Good Afternoon from the Intrepid Reporter of Fame and Legend!
Eh…who am I kidding?  Its a quiet Sunday in “Big Country’s Home for Wayward Veterans”… tho its down to just me and the Sapper.

Back when I first got divorced I had a dire need )like all other times?) for money, and had possession of a 3400 sq ft house w/ 4 bedrooms.  So I took in a few people I knew *no strangers… but they all happened to be Vets from Iraq.  Mostly people I knew from the good old days…

We started calling it as such, but like all things, time moved on, some folks who I was cool with I’m no longer cool with, for reasons I won’t go into in one particular case.  Either way for a while it was fun…

I think that’s the biggest thing that civvies just. don’t. get.  The camaraderie… the brotherhood/sisterhood… enough has been written about it over the years, but unless you’ve been there, done that, you ain’t -ever- earning the T-Shirt.

It’s also why a lot of guys and gals off themselves.  Too Much to go ‘without’ the closeness… I know with XHH6 she -didn’t- get it… couldn’t understand why I only wanted to hang with people who’d been there with me…

BIG reason on the dissolution of our relationshit really…  At least I’m still here.  Too many “gargle their Glock” for my liking.

Buuuuuuuuuut (as Popp sez)  I’m still here and taking it sl-easy  Slow and Easy.

Until tomorrow
Big Country

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