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Good Morning to all the loyal readership, New and Old.
Ye Olde Intrepid Reporter of Infamosity and Epic Ego is here just doing a small post of some of the more entertaining News Notes from around the world.  I usually start the day off (even when I’m working) by cruising the major News websites.  Fucksnews, Communist News Network, Nothing But Communists, Mainly Socialists Nearly Being Communists, We’re Nearly Demented, and of course The Daily Fail and for fun, Alex Jones.  I used to do this constantly when I was in Iraq as the news trends could give me a pretty good insight as to the shit that was going to affect the mission.

Intel is Life.

So now I have a habit than worse than heroin.  I’m not quite addicted as the classic definition of addiction to news  doesn’t quite ring true… I just like to have my situational awareness of current events so I know when to play “Frog” if shit goes sideways.

The thing about it is its a “Butterfly Effect” combined with the cyclical nature of the Universe, with a splash of Chaos Theory thrown in for good measure…  shit isn’t truly predictable by the nature and order of the Universe… hence Chaos Theory.  “Butterfly Effect”… well hell most people dig the concept… “If ‘A‘ happens, then the effect will be ‘B‘ or ‘C‘, however, due to CT, ‘D‘ -might- come into play, but due to the cyclical nature of “What has happened before, more than likely happen again.” or as the short version goes “History Repeats.” so you -may- be able to formulate a predictor due to past events…

Jesus… even thats a bit much for me… too many Vodka shots last night…  But the crux of the matter was in  Iraq, knowing what was happening world wide was a plus.  In  2004 when the Dirty Haj ™ blew up that train station in Spain, I -knew- it was only a matter of time before the Cowardly Spanish were going to bail from the Coalition Forces.  Which meant that was gonna embolden the Dirty Haj and that hot times were coming…

Sure as shit as the Spanish bailed, all hell broke loose as the Hajjis thought they’d scored a chance to fuck some shit up.  Me?  I scored a really nice (since lost) brand new H&K Bayonet from the Spanish Compound after I went on a “Re-utilization without Authorization” mission the day after the cockfags bailed.  Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #9: “Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.”

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good scrounge?

So for todays stuff so far:
Cocaine Party in a Nursing Home  This is a nursing home -I- need to be in!

Lost Dog Found After 57 Days  A sort of feel good story, but WTF man… the article doesn’t say how old they are but mentions ‘pensions’… sounds like the dedication to finding the dog is b/c they don’t have kids.

More Lying Liars and Bullshit Filled Bastards with MOR!!! Bastard Cream Filling  You’d think after 100 +/- years of bullshitery and retardedness and out and out hucksterism, people’d -get- that there, (outside of the remote chance of the ‘Sweet Meteor O’Death knocking into us) that barring that, that THERE IS NO CLIMATE CHANGE!  Its a fucking scam and someone needs to tell the little Retarded Swedish Pippy Laughingstock to go the fuck home and to shut her sock puppet mouth.

Speaking of Ferengis… Damn!  He was 50!?! I’m a Trek Geek to a point… nothing too deep… just dig me some old school “Kirk banging the hot alien broads” as mindless but GOOD entertainment when TV was good….  I don’t watch much enter-taint-ment these days, but still dude played Nog on DS9 in 1993 which made him 25 playing a 10 year old?  WTF over?  Anyways… RIP dude…

FLORIDA MAN!!!  Gotta turn off the ad-blocker but sheeeee-it… that broad…. >gag<

(That made me laugh my balls off when I found it)

Happy Sunday from The Intrepid Reporter
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By BigCountryExpat

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  1. Here cuz busted knuclkes said so.
    Keep on keepin on brother.
    My 214 says i served 9yrs, 10mos, and 1day.
    I feel it with every waking breath.

  2. Stopped by on recommendation from Phil and Ken. My 214 says 3yrs 4mos and eighteen days (kiddie cruise in the 60's). Always good to read fellow vet's blog's.


  3. Check check, is the mic on?

    Wandered over here at Phil's request, I don't think the interwebz is ready for your return, but that's their problem.

  4. Heh, I now have proof that Wirecutter actually reads my Blog, he linked to you too.
    Expect this place to take off now…

  5. I stopped in to take a look around as recommended by Wirecutter. I like what you've done with the place. You have me on the edge of my seat waiting on your next story, brother. Thanks for being here.

    Kapt Kaos

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