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Afternoon Me Droogs and Droogettes
Whelp… shits for real now.

With thanks and apologies to WRSA…
Seems that the Rules are Changing.
Wearing a “Patriot Prayer” ball cap?  That’s a shootin’. 
Wearing a “Blue Lives” American Flag?  That’s a shootin’.
Being in Portland, trying to Support Trump? That too, is a shootin’.
Because we -were- willing to just ‘go defensive.’
ALL reports I’ve heard have stated that this poor, stupid, dead bastard was singled out for execution by, what all reports are now saying is a rabid AntiFa fucktard with a severe criminal record.
Yeah, Stupid.
Cruel? Maybe.  Realistic?
Ole Remus, God Rest Him, used to say, quite frequently “Stay Away From Crowds”
I mean what fucking part do you not understand.
I mean Remus’s fam or whoever posted the ‘final poast’ announcing his demise even put that as the postscript on his fucking webpage.  Any dumbfuck who heads willingly into what is now a free-fire zone gets what they fuckin’ deserve.  Why in the hell would you go into that cesspool and not be rolling hot at this point?  Got me a hunch the R.O.E. just changed.
Especially now.
Fuckin’ we tried  like hell to keep it defensive.
Actively pointing out, and then executing someone?
Time to Regulate.
To include his parents, children, wife, family.
They too, as far as I’m concerned hold responsibility for not raising a decent human being.
It’s the North Korean Model
And I’m feeling like Getting Down Like Kim Junior.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
I dunno what it’s going to take.
They’re actively hunting down fuckers.
And if that POS prosecutor tries to do any shenanigans and call this a ‘righteous shooting?’
Oh. My. GOD.
That –might– be the final straw that breaks that particular dromedary’s spine.
And I’ll tell ya, I have a -personal interest- in Portland.  My Childhood Friend since sixth grade Lives and Works in Retardtown, A,K.A. Portland.  Worse yet, he’s trapped working for the city/state and if someone found out, they’d prolly go after him like a motherfucker.  I’ve been trying like fuck for him to GTFO and evacc but, he is, no bullshit, a High Functioning Autist… like super-stupid intelligent dude.  WAY smarter than me, but somewhat naive as to the realities of our fellow man.  I have literally been best friends with this dude to the term of 41+ years.  One fuckin’ hair on his head gets knocked out of line, and I’ll do bad things
Hell, Phil that cantankerous old Bastard lives out in that A.O.
I got friends out there.
Methinks a roadtrip may be in the offing, although I am reminded, “Local, Local, Local.”
Think the only way I’m gonna roll into that nasty piece of work town is if a full on Air Assault is performed by my old unit in the 101st, and I get to ride in as a contractor like I did into some shitholes in Iraq back in the day.  Otherwise, I’ll sit tight, say my prayers and hit the gym.
Time to get the lead out and get real.
More Later, I Remain, The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Surround these cities. Block off all access. Do NOT let supplies into said city. Give the normal folks 24 hours to vacate. Shoot any fucker trying to get in, shoot any fucker trying to get out. Shut off their power and water.
    And just wait…

  2. sedition has the right idea.sitting at home waiting for them isn't working. they see that as weakness. active steps, without exposing us to easy fire, are what's needed now. but this guy and rabid dogs like him need akillin, soon. i'm thinking full on turner diary. sniper hide in the high rise, .22s in the trunk/truck bed. quietly start dropping the leaders. thats the guys with big cameras, medics with no bags, and those bicyclists that slowly circle every riot in progress.then slowly drive off/exfil. that, or bring up that killdozer like that fella few years ago.

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