Some Days Man…

Good Morning to all Me Droogs and Droogettes

Time for a bit of the Ultraviolence methinks.

Range Time.

That is if I can roll enough coin to afford going to the range.  My money situation is getting into the “Nonexistant Zone” and I’m irritated.  As in there’s ‘broke’ and then where I’m at now, ‘digging in the couch’ broke.  I haven’t hit “selling plasma” levels yet, but soon enough methinks

Anyone want to join me in a Bank Job?  I swear the shit I’m reading all over the nation I’m like “Jesus… no one in New York, San Francisco, or L.A. is getting arrested for shit anymore.”  Like just keep it below the $ ‘acceptable thieving amount’ …what is it? below the $900 level and you might be home free.  
Chart out a slew of banks… each one a couple of miles from each other, and near major highways.  Roll In, hand the note to the teller, grab the loot and bail.  
After 5 of them, and depending on where and how the exfiltration is going, either hit one or two more, then boogie.  Don’t do a “Heat” style robbery… keep it small.  Like –very small– and almost unobtrusive.  I mean hell… hit the smaller banks, for small amounts of $$$ and roll out.  Then, if you want, head out to other cities.  Repeat as much as you deem safe to get away with.  And if in fact they do snatch you, Lord knows if you play it right, you’ll be on the streets a hour later.
After all yer just doing a small scale version of what Joe Biden and Hunter “Crackfest” Biden did amiright?
 That is what really chaps my ass currently.  These supposed “betters”, who mind you are only ‘better’ by dint of being winners in the Lucky Sperm/Egg Club… quite literally the luck of the draw.  Take away Hunter Biden’s family and money, and you have just another white-trash shithead who’d have O.D.’ed a long time ago, or be serving time for grifting his Granny out of her social security check.
And yet he’s rolling around in moneys that us regular folks can’t even dream about.  
I reckon that eventually somethings got to give.  I mean hell.  I’ll start the motherfuckin’ boogaloo.  Might give me something to do.  As it is all I’m doing now is applying to shitty jobs and not hearing anything back.
Well, not totally true:  I got another “Thank you for applying, fuck off” letter again… this from a job I applied to in fucking August apparently.  My question is did they just now get around to filtering out the applicants, or did they already have someone on deck back in August, and just now went “Oh shit we need to tell the sheep that the position is closed.”  Methinks the latter.
OH! Also, speaking of which.  Seems here in Florida I ain’t got a legal leg to stand on.  So so much for that brilliant plan.  Seems being a ‘Right to Work’ state can be interpreted as “Fuck the employees, they have no rights.”  So thats that on that so to speak.
And last night, whelp I went full retard and upped my meds, drank about a liter of Jim Beam, and feel –nothing-  I think I’m going to go back to just moderate boozing.  The problem is my biochemistry has ALWAYS been a bit of a weird assed mess.  Shit affects me, but God-DAMN I need to drink insane quantities for it to hit me.  The amount of booze and drugs that I can consume in a ‘normal’ sitting for me, would kill two regular folk.  Pisses me off too b/c now that I’m in “broke-broke” mode, the Sapper’s been keeping me afloat w/the Beam, and he ain’t much more solvent than me.  Guess I’ll go back to ‘dry mode’ when I run out.  Gotta love Brotherhood.
So today, I’m gonna experiment with some load data for my 5.56mm.  A ways back when I still had a gig, I stockpiled a small amount of primers, bb’s, and powder.  (About 5 pounds of AR-Comp and a brick of CCI Milspec Primers) Replacing it will be when I start Ubering again.  Since I got nothing but time, I’ve been doing brass prep and minor loading.  Added 400 rounds so far.  I will say with only a old single stage press and all manual tools, each round is literally a labor of love as it takes forever to prep the cases.  So I want to fuck around with some subsonic recipes and see what I come up with.
And lastly:  My choice for the Prez at this point:
 Can’t be worse than Obozo right?
Until Later I remain the Intrepid Reporter
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  1. I feel ya on the job and booze front. Since the friggin 80s, I have to drink about a 12 pack or half a bottle of booze just to get a buzz. They need to legalize recreational pot in Florida…it would be much quicker and easier on the body.
    I'm still hunting for work as well…MAY have something upcoming if the pecker ever gets back from vacation. If a hacker broke into my bank account, the mother fucker would feel sorry for me and make a deposit.

  2. I was medically retired 5 years ago. I have just over 2 years before my ANG retirement starts paying so I got a crap job with the county last year as a stopgap until Tri-care kicks in. I found reloading to be great theoropy. Pistol is easy.

    For me, I anneal every other reload on rifle. I trim if needed every time. I prefer 5.56 Lake City brass for my 223 loads but I prefer 6.8SPC as my go-to AR platform. Once the 5.56 primer pocket has been reamed it is a sturdy case. Rifle reloading is very labor intensive even with a progressive press. The case prep is 2/3 of the work. I use my RockChucker for all of my case prep but load with my 550 Dillon.

  3. Maybe a change of venue? Road trip to organize Phil's garage, or maybe go teach some young guys how to build an AR correctly. You have mechanical skills, maybe home construction or machining?

    Lots of folks are completely useless and could pay you to show them a thing or two.

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