Some Days I Can’t

Evening Me Droogs N Droogettes
Maaaaan  I’m fucking -so- over -so- much of this shit.

This Country has taken a giant assed shit on itself.  It’s like a beloved old relative who’s finally in the last advanced stages of Alzheimers.  Fucking shitting itself, completely demented… fuuuuuuuuuck…

This…THIS is the best they can offer?????

What in the ever loving fuckery is this all about?  I mean JESUS FUCKING CHRIST ON A POGO STICK (up his ass no less)!!!  That picture was taken from his last inarticulate ‘town hall’… I mean Jesus!!  Lookit him!!!!  Plugs looks like shit.. those eyes are dull, glassy even… drugged to the gills?  I mean good fuck all… the mealy mouthed insane degenerates who keep pushing the Groper In Cheif really think he stands a chance?  Not even with all the fucked up moonbattery of mail in ballots and shit will get him into the White House… in fact the ONLY Gropey Slow Joe is getting there is if they allow his ashes to be interred on the grounds…

And New York?  Place needs to be nuked.  Alllll them motherfuckers need to be shipped back, either in boxcars or in boxes (I DGAF which) Alive or Dead, back to “Plague Island” and walled off and let The Duke of New York, Nipples Cuomo and his sidekick Obergruppenfuhrer DeBlasio go all Kristallnacht on the Jews, seeings that seems to be becoming major sport for them.

Hell, I only realized today the COVID-19 case in my neighborhood?

Imported.  Fucker’s (((New York))) relatives came down here, and sicked up the house 4 down on the right.  I only found out about the Imported Hebrew Plague Bearers today, as me, the Mizzuz and Sapper have been, without exception non-interactive outside of the Serb and the Teacher in the neighborhood.  Tonight we took the dog out for a walk for the first time in months… between you me and the world reading this, we all motherfucking need the exercise.   Fucking Bitch is starting to get to looking like a big sausage (the dog guys) and the Mizzuz is getting bit’soft’round the middle.  Don’t mine big titties, but the gut?  Time to work hers and mine off.  So anyways, as I walk back by, on (((their))) side of the street, I realize the POS SUV that’s been half out of the driveway for the past few week has New York Plates, and a Star of David on the fucking plate holder.

Thanks you assholes… coming here and bringing the fucking plague right up the street from me.

I wonder if, a few weeks back, when they first got here if they had taken precautions?  And if not and I had gotten ill, and oh.. say blown my top and tested out my new flammenwerfer, would it be self defense?

Interesting question that one.

So, to beat myself up, I got a nice Bugout Bike.  Military grade something-or-other… got it a few years back and outfitted it with some neat shit… saddlebags, front’n’rear, cargo racks, run flats, beefed up suspension and a trailer that the Grandbebe can ride in.  If needs be, I can haul a fuckton of gear, BUT to do that, I gotta get back in shape, and in this case, round ain’t the shape to be in.  The trailer, if Grandbebe isn’t on hand, converts to a cargo carrier with 250 pounds capacity.  If I have to, I keep about 10 different camo color rattlecans on hand that I can camo up that bright ass red motherfucker.

The bike is already tactical as fuck.

Got a rifle rack for it too.  The next project I’m actively working on is a 10-12 round custom magazine for my Savage Axis rifle.  I’ve already done A LOT of custome work on it, so’s I need to show off the stuff shortly.  Been fucking around for years with it.. I got it new for $225? $250? Waaaay before the divorce.  Only reason I still have it was I had loaned it to a friend for hawg season (it being a 762x51mm) and he wanted some of my hand load pigkiller rounds.

Well, when the fuzz showed to steal all my shit, this one wasn’t in residence, so I got it back when the heat was off so to speak.  More on it tomorrow as I’m emotionally wrung out from the work drama and shit, and tuckered in general.

And also, seems I got hit with the “Adult Content Hammer”?  OK… cool… so here’s a fave of mine from back in the day:

Extra Cool points for the degenerate who knows her name LOL.  Guess I’ll end with some titties since I’m getting the 18 n Up crowd anyways!
More later, I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. OK now no adult content warning before opening–guess they can't make up their mind!! And I like the new content tonight!!

  2. So that is why ya'll got hit with the Content Nazi bullsheet thing to get to your blog? Fucking commie, only a dead commie is good for mommie…

  3. Is that Christy Canyon?
    Fuckin Firefox won't let me comment on your blog or Irishes.
    Gonna hafta switch engines.

  4. Sedition, Pale Moon is the browser I use. It is a firefox derivative, but I have never had a problem commenting on any site or them being content nazies. I throw a few shekels to them now and again and we are all happy!

    1. Thanks! Besides this, I think I'm going to start rebooting my computer and using my thumb drive Tail OS for most of my browsing from now on. Leaves no traces and I can spoof a fake IP address and MAC address. Very difficult to trace.

  5. Yes it is Christy Canyon. Opera will not let me on either IE will at least for a while

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