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What a way to wake up.  Seems that “the business line” internet to the house, whelp, woke up to it being fried.  Seems the massive hurricane coming through last week, we had some power surges here at La Casa. Apparently that cooked the business modem.  Keeps dropping in and out.
Called the shmedricks at Spectrum, and they’re sending out a tech to replace the modem… that’s a days pay I’m out now dammit.

HIGHLY annoying

Gonna call back after “X” amount of time and blow them up and tell ’em they owe me for the missing hours of work.  I mean it’s not MY fault I’m doon and oot.
At least the weather is good. 
Nice 65 degree day.  Chill and like no humidity.  Nice change.  At Blogshoot, I got sunburned.  My own damned fault.  I’m so used to being full time inside and not venturing out, that I forget thet BOB (Big Orange Ball) can cook my whypeepo nugget like a champeeeeen.
So, yeah, not else going.  Just the usual politics.  Divemedic ran an interesting theory that they’re gonna need to get rid of Grandpa Stinkfinger here in a bit.  I mean he may step down but…
It’s well within the realm of possibility that he literally ‘takes one for the team’ a’la a false flag assassination by a eeee-vil, disgruntled Trumper with an AR-15, so they can finally disarm us.  I mean it plays into so many of the Globalist’s wish lists… they get rid of Grandpa, hell.. if done right they’ll do it when he’s with his son the Whoremaster… grease two with one stone so to speak.  Then Kneepads-the-Slore-of-Many-Races takes over and they start doing just whatever the hell they think they can get away with.
And they’ll do whatever they want.

If we let them.  Me?  I’m not sayin’ nuthin.  

Needless to say, lets just leave it that I’m going to give the incoming Administration and it’s supporters the very same level of respect that they gave us.

In fact, moreso than they gave us.
In fact, I’m going to give it to them good and hard.
Because, as it stands now, our vote will never matter again
Our voices will be silenced
Our freedoms are being curtailed
And how long before the real liquidation begins?
I give it 3 weeks after Grandpa Stinkfinger gets relieved, retired, or killed.
Because once he goes, that means -whomever- is really in charge feels confident enough to start the ball really rolling.  Just like when they capped JFK and RFK… once both Kennedys were Dead, the early-flavored Deep State was able to really start firing up and the result was a fruitless war in Nam with a fuckton of dead, and nothing gained except the entrenchment of the Military Industrial Complex and the hordes of cashola and graft that went along with it.
I mean now it’s way obvious that, besides being a non-politico, the issues that the Deep State has with Trump is his willingness to not be involved in any more wars.  In fact the latest about how that one motherfucker James Jeffery HERE talks about how he LIED about the ordered troop withdrawals in Syria.
BTW:  I need this guys info.  Email me –anything- you can come up with please to theintrepidreporter2019 at gmail.  ANY and ALL doxx… current employer, addys, relatives… 
ALL of it.
Accounts need to be settled.
This guy is a self-admitted traitor.
Every. Single. Soldier. that died during this period that this guy was playing fuck-fuck was murdered because of this guy.  He deserves NO rest.  NO sanctuary.  NO work.  Time to deplatform him permanently.  Permanent. Social. Ostracization. 

Time to cancel his fucking ass

His Wife
His Kids
His Grandkids
All Shunned In Perpetuity.  
THIS we can do.
Fuck. That. Guy.
Until he suicides.
Then I’ll feel better about doing something.
Because Fuck That Guy.
Smarmy looking fuck, ain’t he?
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Sally fucked up our modem as well. The 2 they sent as replacements? #1-DOA…tits up. #2-worked about 5% of the time.
    Fired the fuckers (AT&T) and switched providers. No problems since.

  2. Saw a picture of the USA with trump getting 410 electoral votes once the Diminion finger got lifted. That is how much fraud they had goin on.

  3. Yea, there's a bunch of people who think this is just another pendulum swing. Won't they be surprised. I agree 100% that is they get away with this they will bring the hammers All the way down. They're afraid of us and you know trapped animal and all that.

    Also, pissing off the Corleones in big pharma and all those dudes in MIC seems like it would have some consequences. DJT better have 18 SEAL teams for security if they can cancel this ballot fraud.

  4. can we hold off until 4 weeks cuz I'm moving to a much less rich and vibrant area out in the boonies and I"m going to need some time to find my toys? asking for a friend.

  5. Win or lose this year we are NEVER voting our way out of the mess we are in. To keep America as we knew it and as it was intended from being destroyed will require a very very deep watering of "the tree". Win or lose Trump is just an unplanned for speed bump in the lefts plan to enslave us.

  6. Been thinking since the "election" that Biden was basically Sergei Kirov 2.0. It avoids any 25th Amendment unpleasantness, any embarrassing gaffes, and any chance that he might decide that he likes being president (dude has been seeking the gig for 32 years), and it gives them the whole "let's pass a slew of legislation real quick, 'Because Joe would have wanted it!'". Oh, and it lets them rub it in everyone's face that they knowingly ran a guy who was obviously mentally impaired. And like Kirov's death, it's the perfect excuse for getting rid of enemies of the state.

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