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Greetings Me Droogs and Droogettes!

Odd thing this A.M.
Wifey and I went oot and aboot for our early-morning (9 A.M.!) runaround for errands.  
One of the places she needed to stop was the local Navy Fed.

Normally a easy quick stop and go

She needed to deposit a check
Here’s where I get a bit concerned
Now, I’m not a rokkit scientist
The place was fucking mobbed
Literally, no exaggeration, we counted 60 cars lined up in the three operational drive thrus.
The line of people waiting to go inside?  Around 25, with a line of 10-15 at the one walk-up ATM
Just to get out of the parking lot took me, because of the jam, 10 minutes minimum  to GTFO.
No other banks in the A.O. are/were like this
This was after breakfast, so figger 1130, 1200 +/-
Called Sapper to see what he thought
He thinks it might be the stimulation checks
Considering those started dropping on Tuesday, I don’t think so.
And the dot mil pay dropped on Thursday
Nevermind you can use a Navy Fed ATM card like –anywhere-
Was ist los heir?
No kidding, it looked like an honest-to-God bank run
The only other time I’ve seen something like this is when bad shit might be coming down the pike
Those not in the know, you can only get a Navy Fed account if yer active duty, retired or closely associated with the dot mil, any branch.  Everyone I saw today, the folks all looked like Dependas.  Like ALL of them.  To me, as I recall, the dot mil grapevine is really good, and they get the word spread that the shit is about to hit the fan, and “have cash onhand” is to live and die by.
I think they call it “The Dominos Effect”
In Washington D.C., the Dominos Pizza near the State Department aand the Pentagon?
When shit was going down, they (Dominos) would start getting massive late night orders
This became known as a ‘tip off’ that something somewhere might be happening
And if the military dependents are emptying ye olde Banke Accountage?
Bad JuJu Aye?
I mean I might be completely off my bean, BUT
After we left, the branch was scheduled to close at 12:30
It took us a bit of meandering, but we eventually made it to the Bank of America up the street from the house.  Only one car in line when we got there.  While waiting, MOR cars started showing up.  Like WTF?  
By the time I got my deposits made, the line was well on it’s way to 10 cars and counting, with more coming in as we left.
Make of it what you will, but I ain’t heard of no bank runs, and this seems to be very dot mil oriented
Not sure
That’s the “Head on a Swivel” I preach.  
Better to be overly cautious than caught bent over to be buggered.
So, let me know what y’all see in yer A.O… we got McDill across the bay, but the majority on mid-range NCOs and Occifers live in this here area.  So, let me know what ya see Aye?
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. Big, what I am seeing here in Idaho is slow response to log unto and using the credit unions I use here and in South Dakota. I mean slow, worse then getting a decent hand job in Manila…

    1. Thanks Ced… just got that -feeling- ya know? And this was definitely out of the ordinary

  2. "And this was definitely out of the ordinary." I am surprised the economy hasn't tanked so far. It is one of the planks for the commies to bring in their favored utopia, society and economic collapse… What we have had to endure the last year? Ten foot Pikes will be the new "black," good for mounting the head of your tormentor.

  3. USAA and Navy fed customers both got their stimulus checks last week. If you paid your .fed taxes from one of those accounts you already got paid. I did.

  4. No worries, just people catching up after the holiday. My Credit Union closed Thursday afternoon for New Year's and didn't reopen till this morning. They did the same thing last week for Christmas. Also my Mom units SS landed yesterday (The 3rd being a Sunday and all) so I imagine that also has a lot to do with it.


  5. for your book research only of course………..

    I used to have to deliver to the local (BIG hub) commercial airport. it's a couple rent a cops and a little drop thing. (like at a bank parking lot). Of course the entryways to the tarmac are not up front, but any sat mapping should make them obvious. and then your "villain" is on the tarmac with aluminum bodied, full of jet fuel worth 100's of millions of dollars of airplanes (that you the taxpayer bailed out again and again why big wigs walked away with billions).

    Most big airports have their own police forces and I"m sure somewhere there's a QRF style force/SWAT team, and of course they are all backed by the city (far away) so they might react reasonably fast. But most of those airplanes are just sitting…………………………

    and any damage at all to an airplane puts it out of service for months.

    plus of course locking up a hub. Remember when the cops went crazy and shut down LAX for like 4 hours and it affected air travel for like 4 days a few years back.

    Only for book research of course.

  6. watch out about the stimulus checks, we received one today.. It was made out to the Mrs & I, wifes been in banking for 30+ yrs.. she said several things about the check 1) odd amount $674.15 that's not 600 each 2) thin paper check 3) we direct depot, last stimulus got directly dep.. 4) it's post dated, received today date on check is 1-6-2021…

    Be careful it doesn't comeback on yall and drain your account
    We're in Pa, don't know if regions would matter, look discriminately at the thing..

  7. Dis be interesting. I know the US Bank site was down all over, all day the other day too. Wifely Unit was having a fit. I finally got to it with my laptop but Wifely Unit had to add the app to her phone to make it work after that.

  8. All quiet on the western front here in NE Texas.
    Usually on New Years Eve there's a lot of fireworks and gunfire.
    This year was, to put it lightly, subdued.
    Got that stimulus deposited into the credit union as soon as they announced it.
    It's sitting there under pending to be disbursed on the 4th.
    So, it's been there about a week or so.

    One thing that I've noticed recently while researching opfor, and I think it's important, is that the dialectic has changed between our opposing forces.
    Freefor is now being refereed to as being in a "cult" and "cultists."
    A further step toward dehumanizing the enemy.
    Throughout history we all know how this ends up.


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