Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!
Wifey ‘umbly asked me to remind everyone about the contest.  
She’s in 2nd place, and needs to be in 1st to make it to the quarter finals now.  Apparently she’s doing well, but help a brother out with your Fecesbook freebies.  Don’t spend any $$$.  Buy ammo.  Unless she gets into the quarters/semis/finals… if she gets that far, any and ALL voats, bought or free will be gratefully received.  
Funny thing tho…

One of y’all pointed out the MK-Ultra association with Butterflies… Monarch and such… didn’t even make the connection until it was pointed out to me.  Guess the subconscious sees what it wants to see.

So, Now that the ‘home stuff’ is out of the way, into todays psychosis.

For me, I think it’s going to be ‘just another average day’.  Leastways here in Flor-rheeee!-duh.  Now that Gov’na DeSantis (say his name is hushed, reverent tones) PBUH has signed the “We Ain’t Fuckin’ ‘Round Here” law into effect, things should stay in the ‘mild’ zone as opposed to ‘spicy.’  The ferals down town might get a bit riled up, as seen in Ybor last year, but after the Cops got minorly bushwhacked, and the word got out that the next time, lethal force would be the first line of defense in the future, they went back to their collective holes, pulled a rock over them, and really haven’t been seen since. 

Mad Maxine managed to piss off the majority of the world, and
Pel-loser was pried away from the wine and ice cream long enough to say some insipid stuporific stuff like “That ain’t too bad!!!” whereas if Trump Et Al had uttered ever 1/10th of the same tone, she’s be screaming like the Red Queen she is with “Off with their heads!!!

Be careful what you wish for Nancy.  You may be gone, but your family will be here LONG after yer dead and buried from cirrhosis.  In fact, they need to start thinking about their progeny.  Seeings they seem to have turned the biddness of poly-ticks into a ‘family affair’ I’d say come the right time, it’s fair game on the kickoff.  Not that I’m suggesting anything.  Nope… no threats or FedPoasts.  Just facts.
And it’s now Half Time.  They’ve ‘had the ball’ for the first half, and been running all over the field.  The return is going to be EPIC.  Much as I hate sports analogies, it’s sort of appropriate.  

And then, I mean right now, lookee at Ms Patrisse “Commie” Colours.  She’s now all crying and whining that she needs full-time protection and guards because the Brothers finally figured out she’s a fucking grifter, and her and hers lives ain’t worth a plugged nickel now.  I even read on the Chans that the Bloods and Crips took that shit personally as they had been funneling cash to them in hopes of actually making a difference.

So then, the Chauvin Trial… kinda went quiet didn’t it?  My thoughts are along the lines of General  Sherman, who had one of the most accurate quotes about the media in history: “If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast.”

Yeah, the Talking Heads seem to realize that the trial has gone sideways, and Mad Maxine opening her cockholster didn’t help the issue, mainly because IF the jury goes and does the Mistrial thing, then the riots will be much less than an “Not Guilty” verdict… then after a mistrial, they can go and quietly reschedule far far down the road, in another location, as the One Minute News Cycle finds something else to focus on, and the ferals find another reason to loot their kicks.  After all, the lower the IQ, the shorter the memory and attention span.

Jes’ Sayin’

Now, thanks to everyone who commented.  Greatly appreciated the input.  LOTS of recommendations for the FN-FAL series, SA-58.  I ended up going M1A.  Reason?  I -had- a FAL in Iraq.  An honest to God FN-FAL Paratrooper model… select fire.  And at one point, we got a chance to light it up like a mother.  Full Auto Baby!  Ride the Lightning!!!!  Lots of fun…
The receiver blew out after only 12 mags at 20 rounds each.  And there were pauses between the mags…  Lucky that none of us got hurt… big ole chunk of metal blew out to the right front.  Right where the receiver met the barrel. 

And a chunk of the bolt went flying too.  Really fucked up the weapon.  And then, a couple of days later, the same group of guys had another one blow out in a similar fashion,  and put me ‘off my feed’ so to speak for that type of rifle after.  Now, the problem is that there were a lot of ‘copies’ of weapons all over Iraq… quality reproductions usually from the Pakistanis.  Now, BOTH of the FN’s had the proper stamps, markings and labels, but man, I’d never heard of an FN FAL Blowing up like that before.  In fact it shocked the shit out of me, and hence my prejudice. 

Looking at google, there’s some stories of similar issues with ‘home-rolled’ (i.e. home builds from kits) FALs which leads me to believe these were Paki Pieces of shit, but man, hard to get around the issue ya know?

So, M1A Loaded, Black Synthetic Stock, National Match Barrel and Sights.  See how I like it, and if not, I know I’ll be able to re-sell it no issue.  Mags are going to be an issue though… hard to find 20 rounders.  Probably go with Promag as they ARE available, and cheaper than factory. 
Springfield mags are fucking stoopid expensive.  Anyone know about the Promag 20s?

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid ReporterBig Country

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  1. Look for Check Mate Industries GI mags for the 14, marked CMI. They come in blue poly VCI bags. The real deal. 44mag.com used to carry them, maybe they still do. See em on gunbroker sometimes. Dont waste your cash on non GI mags for the 14, and watch for fakes. Pro mags are crap.

  2. Thank you for telling us that you decided to go with the M1A and why you did so.
    The M1A is certainly a good rifle.
    I have long favored the FN FAL pattern rifle such as the DSA SA58 but talking to my local FFL at the local gun shop today he strongly recommends the M1A as the better rifle.
    If you were able to actually acquire one that’s great. My local gun shop can’t get them from the distributor since the market started going crazy.
    Unfortunately all but the 5 rd mags seem to be presently out of stock at the CheckMateIndustries site (and presently totally out of stock at other places):
    Oh well, at least it’s nice to know lots of other people apparently have them (and the mags to go with them).

  3. Check LRB ARMS, had Checkmates for around $22, LRB, one if the best M14 makers in the country.

    Price was last week.

  4. I always thought the FAL was cool, too, but I can see how you might be a bit gun shy after your experience.

    Any opinions on AR-10 vs M1A?

    I have an M1A, and I like it, but I’m thinking the sheer amount of accessories and customizable nature of the AR-10 is appealing, too.
    Also, I think the mag situation might be better on the AR-10. I used to have a Cetme, but mags at the time weren’t so easy to find and I didn’t like the lack of spare parts sources. At the time, I think there were 2 dealers with spares and I had to file down surplus G3 mags to fit the rifle. I sold it years ago and now I see original Cetme mags available for a song.

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