Stick a Fork in Him, But it Don’t Matter

Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes!

New from the Home Front.  DumbBunny (stepdaughter) is giving birth as I write this.  So… can’t hold a grudge towards a new Bebe, so yaya!  New baby sister to Gradbebe Prime.  Gonna be a big kid too… Like 9 plus pounds.  BIIIIIIG bebe.  Bebe Prime was about 7.  This ‘u… ye nipper is huuuuge.
Man… Papi Chulo again.
Yeah… that’s my handle given to me by the other Grandparents…
Wifey is “Grammie” slash the “Glam-ma” (of course)
Wifey’s Ex Hubby is “Papa” and he’s a BIG Santa Claus ‘papa’ looking dude… 
and Papa’s wife is “Nonna” (she’s Italian).
So Papi, Papa, Grammie, and Nonna.
And now?  GranBebe  is gonna need a new handle…
Now, onto Da Newz…
So yeah, Sleepy Joe done finished hisself off this weekend.
Don’t care what the pundits say.  They covered for him like a motherfucker with BlowBoi’s –blatanthighly disturbing and probably illegal shenanigans.  I mean the cascading horseshit stacked so fast and so high as, again my favorite character in Apocalypse Now, Capt. Willard said “The bullshit stacked up so high, you needed wings to stay above it.”
Mic Drop.
Of course -nuthin- came of it.
But, Plugs couldn’t keep his mouth shut about getting “George” out of the White House, nor could he refrain from calling Trump supporters “Chumps”, as well as talking about the fact that “Oh yeah I’m gonna fade out Oil…”  The fucking brilliance of the dude… “Here, let me kill ten million jobs”… No wonder they kept Joe in the Cellar.  Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  Dude just needed to stay in the fucking cellar man.  In that short amount of time, he squandered ALL the cover the fucking shills provided for him because that particular set of Djinn can’t go back in the bottle.  Literally bullshhit from the horse’s mouth and/or other orifices.
So, the problem:
Even though at this point his electoral chances rate between “Snowball in Hell” and “Virgin in a Bangkok Whorehouse”… we’re getting set up for serious fuuuuucked up fucked uppedness that we’ve not seen since the First Civil War.  
Not much we can realistically do proactively.
THEY have all but eliminated that option, whether judicially and/or direct action wise.
We see that in the set-up and arrest of those yay-hoos in Michigan who, as it’s now coming out, were going to not kidnap per se… but do the whole “legit redress of grievances” albeit through a more radical methods… hell the local sheriff has been taking flak for knowing these guys… and even said that they’re pretty good folk.  And they’re gonna deep fry and freeze dry these motherfuckers.
So that leaves us with reaction.
And reaction so far?  When we’ve reacted to bad situations?
Ask Kenosha Kyle.
Ask Mark and Patty McCloskey 
Ask the dude who, after running for his life from the mob by running through a BLM roadblock in his car, HE got arrested for running for his life.
Low. Hanging. Fruit.
Fucking swine.
The only thing we can do is form up Protective Groups in your immediate Area of Operations.  
Meatspace baby.
‘Cause its now blatantly apparent that the cops WILL NOT be coming to assist but to lock YOU up.  So having a friend with a pickup and another with a backhoe or front end loader is necessary.  
And for those who want to know, the Dollar Tree and/or Dollar General has big blue tarps for $1 a shot.  I recommend at least 10 of them, 5 gallons of bleach and the dollar stores -also- have a lot of duct tape… all necessary for incarceration avoidance.

Avoid crowds.

Be the Gray Man.

Network, Network, Network.
Re-enforce that network.
I recently, just as an update, found out the sad news that the Serbian War Criminal is pulling up his fam and evacc’ing to the Wilderness up ’round Tennessee.  Sold his house… he’s planning on a by the end of the year of being a ghost.  The housing market is so hot around here now that he didn’t even have time to put a sign in the yard.  Put it on the market and the bidding war went nutzo right then, and right there. Seems the realtors here have lists of motherfuckers, cash in hand, looking to relocate like last year.  Mostly from New York and California… And I’ll say this… when the Serb, who survived the worst-of-the-worst in the Former Yugo Republic sez time to “Head for the hills” y’all best listen.
So… More Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Seems to me that backing a man (men) into a corner with nothing left to lose might be a poor motivational strategy on their part.

  2. It doesn't seem to matter what the Demonrat leaders do. Their devoted sycophants will vote for them no matter what. It was true about Cankles Clinton and it's true about Basement Biden. They can murder nuns and eat babies in the middle of Times Square on live TV and their followers wouldn't care. The left OWNS about 40% of the electorate body and soul. And they have been planning and scheming ways to cheat and steal elections ever since the Bush/Gore fiasco 20 years ago. I will be amazed if Trump can overcome the insane "margin of cheat" the left has created. And the Rice Rabies gave them the final nail in the coffin of honest voting. "Mail In Voting" and "Ballot Harvesting". Two PERFECT schemes to facilitate fraud.

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