The Best Laid Plans

Goooood Afternoon Y’all
The weather went sideways on us so my plans for the night went sideways as well.  We got the Grandbaby for the weekend, and NGFF had made plans for us to go to the Halloween Trick-or-Treat in ‘safety mode’ I.E. they have a biiig area that the kids can go in and local businesses and such give out candy to the kiddies and advertise their shit to the Parental Units.

NGFF got a really cute lil Halloween Costume for Da Baby but, seeings that its raining, the event is outside, and according to my handy-dandy weather station thats right next to me, its 80 degrees with a 91% fucking humidity level.

No -way- am I putting a 22 month old into what essentially is a snowsuit (for the definition of one in Florida).  She’ll fucking die of heat exhaustion.

The other thing that cracks me up is the whole “safe” Trick or Treating… The whole “OMFG bad people are going to put drugs in the Halloween Candy!!!”  Are you kidding me?

Giving Away Edibles?  Not So Much Methinks…
Another Holiday-ish time of year, and another case of the Ene-Media laying a bummer on the whole thing.  Its getting to the point of “If it bleeds it leads” and the “OMFG OUTRAGE GENERATOR REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” is completely out of fucking control.

I mean really.  Does anyone in the media stop and think for even one fucking microsecond?  Or are they all just completely brainwashed?  I mean I’m personally fucking exhausted by them to the point of I will never trust them again.  In any way, shape or form.  I started with my distrust when I was in Iraq.
I regularlly ranted and raved as you may have seen in my old emails/posts and whatnot.  Some of my family and friends thought I was being to harsh or hyperbolic when it came to being against the raging Bullshit that Communist News Nutwork, Nothing But Communists, and the Complete BullShitters kept cranking out.  Hell… if I had even one fucking inkling of how bad  it was going to become, I would’ve gotten a bit more personally involved:
That look when the MRE isn’t sitting well
Yah.  Dis Bitch.  Fucking Rugmuncher Supreme.  I have come to utterly loath this  microintellect degenerate fuckwit scumbag.  If I had known back then what I know now?  This picture is a freeze frame from the time she was broadcasting on Camp Liberty in 2012… She was there to cover the Obamamessiah’s “Operation Cut and Run”.  No bullshit.  I SAW this being filmed… I drove right. by. this. as they were shooting.  It was obvious to us what was going on… they had all the lights and shit and reflective stuff to illuminate her for the cameras…  If and I say IF I had known what a complete fuckwit-moron-paste-eater pain in the ass this ‘broad’ was going to be, I would have swerved my F-250 right the fuck through ALL of those media whores.  
Considering how shitty these trucks were, I would have been able to blame it on faulty steering and a stuck accelerator.  Fucking >SQUIIIIIIIISH!!!!!<  God, that’d been glorious….
Too fucking bad.
Missed opportunities and all that.
Now I gotta go get ready for dinner.  I pulled a total of 50+ hours this weekend, so I’m taking NGFF and Da Baby out to eat to a Japanese place I like.  More to follow later
and a quick Meme that I made:
Until Later, I’m still and will be, The Intrepid Reporter.
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