So Out and Aboot

Greeting Me Drooges and Droogettes
Went out today.. didn’t want to but the Mizzuz needed to do a few errands.

Observations that thereof as follows:

Local WalMart:
Complete shitshow.  No buttwipe, no soup, no bread, no paper towels.  Many rows of what normally would-be-packed areas of food supply completely ransacked.  It wasn’t this bad during hurricane season.  Meds and such, so-so.  Still had a lot of OTC pain meds and cold remedies… that’ll change if shit goes pear shaped ever further.

Local Publix Market:
No panic buying, however, NO paper stuff.  No napkins, wet wipes, butt wipe, paper towels, paper plates.   Nada.  A complete wipe out.  Also, interestingly, NO eggs…. Like ZERO.  Three days ago I went and they had plenty, to the point I bought three racks of 30 eggs each (The giant large egg racks) and I’m glad I did… Apparently, I’ve been 2 steps ahead of the Horde thank God.  They had racks of boiled Easter eggs replacing the normal egg racks… now also, interestingly, the “boutique” eggs (free range, raised by hand and kindness on organic feed eggs) were in stock, but at $8.99 a dozen, they’re only going to be there until people really get desperate.

The People:
Maaaaan… how to describe it.  “People of WalMart” is one thing, but for the most part, the people I saw out today were total bottom feeders.  I mean we’re talking lowlifes.  Scum.  The majority of people looked bad, and smelled worse.  It was awful.  Bad tats, horrible grills, and even worse attitudes.  I bailed before I could get into a ruckus, seeings that the majority of these Mad Dog 20-20 guzzlers realized that –something- was amiss, and were shopping…  I felt like I needed a shower after being around them.

The realization that “The Horde” as I’ll refer to them, are/is awake makes me even more aware as to the home defense level.  Booby traps, both non-lethal and “Head Removing” are now in play.  Really makes I had invested in a couple rolls of mil-spec concertina back a few years back… (15 rolls for $700)

Got a hunch, depending on Fed-Gov and the Grandmaster Cheeto, that things are going to be ‘stable’ FWIW for the next few.  It’s no completely frantic, but slowly getting there. The fact that the scum-o’-the-earth have come to the surface, and being disappointed in their gathering, I fully expect things to go a bit kinetic in the next round of dumbassery, unless it all blows over.

I’m waiting now on Intel from my bro who’s a Hospital Cop in Penn.  He’s a –great guy– and a true exception to the “all cops are swine” concept.  He’s my bro, and will be reporting to me on the sit-rep tomorrow… he’s actually really concerned… so we’ll see.

Until Later, I Remain, The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. It has been a policy of mine that after shopping, especially at Wal-Mart (food quality is good, can't beat the prices,) to come home, unload cold stuff into fridge or freezer, and then go take a friggin decontamination shower. If it's really bad and the stinky people are out in hordes, I'll take a shower first, then unload, and then wash my damned hands again.

    You can't be too clean. Especially when shopping at Walmart. Publix? Those are usually very clean, super clean, and nice. Walmart? Sometimes it seems even a tyvek suit and booties and a good Racal respirator setup wouldn't be enough.

    Due to money issues, can't go out shopping till Tuesday or Wednesday. Hopefully the panic from the weekend will be over and stocks will be back up.

  2. Over the last few days, we've been doing our final rounds of the stores. Nothing we desperately need, but if I'm going to Hell, I will have a belly full of steak, beer, and icecream. I will greet the Devil with chocolate in my teeth.

    Up until today, the stores were getting progressively more crowded and more depleted. But today was a surprise. Went to a feed store (farm animals gotta eat too…), Costco, and a Walmart. All three were WAY less busy than they should be on a normal Sunday afternoon. I didn't go near the food side of the Walmart, so it might have been a shark tank, but there just weren't enough people in there for there to be too much trouble. The Costco was almost empty, three registers open and only 2-3 people in each line. Sure they were out of TP, soap, etc, but otherwise all was normal. The lady at the register said all week had been nuts, but today it just stopped.

    What was weird was the quiet. The shoppers were all nearly silent. A library or a funeral home aren't this quiet. The only person I heard speak above a whisper was one idiot that was on a video call with his wife, showing her the patio furniture that he wanted to buy. I felt like asking him if the wife was going to give two shits about the patio furniture next month when he had no food left…

    Surreal times…

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