Sorry ‘Bout That!

Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Didn’t mean to worry anyone!  Wifey pulled a fast one on me yesterday in a positive way.  Mid way through ye olde day, she told me to have a few drinks and relax.  It’s been a barn-burner around here as of late, so I was MOR than willing to chill.  She started hustling around while I’m drinking my lunch, and next thing I know, she tells me to get in the car.

Two hours south and I find myself at a two-night decompression stay in a nice little hotel on the beach.

The intahnetz connection is a bit shitty, even when tied thru my cell as a hotspot, so this’ll be brief.

She’s a good broad.  Swear things like this are why I married her despite all my misgivings of a second wife.  Swore to meselves the whole relationshit thing was if my marriage even ended, it was ‘one and done.’  Thing like this are when you -do- find a good wahmennez, you stick with her.

Life does sure take strange angles.

So, I poast more when I can.  I literally just woke up after 18 hours in the bunk.  I’ll be doing a breakdown on Kyle’s persecution later tonight after court lets out.  Looks like it’s going to be fun.

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