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Morning y’all.  Another Day, another Dollar.  The school shooting in Tennessee?  That’s a memory hole.  Seems that a “yoot” was reported to have a gun, so the local PD showed up to find out what was going on, and got into a shootout in the latrine.  Local PD caught a round in the leg, and the “yoot” got capped.

Yeeeeeeeeeah… I checked the demographics for the area… looks mighty dark if’n you know what I mean.  They also arrested another kid, which to me, sounds like something dirty was cooking in the bathroom, and someone got caught out.  Drugs?  Selling the gun?  Who knows… I full expect the story to get flushed as fast as humanly possible by the Ministry of Propaganda.

And just who decided the Ministry of Propaganda is in charge of telling us what they think we should hear?  Me?  Tell you what… I’m going to make a point of harassing the shit out of any and all reporters I see doing minicam work in the future… See them on the street?  Pull over and be “That Guy” doing photobombs… be yelling and acting the fool… make their lives miserable, and when they get pissy and ask why, tell them straight up that they’re scum.

Brook no shit and be blunt.
“You suck… you suck so hard I’m amazed your skull hasn’t been pulled into your neck, you vacuous twatbag… If you picked your nose, there’s a reasonable chance that your skull would cave in without the support structure of your boogers, ‘cos there’s nothing there otherwise.  You make Stimpy look like a Rhodes Fuckin’ Scolar…  Why don’t you earn an honest living and just spread your legs for money?  Being a whore is a much more honorable profession than being a Ministry of Propaganda organ”

Shit like that.  In fact, bonus points if you can get them to swing at you.
Makes for epic television.
Just don’t do anything that can get you in a sling with the Fuzz… who’ll invariably get the call about them being harassed by you.  If and when the Fuzz show, pleasantly pack up and leave.  At that point, hopefully you’ll have ruined whatever puff-piece bullshit they were covering.

Be Like Florida-Woman here…
Look at how uncomfortable that mook is.
EPIC photobomb.
Make it uncomfortable for them to be part of civilized society.  As they sure hell are trying to make our society collapse… either by intention or stupidity.  Tough call because ALL the media folks I’ve ever met were just too stupid for words.  Most were unbelievable shmoozers… great social skills and mad abilities in the interpersonal arena, but otherwise dumber than a newborn bunny.  Now on the high end?  Not sure.

So… beyond my usual media bashing, Exile1971 asked aboot (he is Canadian after all) a possible drne in his A.O.  Thing is, he said the ‘drone’ is in place 4-6 hours… a drone (that I know of) doesn’t have the capability to stay up that long in-situ.  Sounds more like the Heliostat Spy Balloon we had over Iraq and Affy.

Big Gasbag, IR, cameras.. Observational shit…
Used to catch a lot of rounds from Hajji, but they could still keep floating even after a couple dozen hits… only if the camera equipment took a hit was there a problem.  I was buddies with the Helio guys on VBC.  The control room was pretty damned cool, and they did a good job.  MY question tho, is he said the ‘drone’ (balloon?) is over the “Reservation” which means one of the Tribal rez I think… now… why they have that much observational shit over the Indians?  I mean tough call.

have seen some weird news out of Canada though… problem is I don’t know if it’s bullshit.  I’m not going to link it, because it’s a ‘tinfoil site’ IMO.  And for me to say that it’s a weird assed tinfoil site is saying something.  But, the gist of the article is that some poor female flew into Vancouver and essentially stepped into a post-conquest Chinese dystopian film.  The TL;DR is that she landed, and Joe Chink, in ‘airport security uniforms’ were blatantly in charge.  The Canuk Coppers stood around in deference to the Chinks.  Everything about it reads as fucked.  Problem is, the link goes to a website that has that “lunatic fringe” sort of feel and articles… Think “Unhinged Jeff Rense” That being said tho, there IS a serious over-interest by our Slant Eyed Friends in the Land Up Yonder, to the point I get a queasy feeling about it.  Especially since Trudeau is a full-on deep state Globalist Commie.  I could easily see him inviting the Chinks in to assist with “border control” when and IF shit here lights off, and it will.  Which then, the U.N. might actually make my day and send ‘Peacekeepers’

Man, what a turkey shoot that particular shytteshow would be Aye?
A man can dream can’t he?
So, any ideas for Exile?  My vote is the Heliostat… 
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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H/T Bracken for the Meme

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  1. Comms? If its a reservation, its rural most likely, prolly got a govt grant to flaot an antenna above the res and everyone got wifi modems to hook up to it so they can onlyfans for bitcoin.

  2. I know Knoxville somewhat from working over there at times, but not well; I checked the story, & saw immediately that the reporter mentioned “Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard”. I knew enough then.

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