Still Using Us as Guinea Pigs

Greetings me Droogs and Droogettes!

Many thanks for all the Birfday Wishes.  As the DeadDad used to say, “It ain’t the years, it’s the mileage.”  And man, dis dood here?  The odometer done spun at least two times around already.  That being said, I utilize Uncle Sugar’s Vet’rens Hospital for ALL my body-and-head shop needs
Eliminates the whole “if you like yer doctor” horseshit JugEars The Closet H’mosexual Mooselim Sheepfucker who was the Pretender in Chief for a couple of years talked about.  In fact, any bets JugEars is going to be pulling PedoJoe and Kameltoe’s strings?  More’n likely.  Can’t find it but there was a pic of PedoJoe in a “meeting of the minds”
Guess who was to his immediate right?
Valerie “Born in Iran” Jarrett

The very same behind-the-scenes stringpuller of JugEars.

Strange how -she- keeps cropping up?
Worrisome more like.
We know she ain’t “Murica First!” by a long fucking shot
A Christians-In-Action stooge?
More’n likely.
Also, interesting she’s a member of the (((tribe.)))
And don’t get yer noses out of joint over that.   It’s what it is, an observation.
Just like Biden is Catholic
Back in the day, the enemedia had a field day with Kennedy being a Catholic
Apparently, now knowing what we know about the Catholic Church, it’s Gay Mafia, and it’s boy-raping ways, they mighta been on to something.  Jes’ Sayin’.
But, my point for pointing that out is it’s really interesting that for such a numerically small group, (((they))) seem to be awfully close to the levers of power…
So… besides pointing out the glaring bullshit of the incoming “Team Incompetence”, I got an email from the VA today:

They’re looking for guinea pigs

Veteran Guinea Pigs

The email goes into all this pap about how it’s to help yadda yadda
No fucking thanks

Gulf One it was Pyrostigmide Bromide, “theoretical anti-nerve agent” med… linked to serious side effects, which a lot believe it was the cause of the mysterious and still-not-fully defined “Gulf War Syndrome”
Afghanistan, it was Mefloquine Hydrochloride, an anti-malarial thats been linked to at least two serious body-count murders, to include a chick in 5th Group who came home and like, axe-murdered her husband and kids… they kept that particular case on the for real down low, but I had friends in Group who knew her and told me aboot it Aye?
Then, during all the in-between, there is the Anthrax “Vaccine”… given to like everyone mandatory, for even contractors.  Me? Yup.  Off-fish-shully I got it, but it’s amazing what happens when you wave a Cee Note under ‘Docs’ nose and ask him to just ‘check the box’ as it ain’t like anyone was gonna follow up.
Thank the Gods I did that
All my friends who -did- get it, a goodly number of them have serious health side effects.
So, needless to say, I won’t be a Guinea Pig for Uncle anymore.
Not until they admit the Depleted Uranium I snorfled up in Iraq is what caused my Lung Cancer
Because DUUUH!!!
What really cranks me tho, is that they’re coming to us Vets now as a body of lab rats.  Bad enough the majority of us are ALREADY fucked up, now they want to potentially fuck MOR of us up further?
As the late, great Rodney Dangerfield said:  “No respect!”
Anywho, many thanks to all for the birfday wishes.  It was a non-event for the most part.  Just glad to be here and keep sticking my finger in the Eye of Sauron… a BIG middle finger.  Here’s to a couple more years of it!
More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Big Nanny government has been wrong about literally everything with this "flu" and now I should trust them for a vaccine? (for something that is as deadly as the sniffles). How about hell no.

  2. You did that too with the Anthrax? I did too when I went over to the shit show that was Bosnia. A couple of C notes for most of the damn vaccinations you had to have even though you had them when ya went into basic.

  3. Congrats – you share the same birth date as my youngest son (29 today).

    I was USN in 69, I vividly (still flinch) remember 3 shots on one arm, two on the other, and one on the ass, assembly line with the damned air injectors, same day and feeling like puke the next 48 hours. I imagine not much has changed.

  4. There's no need to worry about Pedo Joe and the Ho. They're more likely to wind up in the big house than the White House.

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