The Chinese MRE: Type 17, Menu #3

Greetings Mer Droogs n Droogettes!
Sorry for the delay, again, GranBebe ran meselves ragged today.  More on that later.  Also, my MANY Thanks to everyone who pushed Wifey into First Place on the Ultimate Stylist Contest.  Y’all are the best!  Keep Voting, Both Early and Often!

So, tonight, a bit of a changeup… know your enemy and all that Aye?

The plan is tonight is the introduction, and the taste test is tomorrow.  Sapper has to work, and is requesting I wait for him to come home before cracking open the actual components.  I got this a ways back.. and it’s actually supposed to expire shortly… so I figured what the hell, and do ‘er up.  

This is the Chinese Type 17  Menu #3 Field Ration… Joe Chink’s version of an MRE.  The T17-#3 menu is Sausage Fried Rice with Beef Sauce.

A better pic from the Google/Fleabay:

Once opened, it had the ubiquitous sub-packets: 

Now, right offa da bat, one MAJOR that I like and is different than our own MREs is the Main Meal Heater Pack design.  That’s the larger pack on the left in the pouch with recyclable symbols all over it.  What is different is the main meal is inside the heater pouch sealed up.  Pouch-within-a-Pouch.  In the US version, the heater pouch has to ripped open, and you have to fumble-fuck with trying to get the main meal inside the pouch… it’s a bit of a pain in the ass, and on rare occasion, I ruined mine because the edge of the foil main meal pouch ripped the shitty too-fucking-tight heater bag.  And good luck on getting more than one thing in the heater pouch with the main meal.  Always thought the design could be improved.

So Joe Chink do dood it.  He’s got the Main Meal pre-po’d (pre-positioned) inside the sealed heater pouch.  Same type of heater pouch mind you as ours chemically speaking.  Add water, wait 7-10 minutes, and hopefully hot chow.  But in this case, he also made the pouch MUCH bigger.  I haven’t opened it fully yet, but I’m thinking that ALL the shit in the meal that needs to be heated will fit inside simultaneously.  And the outer light tan pouch?  That’s a insulated foam bag.  ANOTHER Great Idea.

The other pouches consists of the ‘other stuff’ one would expect in an MRE.
The Menu being as follows:
Sausage Fried Rice, the vidyas I’ve seen of this ‘un look promising
Canned (well, bagged really) Pears, probably going to be the highlight of the meal, pear are still my fave from the US MREs, both the old dehydrated and the new still-liquid pouches.

Sesame Seed Cake(s)… looks like 3 of ’em, the jury is out on them.

Beef Sauce, used to probably hydrate the fried rice… US MRE fried rice is dry as a bone until you throw some water on it, and even then, it’s still dry-ish, unless you can heat it up outside the pouch in water and sort of reconstitute it, double boiled if you will…

Fruit and Vegetable Fiber Tablets; now, in the US MREs they expect you to get the dietary fiber and vitamins out of your meal as a whole.  Other countries, in fact the majority of the countries in the World, they know “Joe” doesn’t necessarily eat -everything- in their field chow.  Ask me about “Bean Component, Not For Pre-Flight Use!” which to you old timers, whelp, I just dated the shit outta meselves on that one.  So, the rest o’da world makes sure that they have mad-vitamin and fiber reinforcements that are more like candy than anything else, and usually will get eaten, thereby insuring a balanced diet.

The last thing (besides the spoon) is a tiny packet that’s a pouch of “Pickled Mustard Tuber”

I think I’ll open that one outside the house.  Sapper thinks it might be a kimchee sort of thing… Got a hunch that might smell like a dead Rhino anus that’s been rotting in the sun for too long.

So, Ye Plannage is to cut open, cook up and taste test this thing on Yonder Evening.  A Post-Easter Feaster, with Vomit bags on standby.

Now, as to the lateness of Ye Poastage, We had a full day with the GranBebe… hell a full 24 hours.  Seems the wee one is in a growth spurt.  Which means she’s eating like a lil baby shark or piranha.  Last evening it was Hot Diggetys with Fries for dinna-inna.  Now, I’ll never deny a hungry child, but after the 3rd full sized Ballpark Frank, and a full serving (MY sized) of Crinkle Cut fries, she -finally- called EndEx and was full.  There was the obligatory Chocolate Chip Cookie from this fancy-shmancy Gourmet cookie joint.  Think “Mrs Fields” from the malls in the 80’s, but on steroids.
Until 02:30 A.M.

The baby monitor went off with her howling and crying… “My tummy hurt!!!” 
No kidding?  Ya think? 
But much to my shock/horror/surprise, it wasn’t from overindulgence  Nope.  She was hungry again

02:45 and I’m microwaving weenies.  She went back down for a few more hours, but Me and Wifey, well our sleep schedule was shot-to-shit now… took me a huuuuge honking Iced Cawfee to get my carcass in gear let me tell ya…

The it was off to the races all day.  Literally she only slept a total of like 7 hours in 24, no nap, finally crashing after running her ass off at a park, and then a waterpark… one of them little freebie ones in Downtown Tampa in a nice neighborhood.

This’s when she was trying to push Wifey into the water, despite Wifey NOT being rigged for Amphibious Ops.
We also found that the hunger with her is due to the incredible growth spurt she’s having.  NOTHING fits her, which leads me into the MUCH APPRECIATED THANK YOUS to y’all who’ve recently donated to the Big Country Bullet Bean and Boot fund. 

Especially since I haven’t checked it recently, and a few days ago, one of y’all crazy magnificent Bastards threw me $500 large!!!.
Dude…I’m humbled beyond anything. 
Email me at my rakkasan101st at protonmail your home addy, I –have– to send at least  an personally Autographed Charli Mike Comix for you.  Like the very least I can do.  That is sooooooo beyond cool and you sir, I am in your debt.

‘Cos it meant we could buy new clothes for GranBebe today.  Which we did.  Thanks to you.
Sometimes, People are cool. 
Not everyone is a DemoncRat.
So, More Later I Remain The Intrepid Reporter
Big Country

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