Sorry Gang!

 Late Evening Me Droogs n Droogettes!

No Flammenwerfer vidya today… no issues with it, unexpected Company en familia today.  Wifey’s Lil Brother From North Carolina showed up unexpectedly… Thankfully dinner had built-in-for-leftovers (Pot Roast) so’s we were able to put on a spread.

UNFORTUNATELY for me, this interrupted me mad plans for Flaming Destruction.  

Might be able to get to it tomorrow-orrow, but it’ll be later as my Minion, Sapper, has to work the docks.

Yah, I’ll take some shit for that ‘un I gar-ron-tee LOL.
So Until Later Afternoon Tomorrow, I gotta get the Granbebe in bed (yah, she’s in the mix) and get the bullshit cleaned up from a rager here… unexpected rager, but hell, I ain’t complaining.
That’s for Saturday… and yeah, I got some spleen to vent….
Til Then, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
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