Spent the night AND day in bed…

Good Evening my Droogs!  The Home for Wayward Veterans has been, shall we say, Quiet? After the release of the Granbaby back into the wild.  As wonderful as she is, and great fun was had by all, we dropped her off at 18:30 hours yesterday.  I was in bed by 21:00.

I woke up/came out of the coma at 16:00.

Thats 4pm to you civvies.

Almost 18 solid hours of rack time.  And I -only- got up to piss.  3 or 4 times methinks.  I haven’t been -that- tired since I pulled a straight 16 hour at work… of course this was cumulative sleep loss.  A solid week of chasing a near-two year old who doesn’t slow down, doesn’t take breaks.   It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

My Granbaby, except with less hair, and a girl…

Yah… she’s a pisser.  Learned that when she’s done with her eating, she takes the plate over to the dog for ‘pre-wash’, and when the dog is done getting down to the plate, she picks it up and brings it back to to one of the adults to load in the dishwasher.  Very helpful to say the least.

OK…. Welcome back Me Droogs.  I was in the middle of ye olde bloggin when I hadda go and grab a bite, then hit the latrine.  I swear I was only going to sit down on the bed just for a minute.

Famous last words.

I woke up now.  11:30 AM on Sunday.  I started this blog posting almost 24 hours ago, and all I can say is damn I’m still tired.  Makes me wonder if I need to see my doc?

Well today’s Political Bullshit comes from an article over at the Z-Man: The Jim “Snow” laws.
A really good writeup of how essentially, (from my take on it) that black folks are eventually going to act with complete impunity against whites.  I give it only a year or two if The Cheeto Jeebus is overthrown, seeings that any of the current DemoncRats are Magic Dirt Lovers of the HIGHEST CALIBER AND BREEDING.  If Trump manages to actually hang on, or better yet, round up and hang all them worthless critters burning up O-2, then we might be safe, and actually -equal- again.

Not if the nutcases have anything to say about it.  Especially the media.

I Mean just how fucked in the head do you have to be to say THIS is the apex of A “First Lady”:

“She pees standing up!!!She pees standing up!!!”
As my man Austin would say: “That’s a man baby!”
And then, add on the media would never show you this:
Sweet God in Heaven.  Yeah, 20 years ago… But by-GOD the First Babe has still got it.

As opposed to the last First Tranny, who barely was able to keep it’s dick tied down.
Any wonder most ‘normies’ and even Alt-Right, or hell –anyone with a brain- thinks the media is terminally, totally, completely fucking brain dead,retarded and probably closeted?

I know that if I were some big time fashion-Maven, even if my politics leaned hard left, the only thing I’d see looking at an endorsement from Melania is green.  Moolah.  Cashola.  Dinero.  Shekels…  
But of course they ain’t bright enough to step out and be themselves, greedheads one and all… they’re dumbass fucking lemmings, headed to the Cliff, clueless as to what awaits at the bottom…  and those who grab on to the ropes that are waiting -right before- the drop off, whelp, they ain’t smart enough to realize that them there is nooses.  Can’t let ’em all self destruct… need some to set an example by…
Maybe in a few generations, the few that manage to avoid that fate will breed a –bit- more for intelligence than for dogma… however,  I’m not holdin’ my breathe.
More Later, I’m the still-exhausted I.R.
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