Off” switch on the dummy, once his usefulness is expired fully.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. I’ve always figured the CIA did JFK. He left all those CIA recruited and trained dudes on the beach to get slaughtered after promising them support. How’d that make the spookier guys feel? I figure that was more of an incentive to the knuckledraggers amongst them then threats to scatter their asses to the wind. It was the operators that could pull it off too. Hells bells, they already had a group for eliminating unwanted leaders geared up and operating.

  2. For those of you that aren’t politically astute, Unions = Bolshevism.
    That’s how the Bolsheviks gained traction here in the US, pushing unions in the late 1800’s.
    But hey, go for it, we’re toast anyway.

    1. Difference is that back then, the capitalist class was somewhat pro-nation. The unions were used against them.

      Today, the capitalist class is uniformly globo-Bolshevist.

      By supporting the unionization of Amazon, there is an opportunity to feed the BLM-supporting corporate class to their own dogs.

  3. At this point what passes these days for “Capitalism” is just the obverse side of the same coin Bolshevism is stamped on. It’s all just pure materialism. Sure, Capitalism is better at material prosperity. But spiritually everything is rotten to the core.

    Nobody wants to truly build anything anymore, they all just extract as much wealth built up over generations as they can, damn the future consequences. It’s how we got vultures like Mitt Romney and all the other outsourcing D-bags who raked in billions while hollowing out the nation.

  4. You could be right but at this point, I will believe it when I see it. Sadly, I was part of the “Deplorable” rope-a-dope after the stolen election. Being told there would be a Deus Ex Machina event any day was just too disappointing. When I can watch them wheeling that hair-sniffing pedophile out of the Oval Office in a body bag, I will defer to your judgement. Bleib ubrig.

  5. Unions have done a lot to help workers wages benefits and working conditions ( bread and butter unionism). Having strayed from the basics they have stopped representing employees and started using them and associated people as pawns to gain power.

    1. Well said Comrade, no need to wonder why we’ve been under Bolshevik control for over 100 yrs. Somebody to hold your hand at work and tell you how to vote.

    2. “I’m Craig, and I wear the bolshi Union label….”

      Just couldn’t resist casting you in that campy
      ’70’s jingle….bwahahahahaha!!!

      It was NEVER ‘about the basics’…that’s the ‘equality & fairness’
      baited worm on the bolshi hook that was used to capture
      the NPC’s/normies of the day…use their compassion, kindness
      and empathy against them as tools to get them to accept their
      OWN enslavement.

      What did you think the ‘C’ stood for in AFLCIO?….’caring’?!?

      It’s always been the jewish bolshi thing to be bolshi’s..for
      THEIR benefit..and ONLY for THEIR benefit and their Globalist
      bankster Masters (most notably the Rothschilds of ‘The City
      of London’)

      Go read the talmud, the zohar and books like Maurice Samuel’s
      “You Gentiles!” and others…maybe then you’ll start to understand…
      For that matter, watch “Pol Pot DOESN’T Get It” on jewtube..amazing
      that it’s still there btw….

      1. I worked for Frontier and Alaska Airlines, when told to join the union, I walked . Apparently living in a right to work state doesn’t matter, the head office was in a pro-union state and forced compliance was allowed.
        Right to work means nothing.

  6. JFK also said that he would disband the federal reserve private banking cartel.
    Reparations and gun grabs are a big issue for Jo Jo Bidet’s handlers along with toy potato genders and comrade kommissarina Kamal will be preezy of the steezy by May easy peasy.
    Gas will be about $5 a gallon by then but at least we won’t have the bad orange tweets.
    Comrade kommissar Warren Buffet (crony capitalist) is quite happy with this development as he has the eco-friendly (sarc) rail and truck delivery systems and donated almost $60 million to the Big Steal.
    The long march to burn it all down is almost complete.
    Zimbabwe? Yes we can. Forward!

  7. Joe was fucked years ago. Kamala will fix everything and blow you at the same time. She will even make you a sammich.

  8. The election for America’s highest political office was ‘stolen’….meme on.

  9. The US wasn’t the only country busting unions due to ‘communist infiltration’ in the 1930’s.

    It’s almost as if…an international cabal of communists *cough COMINTERN cough SOVIET UNION* was actually doing that which they were accused of…

  10. Good catch,BC. Btw, how’s that decapitated finger healin’? Also, still waitin at my mailbox. Ohio Guy

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