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Interesting night die-ver-city wise.  More on it in a few, but a very enlightening moment or ten… However, I got a few admin notes that need to be broadcast.  Herschel, HMFIC over at the Captains Journal essentially survived a fucking bad case of the ‘Vid.  He did a whole writeup, and I felt it may/may not be needed by some of us in the near future, seeings that Leviathan ain’t done fucking with us by a long shot.

Now, YMMV and go over and RTWT to render judgement.

Myself, HIS protocol post infection is what, minus the HCQ and Ivermectin, has been the Casa De Grande Campesino protocol since March of 2020.  Only thing I add to the mix is EWlderberry extract capsules, as well as Selenium.

I’m a day late/dollar short BUT:
Link Here:

Now, since we ALL in the house have been doing pretty much the same protocol, albeit preventatively, no one, including my health-compromised ass been really  sick.  Granted, LOTS of ‘feeling utterly shitful’ events, but nothing like Hershel has described, Thank God.  Everything he’s gone through?  No fucking thanks.

Methinks part of the added Selenium may/may not have assisted… it’s a trace element thats hard to come by these days naturally.  I mean it -is- naturally in beef, fish (both fresh and seawater) and of all things, Brazilian Nuts.  Thing is, Selenium, like all nutrients in the soil eventually become depleted.  I realized it and discovered this in Iraq back int he day, and made it part of my daily-daily.  Add the Zinc, Copper, C, D, B?  Yeah, haven’t -really- been deathly ill since.  Knock on wood.

So, check it out, either way, an interesting annotation to an already fucked up world.

So…. tonight was Wifey’s reward for being cool with being essentially trapped in Ye Olde Gilded Cage for the past week.  Took her to a highly recommended Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse…  It was OMFG insane.  We went ‘cheap’ in that zero apps, only two drinks per, and a shared main meal.  Total cost was $60 with drinks, and we weren’t overfull when we left.

Now, the INTERESTING part of the night were our ‘involuntary dining companions.’
The Universe….
It continually provides proof that IT has a mad sense of humor.

Seeings that, by our resident trolls consider me the second coming of Hitler, crossed with Nathan Bedford Forrest, as well as Stalin, Mao, and Lavrentiy Beria… actually, the Lavrentiy Beria reference?  They’re too fucking stupid to get that one… nevertheless… they ACT and ACT OUT like I was…

However, even the Universe likes a good joke.
The hibachi grill had room for 8… a shared table.  We got there last, but hey, ‘fashionably late’ is Wifey’s watchword.

Our Dining Companions?
Two raging bulldykes, one FAAAAAR more dykier than the otherAnd two Black Folks, a couple, but the husband? (doubt it) man… he looked like he’d stepped out of central casting wearing his hoody, hood UP through the entire meal.  I didn’t know if he was going to order a spring roll or pull a gat and demand everyones cash…


The interesting parts.
The Bulldykes: the shorter, slightly more feminine one?  Friendly, at first.  Until her husband?  Strap on Sally?  Saw that she was having a positive social interaction with a life support system for a penis (i.e. me) and literally elbowed her hard enough to be noticeable, after which she went full submissive, and refused to interact with me OR Wifey after.

Now…. the others?  the black folks were fun.  we enjoyed ourselves with them, and dude and I were cracking each other up.  I treated him as he treated me.

No bullshit.  No color.  Just two dudes with their ladies eating out.

Granted he looked like a fucking mad-dog Rap Star wannabe,  but even in the Army, I ran across some black guys in boots with me who effected the same ‘look’… and I gave them shit for it.  Much like I did with this guy… and man, we had fun.  Granted his education on which cut of meat he should choose I assisted on, with no condescension.  Brotherman didn’t know a NY Strip from a Filet Mignon.  I told him “Bro… go for the filet… $4 more than the NY Strip, but brother, trust me.”

He did, and at the end of the meal he bought me a drink as a thank you for educating him, because it became a topic of discussion.  Before tonight, to him, Steak was Steak.  All the same, alles in ordnung.

Now?  Bro is probably going to purely hate my ass long term.
I introduced him to one of the most expensive cuts of steak there is

That being said, holy shit… this place served what I call “Steak/Meat Flavored Butter”
That soft, that good.He’s gonna hate the prices long term.

But overall, we can get along, when we put our prejudices aside, and give each other a chance.
Mind you, by no fucking way am I about it sing Kumbaya.
Took too long to Earn my Grand Wizard Street Cred.


There ARE moments when we can chill, acknowledge our differences,
And Be Fucking Civilized
That’s all whypeepo are really asking
Not for the fucking moon, nor the stars
Act like a fucking normal, well adjusted human fucking being
NOT like a fucking sub-IQ animal.
Ain’t too much is it?
Anyways, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. That was the world when we came into it. That world has long been stolen and burnt. The good old days made a small return. Hope it was fun, sounds like it was

    1. Yep. Transporters are transporters. I’d put lisinopril in the municipal water system to competitively bind up the ACE2 receptors with the spike, but that might be viewed as a bit too effective for some.
      But seriously, amoxicillin forte also doesn’t hurt because this crap goes secondary early on. Ask my wife what finally broke her fever when Regeneron, one blast of azithro, and cephalos, and a pulse of steroid in the ER did nothing.
      And, people should buy a fucking 20 buck pulse-ox meter so they don’t freak out when they get it.

      Big is correct…we haven’t seen the “midterm variant” yet.

  2. It’s been my experience that getting along with the thug life crowd is easier than the rabid leftists. They generally don’t have any use for the bulldykes and other assorted leftist nuts. And like you said, giving each other a chance. Not doing that and just blind obedience to the prejudices drummed into us is what keeps The Man in power.

  3. “First the white man and the black man have be able to sit down at the same table. The white man has to feel free to speak his mind without hurting the feelings of that negro. And the so-called negro has to feel free to speak his mind without hurting the feelings of the white man. Then they can bring the issues that are under the rug out on top the table and take an intelligent approach to get the problem solved—that’s the only way that they’ll ever do it.”

    Malcolm X

    He was a polarizing figure for sure, but he had incredible insight.

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