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Good Afternoon Me Droogs and occasional readers of this, my Rant-Away Hiding Spot.

Sweet Lord in heaven that was some good chow.  Although methinks I might have overdone it.  Well… I for sure overdid it.  9 Pounds of Spiral Cut Honey Glazed Infidel Meat, 4 /12 Pounds of Garlic infused boneless Turkey Breast, 3 Pounds of my specialized Italian Sausage Stuffing/Dressing, Garlic Mashed Taters, and Garlic and Butter Braised Green Beans…

I ain’t even gonna say shit about the deserts… well yeah I am.  Key Lime Pie, Hershey Death By Chocolate Pie, Haagen Daz Icecream, and Godiva Chocolate Lava Cakes.

If I was mildly overweight before this Holiday, I’m now grossly obese or leastways -feeling- like it.

It was a Good Day for Pie…
Then, add on the –unpleasantness- that went on during the day…  shit.  The Ole Lady’s had a bug up her ass for like a few now.  Every. Fucking. Year. at this time she goes fucking stupid and acts all fucking pain-in-the-ass for no apparent reason.  So she pulled the whole throwing a hissy fit, accusing me of being, well, a Fat Bastard and went off in a huff of “I’m not eating!~”
OK Honey… more for me, the Granbaby and the Sapper.
Speaking of… Granbaby ate her own body weight in turkey and stuffing (or dressing… all depending on where yer from I guess…)  She also ate the leftovers today… didn’t like the Infidel Meat that I can tell, but all the rest was devoured.  I just put her down for a nap.  Heres to a hour of peace n quiet.  Add on the Ole Lady had a hair-gig today, so I’m pretty much bitch free for a couple of hours maybe?
Ahhhh how nice that’d be.  

Speaking of Bitches…  Muttie Merkel came out and pretty much told a bunch of folks at some conference or other, that essentially “The German chancellor also stated that freedom of speech is not “for free.”  Here’s the whole shitshow here if you care…  What really  blows my mind is that people don’t understand that she’s originally from East Germany.  Back when there was such a thing as “West and East”.  Hell.. my first passport had stamps from both countries.  And all the others… back when they had their Sovereignty 

Now that is a double-plus badthink ungood word if there ever was one.

Big Brother Sez…
Yeah.  People have no idea whats going on ‘over there’ and me?  I’m fuckin horrified.  I lived in Europe from Age 13 to age 14 as a civvie (DocDad took us over while he was on a sabbatical… must be nice to take a year off, get paid and tour Europe eh?), and went back after I joined the Army and was stationed in Germany… the newly reintegrated Germany.  When I got there, the reunification was only 3 or 4 years old and the aftershocks were still ongoing.  I -was- a great time tho as a lot of the former East German chicks were fucking HAWT and down for getting with a G.I., hoping to snag a dude for a ticket to the land of the Big P.X.  One of the other things I noticed about the East Germans versus the West Germans was the way they cared about certain things.  Easties, if you will, were highly suspicious of new people, up til they got to know them… they also had an Authoritarian Streak in them that was a mile wide, as opposed to the Westerners I knew and partied with.  
The majority of the people BTW, I have to say were broads, so this probably skews my impressions as the 19-30 year age range of the chicks I discussed things with usually had more party, less politics on the brain.  One of the things that stood out tho was the difference in the willingness to violate the Law.  Girls who were born n raised in West were a bit more carefree about it.  The East German girls were paranoid as fuck.  The law violation in question was a shwimbad (outdoor bathing pool place… sorta like a German Water Park) in the City.  One night we were coming back from the bar at like oh dark late, and it was summertime and hot.  I made the suggestion we jump the wall and go for a midnight skinny-dip.  All us Joes were down with it, and the Western Girls were digging the idea, but the two Eastern girls who made up part of our clic?  Oh hell no!  Trespassing?  Das ist verbotten!!!!
We still managed to get them to do it… fun was had by all.
But Merkel is a former Easterner.  The East Germans are a different breed of cat from the Western Germans, and -much more- likely to lean towards Authoritarianism and Globalism… which is exactly  what we’re seeing on the World Stage.  They, unlike their westernized Brothers and Sisters never had to go through the near-religious Perma-Apology to the Jews for what the Krauts did to them.  The East Germans were taught that “shit happens” and they rolled with it, and truthfully, they didn’t give a shit, after all it was only the Jews, and damned few of them in East Germany anyways…  So from my perspective, Merkel is trying to out-do the Westerners in bowing-and-scraping and doing everything within her power to undermine the German People as a whole.  By embracing the Globalists and the replacement agenda, the eventual destruction and vanishing of the German people en toto is almost assured.
I mean hasn’t it become readily apparent to most sane and slightly higher intelligent people just who all the Globalists are targeting?  (I mean besides like everyone)  No… the people who they seem to be really  aiming ‘cultural banishment/destruction on in the Western YT Countries are the people who genetically or culturally were TOTALLY FUCKING BADASS.  I mean look… Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Denmark… ALL culturally –nuked– by the current Replacement Game…  I mean who’d thunk that the fuckin VIKINGS would be brought low by dirtworlders?
Ragnar Lothbrook is Rollin’ in his Snake Filled Grave…

Other countries… the Germans… ok yeah, NAZIs = Bad.. but traditionally?  The Goths?  and I don’t mean those LARPing Emo-Twats… Ostrogoths, Visigoths, Head takers and heart breakers all.  Then, lets look at England, who used to own the whole known fucking world…  The Australians?  Buncha former criminals, beaten down by Political Correctness Cancer and straight up misandry.

The only reason we have not yet taken it in the ass is private gun ownership.

They can posture, they can primp, prime themselves and tell us that yup, they know better than us.  However, my bet is that a few healthy death squad hits of some prominent media and establishment types would shut that shit right the fuck down.

Said it before, I’ll say it again:  Never. Give. Up. Your. Guns.

More later… time to feed da baby, then get her back to the other Grandparents… its been a looong fucking week.  I’ma gonna veg this weekend.
Until then, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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