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Afternoon me Droogs and Droogettes!
Yesterday: March 21 @22:00: 763 Cases
Today:       March 22 @16:30: 830 Cases
Update at 22:00 to follow…

Got a hold of my cop buddy in Pennsylvania.  He gave me a bit of the run down on the current sit-rep in the A.O. and it sounds like a giant shit sammich of incompetence.

Apparently There’s two giant assed hospitals in town.  University of Pittsburgh and Allegheny Health and they’re currently NOT COOPERATING.  Seems that there’s ‘bad blood’ between the two corporations that run the two hospitals.  Something he heard had to do with one not accepting the insurance from the other or some such penny-pinching bullshit.  So the end result is that the two largest hospitals in Pittsburgh are refusing to assist each other.  In the middle of a Pandemic.


Like fucking –really?

Add on that apparently he, as a cop has been told that it’s “optional” to wear PPE (personal protective equipment, i.e. mask/googles/gloves) but it’s been ‘encouraged NOT to wear masks so as to not intimidate/scare people.  Plus, apparently the blue line idiotic “machismo” of “If you wear a mask yer a pussy!” and whelp, I’d give Pittsburgh about 15-20 days before the rule of law goes completely out the window, as it sounds like all the cops are going to infect/re-infect and get wiped out eventually.  He -did say- however that the E.R. is currently -empty- whenever he responds to a call there… said the junkies have ‘disappeared’…  as well as all the illegals that normally infest the area… More on that in a few…

He said that the U of Pitt -is- starting to build a big triage area in one of their parking areas… they got it roped off and are starting to lay out equipment, but, as a city cop, he only gets minimal intel.  He said surprisingly that “Da Yutes” have not been rampaging as of late tho… unlike Baltimore, the shootings and minor crime are down.  So he’s pleased by that.  He -did say- that speaking to the rest of his fuzz-buddies that if shit does go kinetic, he as well as his co-workers are headed home to hunker.

Compare this to my new Brother In Law Squid (he was in the Navy) who is an armed security cop/guard at a smaller hospital in North Carolina.  Now, its a pretty BIG hospital for the area, but podunk compared to  University of Pitt… and they got him in a Positive Over-pressure mask with tyvek suit… essentially small-town hospital is going the ‘smart route’ and having everyone in MOPP 4.

Not a good sign of things to come.

END RESULT: Corporations are still fucking each over for a percentage while the world burns.  Brilliant.  Cops are planning on bailing if shit gets too wild, and the general Chimp Out I’ve been expecting is either not happening or on hold…  Mad Max time is currently in the T-Minus mode and counting…

Sapper had ANOTHER mission this morning.  ANOTHER fuel barge.  On that note, local gas is at $1.91 and dropping.  He stopped on the way home at a fresh Veggie Market and he told me it was “Mobbed”.  No corn on the cob (queue sad face) but he did get some fresh Strawberries.  Good shit eh?  Plenty of fuel so far, so I’m not sweating shortages for a while.

Then scanning the ‘chans’ I found a poster in Mexico who said that the number of illegals returning to Mexico is startling.  Lots of plates from the states as the beaners pull up roots here stateside and flee back south of the border.  Apparently they’re all losing the ‘jobs Americans won’t do’ i.e. low paying shitty service gigs, and since they don’t have legitimate SSNs, they can’t get the Trumpbux (IF they ever do pay that shit out).  And then the landlords, realizing that there’s no more money coming in, are calling ICE for the rewards available for turning in illegals for the bounty ICE offers…

Pretty based IMO.

Rent to an illegal, collect the cash until they can’t pay, then when they can’t pay, dime them out for the bounty to ICE and collect.  Evil, shitty but based as fuck.  I -hope- that ICE is keeping track of these guys tho, to nail ’em to the wall for renting to them to begin with.  IF this does end well, they go back 4 months after and IF the aforementioned asshole is renting to the illegals AGAIN, nail his/her ass to the wall for it.

END RESULT: Reverse immigration.  Hopefully Trump gets the Wall put up as a consequence of this shit.  Open borders is what fucked us to begin with.  Time to shut that shit down HARD.

Other International news.
Seems the fucking arrogant assed Frogs are up to their old asshole tricks.  Goddamned French.  Apparently, for the second time, they’ve ‘intercepted and seized for the national good’ a second truckload of critical Medical Supplies destined and paid for by England. LINK here:

Can you say “Act of War”?

The first truck was filled with Sanitizer, and the second, Medical Masks… FFP3 masks…

“Oh fuck NO you didn’t you ungrateful Frog fuckers!!!” should be the Brits attitude.
Instead some ‘harsh demarche’ were sent.  And the fucking French said they’d try to not do it again.

Me?  If I was PM, I’d have fired up the Tornados, done a flyby of Maricon’s personal residence, shot down any frog fighter than came to intercept us,  cratered every runway in the country, and then told ’em if they fucked with us again, we’d -really- get mad.

I mean really?

Fucking things are gonna get worse… mark my words.

Otherwise, I’ll update later tonight.  Still no word on shit about flights.  I’ll check them later and post as we go.  Til then I remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Not the least surprised to hear the cops ready to beat feat.
    This Sapper feller looks and sounds to be an interesting guy. I'd like to have someone like him had my back.
    I would bet a weeks paycheck that you two together are a two man wrecking crew with some… VERY interesting … stories to tell.
    Your telling isn't the first I have heard of the recockulessness of medical/leo being told not to be wearing face masks because of "optics".
    That is a particularly egregious display of stupidity of the ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! variety IMO.
    In the mean time in my AO, The mayors of 24 little burghs surrounding Portlandistan and Da Mayor Hisself are all BEGGING Da Gov'na, she of Commie Wannabe Fame, a certain Miss Brown Herself, to be shutting the entire fucking state of Oregon down, just like their heroes in Commiefornia have done. Of course they refuse to acknowledge the 2/3's of the rest of a far flung and sparsely populated Oregon that exist just East of the Cascade Range and are only concerned about their very own little Commie enclaves up and down the Willamette Valley, including Eugene, Salem and the broader Portland Metro Area.
    Of which I abode in, even though it is across a state line.
    I am still having trouble understanding why our very own Governator, one Jay Fucking Inslee, hasn't tried to do the same fucking thing here yet, even with the same geographic population densities as Eastern Oregon that Washington state has.
    It's all been so entertaining to watch and now that the DOJ has alsed for the ability to arrest and hold anyone, anywhere, for no reason whatsoever, I am seeing a motherfucking HUGE power grab being played out. Right in front of us, in broad fucking daylight.
    Interesting times, no IR?

    1. No joke my Brother. Hearing in the wind that they're talking about 'interning' infected folks in Hospitals (temporary and real) so as to not allow them to infect their families. Rather be in the crib if there's no room at the inn so to speak. Got all the shit (minus a ventilator) here to include meds and O2 if needed (having lung cancer at one point did have it's advantages in stockpiling respiratory illness treatments LOL) so if shit goes pear shaped -completely- we're relatively good. Unfortunately -I'M- the prime target/vector here, so we'll see what we shall see.

  2. Things aren't crazy YET in north Alabama, but the feelz ain't right to me. Like everywhere else, you won't find a roll of asswipes in any retail establishment. OTC's, milk, meat, and eggs are thin to anorexic. Also, same situation on ammo here. Fav local gunshop had a line 100 yards long Friday. Acedemy's ammo shelves looked like the toilet paper aisle at Wal Mart. Work has changed to 7 on, 7 off.
    Waiting for the hammer to fall….

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