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OK, so I get intel from a variety of locations and sources.  One of them works for a multinational that is owned lock stock and both barrels by China INC.  Now, since there really isn’t any difference between public and private in China, ALL the giant multinationals out of the Land of Chin is really owned by the People’s Republic of China, ergo, the CCP, i.e. the Chinese Communist Party, and thereby are also all part of the PLA, or People Liberation Army.

Everything in China is owned by the DotGov.
So, safe to say my source is working, albeit NOT in a ‘senior-senior’ position, but is high enough and considered a ‘good’ Gweilo.  Just as an aside: Gweilo, also Gwái-lóu, is a translation from Cantonese to mean White Western peepul.  Gwái is “Ghost and/or Devil” ‘cos us whypeepo is white, and lóu is “Man” or “Guy”…  so they essentially call us them ‘Whypeepo Debbil Folks’ 

Anywhoo, my contact is a Mid-to-High level ‘manager’ of sorts, (not going to reveal the exact position, as I’m keeping things on the DL for them.), and has gotten some interesting data points. It seems that All employees above the director level are expats, 70% of employees are ethnic Chinese.  The rest ‘local’ nationals, i.e. the aforementioned Gwái-lóu.

 The ‘ethnics’ are citizens, but ethnically Chinese, so apparently the ‘heart is in the homeland’ so to speak.  Now, one of the BIGGEST bits’o intel is that the entirety of the in-country “Senior Level Staff”, as well as all upper management was recalled to the homeland to get their shot(s) back home.

As in instead of going down to the Local ‘Doc-in-the-Box’ they, The Chinese that is, went allllll the way back to the Mainland.  Now this tells me a couple of things.

1) They either don’t trust the shot being given out here in North ‘Muricaor 

2) They know that “our” shot doesn’t work and/or is dangerous.


3) The fact that they don’t send “their” shot here tells me ANOTHER data point:  They don’t want our people inspecting and/or getting ahold of the ‘real deal’ that THEY are actually shooting their people with.  That in itself is potentially HUGE.

I mean from the pure economic standpoint, it’s expensive to ship home all the ‘bosses’ to China just to get a shot, when they could easily crate up a couple of dozen vials or whatever number they -need- and ship them here.  Now, to those who say that they could have shipped them through the Embassy(s) so that no one could get a hold of them, well, that’d raise flags on the Intel Kids, and then questions might be asked…

However, either way, they sent the ‘senior-senior’ folks home to get the shot.  This AFTER pushing ALL the lower Gwái-lóu AND ethnic Chinese underlings to get the pfizer jab.  According to my source, the Joe Chinks went as far as to offer to pay for Uber rides/cabs to get people to and from the shot sites during work hours, on the company dime, and went as far as to send reminder emails for the 2nd shot.  While doing all of that, the Chinese themselves all waited until they went back to the Mainland to get -theirs-.

Now, my source also brought up a few other things, which as stated, they know the vax is tainted or they got a shot for something else coming down the pike. The real question is how far along are the Chinese on a virus that only kills non-Asians.  Now, for that, I haven’t responded but I’ll hit it now.

Recently I poasted a couple of new memes, one of which is this:

How disturbingly prophetic this may be?
BUT what it -is- though is a picture taken back in the mid-to-late 30’s of a Japanese Chem-Bio Unit, aptly named “Unit 731”.  Now, these fucking guys? Oh holy hell… These motherfuckers make Dr. Mengele and his bunch look like fucking choirboys. From wiki:, the short description: “Unit 731, short for Manshu Detachment 731 and also known as Kamo Detachment, and Ishii Unit, was a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that undertook lethal human experimentation during the Second Sino-Japanese War of World War II. It was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes carried out by Imperial Japan.”

They operated out of Northeast China, and pretty much were the very definition of sick n’twisted. Reason they didn’t all hang as they should of was they supposedly turned over ALL their shit the the US on the end of the war… and some of it, whelp… there have been….rumors…and suppositions and so many fucking lies you don’t know what the truth is.  In fact, one of the bigger things I’ve noticed was the dearth or ‘real-world’ info on these guys.  Part of it was that the Japanese were BIG on genetic oriented weapons.  I mean it makes sense.  IF they were to build a plague-weapon based on the ethnicity of a people, it’d literally be a perfect weapon… ‘dust’ a city and it only kills Whypeepo/Blacks/Jews/Chinese but avoids killing the Sons of Nippon?  “Oh hell yeah!!” is what the Japanese High Command would have said… and since the end of the war, well ALL of that research has gone intentionally -missing-.

The Japs gave up (we think) all the their shit… supposedly.BUTThe Chinese went in, after the war and went digging and rooting around… now the Japanese did their best to destroy any and all evidence, however, as anyone knows, there’s always something that gets overlooked.  Either intentionally or by accident.  Who’s to say the Chinese haven’t been following in the Unit 731 footsteps so to speak?  If I were them I sure as hell would be… Lord knows even if it kills off ‘ethnic Chinese’, well, that’s what they get for interbreeding with the barbarian Gwái-lóu.  Because fuck those guys.

Scary shytte Aye?
But it goes a bit of a ways in explaining the otherwise questionable moves of this particular company… and then it begs the question of how many other giant multinational Chinese owned-and-operated Conglomerates have done the same exact thing?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know Aye.

So, this one is a bit of a big one to ‘chew on’ so to speak.  Thoughts and comments welcome as always.  
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  1. Wrote this to a Chinese friend:

    This is just “I am Ocean Devil”.
    This is “I am West Ocean Devil” (European)
    This is “I am American Ocean Devil” (an Ocean Devil of the American variety).

    I asked him how to say “I am”. He said, “Wah Shuh”. I asked him to send me the characters for “Wah Shuh yang gwai zi” (I am ocean devil). He sent: This is just “I am Ocean Devil”. 我是洋鬼子. The rest followed…

    I meant to get it printed on a t-shirt at the time. You just reminded me to do so. It’ll be great to wear to the gym or to the local Chinese Trough and Brew.

  2. There’s a short story called “Seven Kill Tiger” that more or less parallels your line of thought here. Quick read, pretty good, definitely feeds the paranoia during these plandemic times.
    We’re just waiting for management to mandate the not-vaxx here at my work. I told my boss a few weeks back when the warning shot came down that he’ll be firing me if they refuse reasonable accommodations, or I’ll accept the Sinovac vaccine only. He asked why. “Because, while the CCP doesn’t think anything of killing 50 million of their own people, they aren’t keen on killing ALL of them. Unlike our government.” That made him pause.
    I won’t be surprised if we have an “Afghanistan variant” appear soon after a Chinese diplomatic mission leaves Kabul, something really virulent & with a better-than-80% CFR. Ethnically targeted indeed. That lithium ain’t gonna mine itself & there’s plenty of underemployed Chinese…

  3. I wonder if it has to do with the ADE. Get a whole bunch of people to take something that weakens the immune system. Then make sure that your people get an immune booster. Then set off a bio weapon anonymously, then sit back and watch the resulting festivities and chaos. Then go in, clean up and make claim to what’s left.

    Just a crazy thought.

  4. The Chinese immunisation is being used in several of the South American countries and it is also in use in Hungary, parallel to the Russian one and all the standard western ones.

    1. Being in the continental US my statement was made in jest as the Sinopharm “vaccine” isn’t available here. It was more about me tweaking managements nose in a, “See, I’m not anti-vaxx, I’m just selective about which vaccine.”

  5. Quick get them behind the screen for their privacy! Put their feet up and slap them in the face that usually cures them!

    This may be the world record. Man dies 60 seconds after taking the kill shot

    i’ve said this 1000 times before, the murkins are too dumb to be alive. the sooner they die the better, gets these amertards out of the way- they wouldn’t even make good sandbags…

  6. “Debbil Folks”
    Might be time to start living up to the name…

    On the other issues, given the demographic problems in China, killing off a large number of their own people wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing from the CCP’s perspective. Especially if they can kill off the old & weak, or the poor & unproductive. A lot less mouths to feed, which is a very serious concern for them even though it doesn’t get much press. Heartless? Sure. But it IS the CCP we’re talking about here.

    However, after considering Porkypine’s comment “That lithium ain’t gonna mine itself & there’s plenty of underemployed Chinese…” there may be many games afoot here. Africa is certainly a big continent with lots of mineral resources. Shit, maybe they’re going for the brass ring here, replacing the population of the entire planet with Chinese nationals. That would certainly give the mainland a lot more elbow room…

    Pass the tin foil brother, my dome is feelin’ a little breezy.

    1. Resources is the name of the game. The gist of story I mentioned is that “Africa is full of Africans who are too dumb to use the resources, we’re tired of negotiating with them for those resources, so let’s just get rid of all the Africans & repopulate the continent with Chinese.” There’s some political points scored but it’s really about controlling resources & lebensraum.

      Never forget that China plays the long game better than anyone else. They pollute their environment & make the groundwater undrinkable? Cool, let’s export our water debt to the US & let them grow our food for us, & strategic bonus for draining their aquifers at the same time. Well now we’re beholden to US companies to produce our food? Eh, just buy all the companies. Better increase the size of our state run shipping companies to import the food were now growing overseas & oh yeah triple our naval forces in case we need to guard our shipping fleet.
      Where does that leave the average US citizen in a widespread disaster? Not too far from cannibalism if our government is unwilling to do anything, & it’s obvious Xiden ain’t gonna tell the people who own his Tater ass to pack sand.
      Africa has it’s own proven breadbasket region in Zimbabwe & South Africa which, when managed by competent farmers, is capable of feeding nearly all of Africa. If someone is so inclined & knows where & how to look how many Chinese funded infrastructure projects do you think you’ll find in or near those breadbasket areas. When/If the US winds up in CWII & the Chinese owned industries here are burnt down by mostly peaceful protesters how quickly will it take China to pivot their offshore food production to Africa or elsewhere? I don’t think it will take them much time at all.

  7. Well, think about it this way. If Ancestry and 23and me can tell ya whether your an Afrikaaaaan, Regional Brain Dead Sand Monkey, or Full Bore Killer Viking, then it’s a possibility. They got them different chromosomes all mapped out an such with the Acme Sequencer(TM), and some of those racially unique mRNAs are coded smack dab in them. You just have to parse out the junk nucleotides from the weponized strands and then call Pfizer.

    Read: Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation War by the fake Hobbes dude. That’s the scenario in the beginning but stay with it, at least ’till the retro folks nuke the negro Atlanta cartel and fight off the bull dykes in Portland.

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