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Morning Me Droogs n Droogettes
Doing Yard Work…

And during breaks, This:


Mebbe a storyline for a new book I’m writing of a few guys who got sick of the near-continual harangue of a bunch of retarded fuckers who, on one hand said “This election is fraudulent!!!” when it was Orange Man Bad and now? “You have to accept this election despite the obvious chicanery that we pulled on you!!!”
These fucking people who think they’re so smart
Tellin’ ya… Me and Serbian War Criminal bent at the elbow with cool n’frosties into the wee hours last night… said that the first thing that’s gonna happen after the invest in Rapey Joe is that IF the electors don’t  go their way all hell is gonna break loose.
‘Memba Dis?

Took six months of shit to unfuck THAT particular shitshow, AND 9-11… which I’m convinced was done to settle some shit… anyways, not here to discuss that particular past but

“Dewey Defeats Truman!”

Ain’t the first time, nor is it going to be the last time

This time they can’t shut their fucking mouths.
I’ve –never– hit a woman.
As the late, great Sam Kinnison once said: “I’ve never hit a woman, but I understand what turns Mister Hand into Mister Fist!”
And the fucking Leftist Shitbags keep squawking and squawking and squawking and squawking…
Time for the fist to come out.
Time to shut them the fuck up.
I’ve unfriended ANY leftists I know.
The Fecesbook Purge.
Only reason I’m still on there for now is how I stay in contact with some of my long-distance friends, and even then, come December, I may go full dark, depending on the outcome of the shytteshow Aye?
Beer… it’s what’s for breakfast today.
And man, I gave up some MOR green tip last night to Serbian War Criminal.
AND a full one man medical kit… I.V., full I.V. kit, quik-clot, combat tourniquet, and Israeli bandage for his emergency bag.  He only had the ‘standard’ which is to say ‘bullshit’ first aid stuff at his house.  Figure I have two honking fucking first aid bags… Military Squad sized that ‘followed me home’ from Iraq…  The I.V. I got from Mountainside Healthcare dot com.  They’re good to have on hand.
Especially with what –might- happen.
See… the crux of it is, do I buy MOR gunz?  Do I buy medical supplies?  What’s the priority?  I have ALL the stuff I need, and then some (hence my generosity with the team) but what do I invest in?
Not sure.
MOR reloading components IF I can find ’em for sure.
Boolits are non-existent currently, leastways for a fair and equitable price.
I -did- pick up some MOR P-Mags from GunGirl yesterday… her last two…
And I thought her shelves were empty a few eeks ago?
So yep.
Annnnnnnnnnnnd shit… Just got word Alex Trebek went tax free…

7:30 P.M. EST ain’t gonna be the same….

So, Until Later, I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

Big Country

By BigCountryExpat

Fuck you if you can't take a joke. No one gets out alive so eat me.


  1. Spare parts for the gunz you gots. Keep gathering reloading shit as it becomes available.
    And unless somebody has a Morbark, we need LOTS of rope.

    I'm happy to see your head is getting back into the game.

    1. Chuckles: Good idea but no joke, I could build 3X ARs with the spares I got… all distro'd to the hide and in various locations in various sizes. NEVER keep the eggs in on pic'anic basket… Next might be ANOTHER 80% Grock w/out S/N…

    2. Then all that's left is to make sure you got enough beer & popcorn !
      Another Glock or two can't hurt; I LOVES my 41.
      Get a big smile when I can "Rock out wit my Glock out" !

  2. I'm not an overly emotional person, but I disowned everyone I knew who was a leftie. We had a couple friends who were really great people that we'd get together for dinner about once a week. But they were communists and when obammy got elected, we disowned em. Not going to befriend enemies of the country. Let em live in the leper colonies.

  3. I keep the very few far leftists I know on FB just so I can know what they are planning… The are so happy right now that the evil orange man is out, and want to eliminate the electoral college next, stack the court, and have californians move to Texas/Arizona next…wackos.

  4. I disagree.

    A man doesn't hit a LADY. That is, a woman who acts like, well, a woman is supposed to act. A mom, who supports her kids and her sig other. Things like that.

    Some split-tail who thinks her testosterone is higher than yours? Some Moldy-locks who thinks she can hit a man? Some abusive bitch who thinks it's A-Okay to beat up a guy because he'll just take it? Some soldierette who thinks because she can tote a computer while wearing a uniform is as good as the front-line guy who carries 150lbs of crap and his wounded buddy out of a firefight? Trust me, if they think they're equal and can't be hit? They will be.

    Done it before, in martial arts. Some bimbo thinks she's all that and comes at me. Only thing that saves her ass is either a point score system based on touches or me being merciful. And in real life, I have been attacked by mad XX-gene humanoids and had to fight for my life. Yes. I won. Hands down. Put two down on the ground and they found out being kicked in the ballettes hurts muchos. Didn't want to whack the female dogs of reproductive age, but I did.

    It's the whole Code of Chivalry thing. Which requires active participation on both parts, the 'knight' and the 'lady.' Both give to the relationship in different ways. Example. Guy opens a door for a Girl. A lady says 'thank you.' A bitch not deserving of chivalrous treatment says some man-hating thing, thus removing herself from the classification of 'Lady.'

    We guys know when we encounter ladies. There is a presence about them. One that encourages men to act 'LIKE MEN' and treat the female like… a lady.

    I've encountered street prostitutes and barmaids that act like ladies. While some high-borne bitches don't even meet the bare qualification of 'human' let alone 'woman.'

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