Sunday FunDay

Afternoon me Droogs n Droogettes
Just woke up… it’s 12:00 EST and damn.  What a week so far.

My most sincere Apolly-olly-ollygies for being out of pocket.  Had Work on Friday.  What a complete and utter shitshow the first day conference call was.  More on that in half-a-tickity-boo.  Then, The Grandbaby was over for a few.  Seems the other Grandparents had achieved re-entry burnout what with the lockdown…
She’s a handfull.  I knew it was going to happen tho…

She don’t slow down -at all-.
Sapper sez it’s the nuclear reactor up her butt that keeps her going… an energetic/kinetic redheaded weapon…
I’m beat now too.

So… ConCall on Friday:
Roll call was at 10:00 am.  30 people ‘theoretically’… in reality, only 18 showed up on the call which shocked the fuck outta me.  Especially seeing that ten gorillion peepul have been given the fucking heave-ho over CoronaChan.  I mean from my POV, if –I– had the opportunity to start a brand new gig in the middle of a unemployment binge, I sure as fuck  would make sure that I’m on the first call to be accounted for.

Common fucking sense: In short supply since -forever-

So then, the Training Manager starts doing JUST the role-call…

And the fuckin’ dolts couldn’t keep their cockholsters closed.

“Gabble gabble!  I need help…”  and <kids screaming in background to beat the band>

Hoo fucking boy.

I’ve seen/hear better organized clusterfucks.  The poor manager finally lost her shit and told everyone to S2… siddown and shut up.  “Mute yer fucking kids whoever the hell that is!”  And then went down the line…  she STILL kept getting interrupted by these morons tho…  they couldn’t just say “Here” and wait… nononono… they hadda start asking questions that had NO place being asked YET.

See, the fucking Training Manager AT THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE CALL said that the Q&A would happen AFTER to the role call.

Yep.  the very definition.
Apparently my fellow new-hires aren’t the brightest bulbs in Ye Olde Socket.

I got through it with -minimal issues- and, in fact, showed myself to be the only one  who got into the network as a first time ‘go’ at that station.  They sent us a complete “Office-in-a-Box” that included a Ciscxo Router, IP phone, laptop with dock, and 2X 23 inch monitors and all cabling and shit to hook it up.  Which I did.  (Ain’t my first rodeo doing an at-home network)…

So Training Manager was shocked when my shit worked.  Highly impressed her I think.

Anyways… Work Monday.  Fuck it… means sitting being fucking bored but paid to be bored for $100 +/-.  Better than being unemployed amiright?

So… CoronaChan is fucking up shit across the board, and everyone is like still doing “It’s just the flu bro!”  OK… well, been there, done that, screamed the alarm back in FUCKING FEBRUARY!  Even if its –only– a 1.5% fatality rate (which is what its shaping up to be,) that’s almost 6 million dead in the US.  Seeings that the Joe Chinks had apparently 1.5% fatalities IRT (the 21 million cell phonesw that completely fell off their grid)

That’s a lot to absorb in a short period of time.  Do we need to go back to work?  Abso-fuckin-lutely.  The economy falls off any worse and I give it 3 weeks before wee see genuine  societal impacts such as raiders/thievery and home invasions going thru the roof.

Hell… I laid in a couple hunnerd feet of concertina razor wire just in case.

AND I’m still loading ammo to beat the band.
You can never have too many:
Bottles of Booze
Cans of Food
and Ammo.

I am running into a bottleneck for primers tho… any sources you know of please let me know in the comments or email me at

Until later, I’m the Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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  1. It sounds as if we tolerate idiots in meetings about the same. I've never understood why people can't follow simple instructions. And regarding the people who didn't even show up–I've beat into the heads of my seven children that if they want to have and keep a job, just show up on time, every time, and they'll be head and shoulders above 50% or more of the workforce.

  2. Please keep blogging. Love your shit. I'm good to go in NE Georgia. Your take early on helped me shore up a few things. I want more of your opinion.

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