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Greetings Me Droogs n Droogettes!

These motherfuckers got no fuckin’ clue man.
I’m still at work, but the training is soooo easy and retarded that I’m a full like 9 units ahead of the ‘do it yerself’ modules… this time it’s a 50 minute long one, and I -already- finished the ENTIRITY of the fucking thing.  This AFTER being no training b/c this A.M. my PC and accounts were fubar. Meaning I missed 4 hours of training while working with a kid in the Philippines to fix it.  After I got done, I smashed the rest just to get the day over with so’s I could conversate whichoo all.
Which is when I found THIS putrid pile of fecal matter polluting the intarwebz.
complete smear of The Oathkeepers, Patriots, hell… anyone who owns a fuckin’ gun judging from the breathless attitude of the cocksucker who wrote it.  Kid’s a fuckin’ pussy scrotebag IMO.  TL:DR? Mike Giglio, who in the past has been accused of shmearing the fuck out of, well like everyone he profiles, is a douchemonkey, first class.  Guy is -definitely- NOT any patriots friend.  In fact, I’d say circulate his picture and name:
Call it a BOLO.
You see him, go the other way, and DO NOT TALK TO HIM.
Fucker uses ALL the ‘hip’ buzzwords… ”militia”, “Manifesto”, “radicals”, “militant right”… the usual suspects so to speak when speaking degradingly of Patriots, Soldiers, Veterans and anyone who apparently believes in the Second Amendment and the Constitution.  Reading the article made my BP go into the red zone… smarmy lil fuck.
As Vox Day, and about anyone with half a brain sez:

How much more plainly does it have to be said?
For Instance, this fucking crapweasel got his initial intel from the (((Southern Poverty Law Center)))   You know, the Jewish-run fearporn (((organization))) with a record of sexual assaults on their own Shiksas?  Great way to start off in the article you cumslurping cockholster.

Oh SO much wrong here.

1) Him.
2) CNN.
3) BuzzFeed.
Need I go on?
Fuckin’ the asshole founder of the Oathkeepers kept knobbin’ on this sleazy ragwriter, and now?  Congratu-muh-lations yah fucktard… ya done gone a made ALL of us look bad.
What the hell is it about our guys who can’t keep their fuckin mouths shut?
What is it about the need to speak to the press?
What is it that makes our guys shoot ourselves metaphorically speaking in the ballbag?
I mean C’mon Man!!!!!
Do NOT talk to the Media.
Do NOT talk to the Cops
Do NOT talk to the Feds
First Rule of Patriot Club, is you DO NOT talk about Patriot Club.
As my old Drill usta say: “What part of Shut the Fuck up do you NOT understand!?!”
Any Questions?
I need a motherfuggin’ drink or ten…
Until Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. Isn't that the same guy that exfilled posthaste when a rumor of drones were to be used at the Bundy Ranch?

  2. "What the hell is it about our guys who can't keep their fuckin mouths shut?"
    They are not our guys, most likely.

  3. Yup. Anyone who's ever dealt with the media over the least little things, like a craft fair or a social club, knows the media already has the story written and are looking for a designated idiot to mumble something close to what they already wrote.

    Media has been an enemy for a looooong time. Last time they were the least friendly to the people of the US was during WWII.


    Subtle hint. Shoot the ones taking video or acting like press first, then you get to do what you want without it being reported.

    Kill them all. God will know his own. Maybe 1 or 2 media out there who aren't your enemy, well, of the media in the street.

    So how's your wife?

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