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Ugh.   It never ends.  

BUT!  What light through yonder winder breaks?

Tis the Shitpoast!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh there we go.Something to make the LGBTQLMNOPQRXTUVWXYZ people brains go explodey.Apparently it’s been cropping up all over… H/T to Kim DuToit for this ‘un:

And then Phil over at his place had this:

And of course, Mine:

‘Cos the left can’t meme.And we’re Shitlords of Memepoasting.Epic Aye?

Gotta keep the ‘skeer in ’em.  Never let up, never surrender, never apologize.So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

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Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Some males are born with the genetic dice rolled such a way that they are naturally very feminine, and are sexually attracted to males.
    Also medical interventions such as hormone therapy, especially when started before or soon after puberty, as well as facial and body cosmetic surgery, can turn a young male into a convincing female from all outward appearances. The miracles of modern medicine.
    However, aside from all that, if your sexual partner has a penis and you have a penis you are engaging in a homosexual relationship. Simple as that.
    No matter how cute “she” is, no matter how feminine “she” acts or sounds, or no matter how badly “she” wishes “she” was born a real woman.
    What defines a human female is that she was born with female reproductive organs – ovaries, fallopian, tubes uterus – the whole “cow’s head” looking diagram we learned in human biology.
    A vagina made from an inverted penis (or a section of colon) is not the same as a natural born woman’s vagina. Transgender women will never have menstrual period periods.
    Females are designed to give birth. Men are designed to go into battle. That’s the cold hard hard truth of the difference between the human sexes in a nutshell.
    And that cold hard truth is what the left is dancing around saying because pointing that out also would call into question other aspects of “gender equality”.
    So you get the present day on-going gender insanity of “A woman with a penis” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32kzYMJeh3c .
    Sometimes life deals you a joker, and you have to play the hand you are dealt.
    Not everyone is lucky enough to have a perfect body, or the body they would like to have. Some people are even born with handicaps. Being born without severe handicaps is a blessing in itself.
    Being thankful for what you have, accept those who accept you for what you are and stay away from and leave those who aren’t interested or don’t accept you alone I think is the best way to go.
    But instead of accepting that which one cannot have, now with identity politics they have weaponized what people want into anger that they don’t have it, and if you’re not totally for the transgender agenda then you are against it and are a bigoted Nazi.
    Just to mention, this is also working against feminist lesbians, who for some reason don’t much like penises in womyn-only spaces (and understand that is womyn – not women – as in no “men” here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Womyn ).
    I don’t think this current transgender acceptance trend will end well.

    1. Howdy Wendy, Long time no see! :^)

      Agree completely with your assessment on “gender equality”.

      A great deal of it, and one has to understand that there is NO
      such thing in reality as equality (except for perhaps the idea
      of ‘equality before the law’ which has time and time again
      been shown to be another ‘Kabuki Theater’ play) the current
      craze for attempting to dissociate from reality stems from
      the utter insanity that was rampant during the jewish bolshevik
      ‘Weimar Republic’ and people like a certain Dr.s Hirschfield,
      Freud and Jung among others of their tribal ilk.

      Personally, I’m not upset or concerned whether an adult male
      wishes to enter into the fantasy that he’s now a she or vice
      versa…what I take issue with is when ANY adult approaches
      a child and says, “Oh, you’re REALLY a girl (or boy)!..we CAN
      fix that and you’ll be happier once we do!!” and they put the
      child on such things as puberty blocking meds and hormones
      and go so far as to induce surgery (the ‘Franken-penis’ as
      referred to by MGTOW Turd Flinging Monkey). ‘Jazz Jennings’
      attempted to go through with such, and almost died in the
      operation…ask him ‘how well that went’…..

      If adult bolsheviks want to mutilate their OWN children through
      such ideas/practices or expose them to ‘Drag Time Story Hour’
      be my guest. Problem is that bolsheviks NEVER are content to
      exist on their own and leave other non-bolshi folks alone…they
      constantly and continually push that EVERYONE must join them
      or become them.

      A very hard ‘Not going to work here – NO BUENO!!’ from me.

      An ideal solution (that used to be employed) is/was “you live
      the way that YOU want to live, absent of fraud, theft, coercion/
      aggression on anyone else, and we’ll reciprocate by doing the same.”

      Unfortunately bolsheviks DON’T adhere to that, hence the subtle
      never ending push for cultural subversion via “education” and
      OWNED ‘mass media’ (especially Hollyweird)..ask Yuri Bezmenov
      how such works.

      And with few exceptions (see the successful ‘No-Go Zones’
      created by the moslems in such places as Dearborn, MI and
      elsewhere) doing a cultural secession such as what T.L. Davis
      has been clamoring for WON’T work..but not for reasons that
      either he or Aesop have been thumping on each other for most
      recently (pretty entertaining I must admit…a Dr Pepper and bucket
      of popcorn fest, lol!!). Davis hasn’t discussed HOW to properly
      gate-keep such a ‘Freedom Community’ from the influx of domestic
      bolsheviks…and there’s really only one way to prevent or discourage
      that…see Vlad Tepes and others about that….

      Also, the tendency for one to connote those who followed National Socialism as being the same as the jewish led bolsheviks is definitely
      in error. National Socialism was an organic defense mechanism against the very real threat posed by such bolsheviks not only to Europe but
      the entire world.

      As for ‘nazis’, that was a slur created by jewish bolshevik journalist
      Konrad Heiden in the 1930’s..it was his/their way of verbally slurring
      non-bolsheviks just like the current bolsheviks employ “deplorables”
      or “dirt people” against us.

      If one doesn’t understand this because of decades of carefully crafted and employed jewish bolshevik subversion/propaganda and indoctrination at ‘gov schools/universities’ please watch such documentaries as “Europa – The Last Battle”, listen to a recording of the speech given by Benjamin Freedman (a former jew zionist) from 1961 and read books like Mike King’s, “The BAD War – The Truth NEVER Taught About World War 2” and Bradberry’s, “The Myth of German Villainy” and others. Lot’s of cultural subversion/indoctrination to be done where such is concerned.

      No, there is NO ‘voting’ our way out of this, nor seeking to culturally
      separate where we live our lives and the bolsheviks lead theirs.

      They HAVE declared WAR on all non-bolsheviks.
      It’s time folks woke up to that and say, “Challenge Accepted!”
      and deal with them just as folks like Generals Pinochet, Franco,
      DeGrelle and others did.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      1. Hence my issue here… Spawn #2 is totally and absolutely mentally and physically corrupted by the trans bullshit.
        When and IF I find the pshrink who signed off on the hormone-blocking/changing meds, she or he will die.

        End of fucking story. Full stop. Anyone who knows me this ain’t braggadocio.

        And I. do. not. care. about poasting about that. My gorgeous, but insecure daughter is now dead to me, by her and my own choice, so as when I finally do get the word she’s done her self in, I have already mourned her. I wish I could do more, but I’m not able. Hence my own personal living hell. However, IF I can capture and torture the enabler/encourager, slowly, hideously, publicly, and painfully as possible, followed by a crucifixion in the town square? I want to make a LOUD and PUBLIC spectacle of it where they can’t bury it in the media, then I’d gleefully go to the gas chamber a happy man, if only to save others, and to serve as an upright example of “what to do in case of”

        1. I have for the most part always figured that it is not my business if an adult wants to identify as a man or a woman, or a walrus, so long as it doesn’t affect me.
          The one issue that has always been a huge red flag for me is that if lesbians hate men, and only like women, then why do they buy sex toys that mimic the shape of a male penis? Why does one lesbian in the relationship normally seem more feminine and the other more masculine? One typically doesn’t see two lesbians together that both look feminine, unless it is in some porn video. As I said, be whoever you want to be, or feel you are, so long as it doesn’t affect me. Have gay marriage, if you want, it doesn’t affect my marriage. As long as churches continue to marry people who live together before marriage, they really cannot condemn sinful sexual behavior, without themselves being hypocrites.
          But don’t force a baker to bake a cake for someone that goes against their religious freedom. Then you have forced someone’s beliefs on someone else and said that the bakers religious beliefs are no longer important.
          Just want to add, I enjoy your blog, I read it often, and am always informed by what you post.

        2. BCE,

          I completely understand where you’re coming from where this is concerned.

          Some pShrink messed with your family through your daughter..he/she made it PERSONAL where you’re concerned.

          The reality of the whole situation is that people who are trans are here, they’re not going away, and the larger dominant indoctrinated culture that inhabits America DOESN’T have a problem with them..in point of fact, most people don’t give two mouse farts one way or another…just like they don’t care about White People being replaced in movies, ads, tv shows and in reality.

          How would you have reacted if your daughter hadn’t been brainfucked by some pShrink but came home one day with either a black or moslem or a black moslem guy in tow and said, “Daddy, this is (Jaymarcus, Rashid, whatever)..we’re in love and are getting married!” Would it be a “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner” moment?….especially if he’s feeling her up while she’s talking to you and he’s grinning openly at you?….

          And for the last decade if not more, there’s been a subtle…and now not so subtle push to normalize/decriminalize pedophilia along with the push for gender re-assignment…”Desmondisamazing”, Jazz Jennings and “Lactatia”, anyone?….(fair warning, if you go to YouTube and click on/watch a video of “Lactatia” ‘voging’ in front of adult homosexual men in a homosexual bar you stand a VERY good chance of both blowing your Bp from disgust and running to the bathroom to vomit your just eaten meal..just saying).

          Yes, America has gone full jewish bolshevik controlled ‘Weimar Republic’…and the majority of ‘Americans’ are just fine with it, long as they continue to get their PayperView Sportsball, the pizza is delivered on time with complimentary 2 liter sodas and they have their 4K 78″ Smart TV to enjoy it on…wifey’s watching ‘Dancing with Dullards’ on her own TV btw….

          And no, like Graham said, “No one’s coming to save you”….

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. Great article. Really got my jollies reading it! Reminds me to renew my membership in the National Association For The Advancement & Preservation of the Male Heterosexual Ethic.

  3. Love it, wish I had thought of it. but Wendy, I agree with what you said with the following caveat : What about those poor individuals who have the misfortune to be born with malformed genitalia? Without genetic testing to determine chromosomal gender (most likely not covered by insurance), pushy but well meaning doctors cause worried parents to make poor choices. Surgically corrected to meet a norm shortly after birth (covered by insurance), will give rise to these confused youth more commonly known as “intersex” once age related brain puberty kicks in. Got to love our endocrine system as not all puberty hormones come from ovaries and testes.

    1. Those born Intersex is a very small percentage of the population that should be treated with compassion and respect and the best medical science has to offer.
      If I were a parent of an Intersex child I would think the best approach would be going with a gender neutral name for the baby and holding off on putting the sex identifier on the Birth Certificate until the child is old enough to be able to determine the “best fit” solution to the A or B choice of Male or Female for the sex identifier.
      Article on Intersex / DSD (Disorders of Sex Development) here: ( https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/07/should-we-fix-intersex-children/373536/ )
      But the population of Intersex persons is probably not the reason to have transgender athletes compete in girls sports. I really think that any rational person would view as Title IX as protecting the rights of biological girls and women, not boys to compete against girls.
      Relevant articles here:
      ( https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/28/biden-transgender-student-rights-463277 )
      ( https://www.attacktheback.com/transgender-mma-fighter-fallon-fox-breaks-opponents-skull/ )
      There are compassionate solutions that minimize damage to all parties as long as everyone’s rights are respected.
      Circling back ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLz4SK5RuJg ) to the original post by bigcountryexpat about transgender women calling heterosexual men (and lesbians) transphobic bigots for not dating and having sex with them – That is definitely a first world problem.
      Trans women get murdered from time to time (much more often in lesser developed countries such as Brazil and Mexico, etc.) after having sex with straight men who immediately after their orgasm have a case of buyer’s remorse and seek to re-claim their heterosexual identity by killing the person they had sex with (like they didn’t know after banging someone in the back door who had male genitalia – even if the trans girl was trying to keep it concealed).
      Example: ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Jennifer_Laude )
      Also ( https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiewareham/2020/11/11/350-transgender-people-have-been-murdered-in-2020-transgender-day-of-remembrance-list/?sh=5de68e5865a6 ).
      So it’s really a case of being careful of what you wish for. You might get it, but it may not end the way you want it to).

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