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Multiple issues.

#1) GrandBebe #3 B-Day.  Holy shit I’m old

#2) Dead Demon-in-Law’s Funeral.  Not my circus, not my monkeys, but Spawn #1 had a tough day

#3) Jaw issues.  I’ve had a major issue with the toofuses.  Not sure what but feels like I took a hit from Iron Mike back in his prime.  Big ole lump in the jaw where I don’t have a toofus, nor is it an abscess.  It’s like a zit that when I tried to futz with it earlier with my gear, I shot up the surrounding gum with lidocaine, and then tried to hit the ‘zit’ and man, there’s -something- solid in there.. dunno if its a fragment or what… I had my wisdoms out in High School so I have an appointment, but damned if’n it don’t hurt. 
So, anyways… Onward.
Point of this:  Armor.Big Bad Armor.Which has, as part of it’s defense system a fire extinguisher system.
Which is based on HalonHalon and Air?  Not so good a mix.Halon replaces Oxygen
As in, if the Halon System went off when we were on board, it was time to unass or suffocate.
That being said, there are 3 “quick pulls” to activate the Halon from the exterior of the tank

Picture shows the approximate locations
The Iraqis used these to great effect.

They’d send out kids to ‘play in the street’
Kid will be kids…Then, as the Red Pull Levers are halfway down the side on each side of the Tank, they’d pull the leverBig RED fucker… cain’t miss it… 

Jes’ Sayin’….
Causing the Halon System to be activated

Which flooded the tank with Halon
And the crew hadda bail or suffocate.At which point, they’d get gunned the fuck down

Because an M1A whatever only has One M4 carbine on board.

Then they’d burn the tank.
Things -might- have changed, but ‘offishul policy’ was 3 9mm M-9’s, and one M4 and 2 mags
Hell, when I was in Tanks (long story for later) I got in trouble for trying to order a buttstock, bipod and front grip for ONE of the M240s  on the tank.  We had two.  One loader, one COAX.  And enough 7.62 combat load to kill the entire Mex-Hee-Can Arrrr-mee at the Alamo 20 times over.

Go figure who got fried, flambéed and told to fuck off?

And now?  I hear it’s S.O.P. to have a ‘dismount kit’ for a 240 on board
So yeah, important notes… Kids get away with the damnedest things

And we should learn from that

The other lesson, when the Iraqis stared pulling the Halon Levers, the mechanics started deactivating them so they couldn’t ‘smoke’ the crew out.
Which made them even MOR vulnerable to Molotov’s.
Lesson Learned,  Soon to be Earned

The hard way

More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter

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  1. hahaha so you are telling me Ivan spent the good part of half a century trying to develop a projectile that could defeat Chobham composite armor when all they needed to do was tell the neighborhood kids to ‘go play in the street’? HAHAHAHA love it! Who needs thermite anyway 🙂

  2. As an AVLB commander I carried a M3 Grease gun and a 9mm. The driver had an M4. We each had 10 mags and i think about 1000 rounds in cans for the 2 guns. Wartime stock called for 6 frags and 2 WP. The rig itself didn’t have halon, just a standard fire kit. We ran evac drills and it was preferred to exit via the belly hatch because at least you had cover underneath and climbing out the top hatches was with people shooting at you would have been a death sentence. there was about 24 inches of clearance between the bridge deck and the top hatchand having to make a 90deg turn out of that was not a speedy venture.

    1. No Belly Hatch on the M1… if we’d ever had to bail, we’d have been ‘quick meat’ fo anyone with a rifle and close in fire

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