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Time foir Ye Olde Master-at-Arms and OF Arms break it down like Barney a bit on the whole Alec “Too Bad For Him” Baldwin shewtin.  Lotsa folks burning up ye olde bleggs ALLLLL over da place, and Aesop and Divemedic having a toe-to-toe tet-a-tete over the whole “responsibility” thingy. 

Now, Me?  Don’t know, don’t care.  I know for damned sure that if I’da been ‘dood behind the trigger’ I’d still be in County waiting to find out if it was negligent homicide or man-2.  Bail?  What is this bail of which you speak?
Sapper did the best summation of the entirety of the shytteshow so far though over on Fecesbook:

Trimmed for OPSEC
Fucking classic.  Now… for the sake of brevity, I’m not going to go into too many details, well ackchully I am.  Fuck it.  MY area of specialization is Da Gunz.  I don’t know shit from legal-beagle shit, but I’m hearing a whoooole lot that’s s-l-o-w-l-y trickling out about the whole Shitfestivus that went on.

The FACTS of the case that HAVE come out is that some Ukrainian Director of Photography named Halyna Hutchins caught a round fired by Alec “Douchebag” Baldwin.  Also hit was the director Joel Souza.  The “Armorer” was some chick (24 years old) named Hannah Gutierrez-Reed.  Seems she literally was the worst pick for that job, and it looks like a case of PURE Hollyweird Nepotism.  Her dad is some uber-famous “Gun Guy” in the industry, and seems he was trying to bring Daddy’s lil girl into the biddness… 
Unfortunately, she’s a fucking retard.  Retards and guns DO NOT mix well.

So, we still don’t know what really happened.  LOTS of conjecture.  There’s two lines of thought though as far as ‘what kind’ of handgun was it.  One poast out there has it as a Colt Dragoon 1862 Black powder pistola.  

Now, small problemo with this being identified as ‘the gun’.
Namely that right there is a presentation Colt Dragoon that is in a museum, as it was given to one of the Czars waaaay back in the old days…  Now, if it was THIS MODEL of weapon, well ok… cool.  The other choice that I’ve been hearing about is a Colt Peacemaker.

Now TMZ is reporting that the crew on the reg would go shooting live rounds and doing target shooting during ‘down time’ at this place.  Which IMO is fucking stupid.  BAD Idea to have a mix of biddness and pleasure so to speak.  If you’re using weapons in a film you DO NOT want any ‘live ammunition’ within any proximity to that location.  The odds and chances of something going epically wrong increases to the point… well, we can see right here now aimiright?

My issue is that IF it was a black powder pistola, maaaaan… it’s really hard to ‘accidentally’ load live rounds in that fucker…  Like too many steps.  WAY too many to have this happen as an ‘oopsie!’.  As I put it on Aesop’s place in the comments, (which I’m going to cut n paste as it was a rather lengthy writeup):

OK… Cap and Ball weapons… LOTS of work to make them loaded with ‘live rounds’.. Had me a repro Colt 1864 Dragoon .44 back when I was a kid, when age didn’t matter vis-a-vis (leastways New Hampshire) for Blackpowder and Handguns (nominally a handgun you hadda be 21… jes’ sayin’ Blackpowder was a ‘gray area’) Anywho…

To Load a LIVE ROUND in the WIQ (Weapon in Question) means it was intentional. One does NOT load a .44 caliber beebee into a Black powder weapon by accident EVVAR

So, unless it was a re-worked 1865+ weapon that fired ‘cartridged’ ammo, yeah… I’ma leaning towards “intentional”…

Fact is, to load a live round into a black powder pistola takes effort. In sequence:
Unloaded weapon:
1) Pour premeasured powder charge into cylinder. HAS to be pre- measured lest you turn it into “Hand-gre-nuke” by accident.
Literally: “Pour a measured charge into the chamber. Carefully pour a properly measured charge of black powder into the chamber closest to the loading cutout. Repeat for each chamber.
Use an individual powder measure. Do not pour powder from a large powder flask or can.
The exact amount of powder will vary depending on the type of gun.
For a .36, use 12 grains of powder. Never exceed 20 grains.
For a .44, use 20 to 28 grains of powder. Never exceed 35 to 40 grains.”

2) Rotate NOW FILLED cylinder to the ‘beebee loading point’. Meaning that area where, by the photo shown of the WIQ, is at the absolute six-o’clock of the ‘firing chamber’ i.e. twelve o’clock zone. That lever UNDER the barrel? That’s the Loading area where
Place the ball over a chamber opening. Set a proper size ball or bullet over the opening of the chamber nearest the loading cutout.
The ball should be oversized so that it only rests on top and does not enter. Make sure that the ball or bullet has been lightly greased before you load it.”

3) Now, that lever underneath the barrel? Loading lever. Is used to ‘pack’ the bullet and round INTO the cylinder… hence why I said, “dis ain’t no accy-dent”… Per the online guide of “how to load a black powder pistola”: Seat the bowl using the loading lever. Unlatch the loading lever and use it to firmly press the ball down until it sits securely and firmly on the powder.
Apply smooth, even pressure as you do this.
There should be no air in between the powder and ball, but you should not crush the powder as you seat the ball.
Also note that a thin outline of lead will be shaved off the ball as you do this. It should be visible at the opening of the chamber. This is a good sign and and indication that the ball is properly fitted.

4) Now, having done this, it’s usually “wash rinse repeat” for the rest of the chambers except ‘greasing’ the cylinder, meaning covering ALL the loaded chambers to prevent a mass firing of ALL chamber simultaneously. “Apply additional grease. Fill the space above the ball in each cylinder with vegetable grease or bullet lubricant.
The use of grease can prevent “chain firing,” or accidental secondary discharges.” Reason for this is that BP weapons, esp. pistolas are finicky at best…

5) Now, AFTER doing ALL that bullshit above, you put a percussion cap on each nipple to ‘prime’ it to fire.
“Place a percussion cap on each loaded chamber. Point the gun down range and place a percussion cap on each loaded chamber. With the completion of this step, the revolver is fully loaded.
Make sure that the hammer is still in a half cocked position before doing this.”

Soooooooooooooooo IF they, in fact had a percussion capped weapon (usually .44 caliber) then it’s next to impossible to fuck that up, load wise of a LIVE round versus a BLANK ‘cos the blank would have stopped at the “powder stage” It takes legitimate effort to load live rounds, AND after it’s had the cylinder ‘greased’ to seal the chambers?  Damned near impossible to tell if it’s real or memorex Aye?

As to a ‘regular’ Colt Peacemaker, whelp… that’s simple really… either way it doesn’t really matter.  The chick was DRT, and someone IS eventually going to go to jail.  Probably going to be the ditz-o-matic Daddy’s Lil Girl… dat fucking broad?  She actually was interviewed a ways back, and stated like that she felt ‘uncomfortable’ around guns and shit… like OK sugartits, then what in the fuck were you doing there if you think guns are ‘iky!?!  Like damn… I’d kill to have a gig as a ‘gun guy’ making that filthy lucre, and it’s becoming apparent that Daddy was pushing her round peg into a square hole so to speak…  24 years old?  Who in the hell would put a box-of-rocks-dumbfuck like that in charge of Da Gunz?  Unreal Aye…

Like I said at the start, Me?  Sapper? You?  Any of us ‘lesser mere deplorables?  We’d be rockin’ the Orange until they sized up a jury and then flushed our asses down the tubes.  Baldwin should be in cuffs but, as we well know The rule of law is fucking dead in this here Dick-Tater-Shit.  The Attorney General is FAAAR too busy going after righteously pissed off parents for being terrorists than I dunno?  Maybe actually going after legitimate fucking murderous celebutards?  Who -literally- kil’t one, and wounded another ON CAMERA?

Go figure.

So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
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  1. #dont_give_a_fuck. I got road-kill to butcher. Fuck em. Hopefully he does time, at best hes ruined and will finally shut the fuck up about everything.

  2. Bro, I ENCOURAGE you to look up the Movie rules and Protocols (they’re 37 bulletins that define the rules for movies.

    And before you declare ALL 37 PAGES as to be as fucked up as a football bat, READ them. Yes they STRONGLY differ with Jeff Coper’s totally anointed rules for OUTSIDE and REAL LIFE, since in the first place they REGULARLY and daily point loaded guns at people they do NOT want to destroy.
    The other three fail in that environment just the same.

  3. All of the Dragoons were pre 1850 models, models 1 through 3 preceded by the 1847 Walker and followed by the 1851 Navy, the 1860 Navy, 1860 Army, and the 1862 Police.

  4. I’m no expert in movie-making, but I do own (more than) a few black powder pistols. I would hazard a guess that any movie prop gun would have a conversion cylinder to allow the use of cartridge ammo. I have one conversion cylinder for my 1858 Remington and I’ve been tempted to buy another for my Navy Colt. With the conversion cylinder in place, you can use conventionally loaded blanks and for most camera angles the difference would never be noticeable. Much easier. And that 1858 Remington with an 8″ barrel chambered in .45 LC? A real attention getter, fur sure.

    That said, if it was a conventional cap-n-ball and IF it was used off-set for target practice, then they are either a) really easy to unload by cocking the hammer and pulling the trigger ka-boom, now it’s unloaded, or b) very damn difficult to unload since you’d need to remove the cylinder from the gun, then very very carefully pry the primer off the nipple without actually setting it off, then drill a special screw into the lead ball (under the mass of grease), pull the lead ball out with the screw and then dump the powder.

    If some retard loaded 6 rounds, shot 5, then returned it to the armorer, well now you got yourself a real mess.

  5. Baldwin will become an even more rabid anti-gun pscycho …
    He will declare himself a victim of gun violence
    He will moan and do interviews on how terrible guns are
    He will likely create and lead a new gun control/confiscation effort
    He will express no remorse for killing a person outright

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